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The mind fills in what is missing, whether it's the truth or not.

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I just realized that Biden's make America moral again can be abbreviated to MAMA.

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May 12 COVID-19 for Illinois

Data: IL Dept. Of Public Health Charts by Age/Race

12 IL County Survival 96.0%

Age Survival Rate
Age 1-19 99.9%
Age 20-29 99.9%
Age 30-39 99.6%
Age 40-49 99.2%
Age 50-59 98.0%
Age 60-69 94.1%
Age 70-79 85.1%
Age 80+ 74.1%

I haven't been around in a while. I see @ThomasWic has not posted in a few weeks. How's it going?

Blue Angels and Thunderbirds will be doing shows in American cities!

Remember when 0bama the dung beetle shut them down?

What a contrast!

Pelosi was right, but not in the way she intended.

President Trump is one great


@ilumanous @MrSmug @IndiaMaria

Yes, that's a good one!

I have three. This one, the John Hopkins one, and another one (which I'll link) and it gives me an idea of everything.

The one I'm about to link is really interesting on mortality rate and gives me deaths per capita. (So far, 7 per million population.)

Great thanks and appreciation to all of the Drs., nurses and medical personnel that are fighting for lives everyday and especially now.

Thread on PANIC

I have a MASSIVE "platform" on social media. Yeah. Three or four folks hang on every syllable I type. Well, OK, maybe 2 or 3, and maybe hardly ANY syllables, but nevertheless...

Hey, maybe this thread will someday be read by my granddaughter, when she learns to read of course.

For what little it's worth...


The Ten Commandments of gun safety

PSA for those who may have forgotten them.

I remember learning these as a lad

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