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I just realized that Biden's make America moral again can be abbreviated to MAMA.

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Furthermore, what's the purpose of the NDA if it's not honored?

How these breaches of NDA's are happening without legal repercussions is beyond me. It's very early and maybe I'm just an ignorant smelly Trump supporter that shops at Walmart. I don't know.

Someone help me out here, please.

First, I'm not a Bloomberg fan. Never have been, don't plan on being. That's beside the point.

My question is about NDA's, as a person who has signed numerous NDA's in my lifetime.

NDA means NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT in the legal and business sense.

You sign an Agreement to not disclose any information. That document is legally binding.

So it's okay, for political reasons, to disclose that info? Hrmph.

DeAnna for Congress
vs Nancy
My Pelosi for Prison Banner flies in Pelosi’s San Francisco for 4 hrs

Isn’t it time we start looking into @SpeakerPelosi
for HER crimes against America?
RETWEEt & Sign the petition:

Yep. Good 'ol Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III:

"But it wasn't until Trump won the presidency that the practice was ended by AG Jeff Sessions on June 5, 2017."

Remember how BLM activists got on stage and commandeered the microphone from Bernie Sanders in the 2016 campaign?

Well it happened again but not by BLM activists.


Yeah totally qualified to lead the free world with supporters like these, NOT!

@ThomasWic @Debradelai @REX @drawandstrike @Steeltruth


I break down what the recent news on McCabe actually means & how BLEAK his future is becoming.

I'm watching the hunger games series this weekend. My son read the book. I'm explaining what socialism leads to. Now he gets it!

@JM He is telling this to a bunch of Orthodox Jews. There is no way in this world that they are ok with this.


In 15 mins. I've posted he wants to let the elderly die of disease (no treatment) and farmers are stupid! I'm sure I'll see more...🙄

Remember, the Roger Stone sentencing fiasco is bait.

Trump is luring the idiotic Dems to focus on it, so that the corruption of the DOJ snakes behind it and Obama judge who heard it, can be exposed.

As always, FakeNews is falling for it hook, line and sinker.

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