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(22) The other two you can find for find for yourselves. Easy peasy.

Enough is enough.

As we go into the election cycle, ours will not be a platform for the likes of Anarchist TracyBeanz to call attention to her destructive crap, or for crazy ass peddlers of hate to sow propaganda.

Nor for any other America-hating SOB to sow discord.

If any of you reading this has any legitimate questions, I am at your disposal for the next 48 hours to answer them.

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(1) It is perhaps time to discuss what QuodVerum is.

In the last few days, a small detachment of the army of the intellectually challenged has been desperately trying to establish a beach head here.

Some are still trying.

We have been determined and, so far, effective in holding them off.

I will will continue to do so.

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@Debradelai @Affy1 @Cdubois

Without a doubt.

Nothing aggravates me more than the phony bologna fools of the left, except for so-called Conservatives/Republicans expecting instant karma stomping their feet in infantile displays.

@EarlThePearls @Debradelai
I am also on the autopay program. My amount is small but I contribute all I can.

The poor widow woman
Mark 12:42-44
42 But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.
43 Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44 They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

1) Forgot to tell my friends here:

My teen daughter and I were waiting on the subway platform at Penn Station yesterday. There were two college aged students with clipboards going around and talking to people. One of them walked up to me and said, 'Excuse me. Are you a registered Democrat?" To which I responded "Oh no."

That young man wisely walked (backed?) away causing my daughter to giggle and shake her head.

The move to strip rights, marches forward. Those bastards!

Virginia House Committee Passes Gun Control Measures

@watch4thedrop @Debradelai

Yes in deed! I am so honored to be a small part in this endeavor. Thank you Saul.


I gave my monthly automatic contribution today

All y'all should consider the same if not already doing so!supportus

@Debradelai @skhillx3 being in the forwarding business I often correspond with Europeans. Most of Europe is unionized. Unions are socialist labor and destroyer of business.

@EarlThePearls @redwhitebluedude @JM @Debradelai

I'm all for complaining about Millennials, but carrying around too much cash these days can get it confiscated by the police under civil asset forfeiture. It's very difficult to find out the thresholds you have to stay under, as well.

I'm in the "pay off credit card every month" crowd. Cash is for small vendors who don't take credit, or bigger purchases where I want to throw a few extra percent 'cuz I like the folks I'm doing business with.


Um, getting a malicious site warning on And why would you link a twitter feed through a third person website anyway?


(2)... that there is good cause to set aside his guilty pleas, see United States v. Cray, 47 F.3d 1203, 1206 (D.C. Cir. 1995), including testimony from Mr. Flynn and other witnesses under oath, subject to cross-examination, to show any "fair and just reason" for this Court to grant his motion to withdraw, Fed. R. Crim. P. 11(d). Signed by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on 1/24/2020."

Keep an eye on the calendar from here to Feb. 18, and the FISC caper.

This is going to be interesting.


(1) I told you Sullivan could no longer ignore @SidneyPowell 's motion.

New order:

"Mr. Flynn's supplemental motion and the government's response shall address the following: (1) the standard in this Circuit for a defendant seeking to withdraw a guilty plea before sentencing; and
(2) the need for an evidentiary hearing where the parties would present all testimony and evidence concerning the issue of whether Mr. Flynn can show...

@seanmdav: "Vindman is a disgrace who used the uniform as a prop in his bid to oust the the president. He deserves to be court-martialed and investigated for perjury and leaking classified information."

From @Techno_Fog

FISA Court Declassified Order from FISC

For at least 2 apps/renewals, "there was insufficient predication to establish probable cause to believe that [Carter] Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power."

As to the initial Carter Page FISA application and the first renewal:

"The government apparently does not take a position on the validity" of those authorizations.

lawyer speak for not wanting to support those authorizations on the record.


Washington Examiner
The Justice Department concluded there was insufficient evidence to authorize the extended electronic surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

FISA court presiding Judge James Boasberg acknowledged the lack of evidence in a court order, made public on Thursday, writing that the government concluded, "in view of the material misstatements and omissions, that the court's authorizations ... were not valid."

This bitch has known since day one how corrupt she is.
They ALL need to hang.

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