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(22) The other two you can find for find for yourselves. Easy peasy.

Enough is enough.

As we go into the election cycle, ours will not be a platform for the likes of Anarchist TracyBeanz to call attention to her destructive crap, or for crazy ass peddlers of hate to sow propaganda.

Nor for any other America-hating SOB to sow discord.

If any of you reading this has any legitimate questions, I am at your disposal for the next 48 hours to answer them.

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(1) It is perhaps time to discuss what QuodVerum is.

In the last few days, a small detachment of the army of the intellectually challenged has been desperately trying to establish a beach head here.

Some are still trying.

We have been determined and, so far, effective in holding them off.

I will will continue to do so.

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TODAY I saw a young Latino man at the gas pump. He was very "street."

He had one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen: a cherry 1955 Ford Fairlane Sunliner convertible.

So I went over to him and told him that his car made me really happy.

You know what he did?

He thanked me profusely, shook my hand, and said I'd made HIM really happy.

So there you go.

Samuel Blair Ross. Sam.

Oct 20, 1920 - Nov 15, 2009

B-29 tail gunner. Shot down in Yugoslavia in 1943. Only survivor. Rescued by partisans, badly wounded.

Never spoke about it. Never complained.

Became a lawyer with GI bill, UM, and died the oldest active member of the FL bar.

My Brother, Sam.

The don't make better men.


What a beautiful, brave young lady! And she nailed it!

You have every right to be the proudest papa.

@Debradelai @bbhack One of my uncles served in the Philippines in WWII.

He was full of stories about his childhood and civilian life, but he never talked about his time in the war.

I knew enough not to ask him.


Trump in a landslide.

Everyone needs to accept it.

These articles are obsolete. On election night 2016, a Democratic pollster said that Trump had demolished the election model.

He of course will do it again. The election is in the bag.

My father was shot down over German territory. He never talked about it, and I did not know enough to ask. He died a long time ago. I wish I had the stories.

Tenured Professor from Columbia University who fled Romania's communism resigns because the University is becoming Communist.


The navy was taken over by leftists who want to damage the country.

They're being relieved of duty as we speak.

All branches of the service are being cleaned out.

@ThomasWic @MAGAguyNYC
Of all of Obama’s service secretaries, I believe Ray Mabus was the worst. Totally demoralized the Navy.Heavily pushed promotions for protected classes, changed Naval fuel oil to Bio fuels @14 times the price with damage to ships’ engines also high. Dropped OOD standards. Retention rates bottomed out with yacht Club keeping the poorest of shipmates. Thanks Obama

@Debradelai @JJ Se puede decir más alto pero no más claro que usted.
Espero que los americanos no subestimen el veneno del socialismo el año que viene. Increíble que copien la narrativa incluso a la dictadura cubana.

I see that @ThomasWic just did an amazing thread on these issues.

The demonizing of Psych Hospitals in the 1960s and 70s was one of the worst frauds ever perpetuated on the American People.

We MUST reopen state and federal mental hospitals, and we MUST allow for long-term, or PERMANENT involuntary commitment.


We simply learn to live with homicidal maniacs in our midst.


To all of you serving our military and our Veterans...God Bless you and your families. Never Forget the sacrifices of so many by so few.

Remember, Fairbanks stands for nothing. She jumps from ideology to ideology, cause to cause and candidate to candidate. She is an obvious chameleon, but she has tits, which mean a lot of men on Twitter will fight for her. She is a dangerous person to let into any movement.


Just remember this: any so called conservative who pines for Morales is an idiot, a liar, a traitor or all three.

There is no room for doubt here.

A New York judge has ruled that President Trump must pay a $2 million judgement for improperly using his Trump Foundation to advance his 2016 presidential campaign – but in reality, Trump is being punished for a technicality.

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