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(22) The other two you can find for find for yourselves. Easy peasy.

Enough is enough.

As we go into the election cycle, ours will not be a platform for the likes of Anarchist TracyBeanz to call attention to her destructive crap, or for crazy ass peddlers of hate to sow propaganda.

Nor for any other America-hating SOB to sow discord.

If any of you reading this has any legitimate questions, I am at your disposal for the next 48 hours to answer them.

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(1) It is perhaps time to discuss what QuodVerum is.

In the last few days, a small detachment of the army of the intellectually challenged has been desperately trying to establish a beach head here.

Some are still trying.

We have been determined and, so far, effective in holding them off.

I will will continue to do so.

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For @capnjoe

You wrote about the British tanker allegedly captured by Iran:

"They are liars. They report lies to purveyors of lies who then dump them on our heads."

Remember the two American riverine command boats that Iran captured?


What on earth could require hundreds of thousands of documents to be needed in a FARA violation? How is that even possible?


Thank you for this, Saul. I got
the article in my email this
morning, and again, I am
shaking my head in amazement
at how stupid these attorneys
are! Good Lord almighty!

“I firmly distance myself from that and I feel solidarity with the women who have been attacked.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

TRUMP's week just keeps getting better. 😂

Does Marianna Williamson give off a "Ministry of Love" vibe to anyone else, or is it just me?

You know the regime in is utterly humiliated by the downing of its drone yesterday when its deputy foreign minister makes such a ridiculous statement.

is working

@Debradelai @joeflynn1

I love it when good things happen to good people! Saul, you are a Good person who helped another Good person! Thank you Sir.


Not a conspiracy theory.

They are best friends. As in, they sit on the floor beside her closet and wear different hats as they talk.

She said this years ago.

He's gay, and she has a history of dating abusive men.

Both are angry, negative people.

1) Mnuchin says Treasury will ensure bitcoin doesn't become 'Swiss-numbered bank accounts'

"Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday the department will police bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with “very, very strong” regulations so that they don’t become cloaked in secrecy."

cc: @Debradelai

glad to be here with Thomas Wictor and my deal friend Saul.... sorry it took me so long

Saul.... last time we saw each other we were drinking Guiness at the Dubliner after that Judge went apeshit on Mike

I have a conspiracy theory to test out...

I think that Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter speak every night before they go to bed, and decide what talking points are going to be used for the next day.

And then Drudge prints all the things needed to back up whatever crap Ann wants to throw our President.

Either that or they both share the same brain...

Now don't yell at me if you are a big fan of theirs.

This is just a conspiracy, you know.


I've attached a photo of the Qbaby and what Trump said. His words mean that Q is real.

"Keystone" is undeniable proof.

The letter Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, so anything with 17 in it is a secret message that Q is real.

For example, Trump changed "13 angry Democrats" to "17 angry Democrats" in a tweet, so he's telling us that Q is real.

The world's elite sacrifice children to the Canaanite god Moloch.


GREAT movie.

Rick Moranis was hilarious.

Murray, Ackroyd, Ramis - superb.

Sigourney Weaver was sexy as hell, as per usual. What a talent.

Back in the days when laughing just for its own sake, was permitted.

@REX @umad80

He also has X-ray eyes and could see the Q on the baby's back.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.