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In fact, confusing the reactions to your bring an a** hole for racism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in itself. Further exacerbating how poorly you react to the world. Making you an even bigger a** hole, thus garnering even more negative reactions, feeding the racist confirmation bias. It can become a vicious cycle very quickly.


So Syria is a new approach. All the combatants who pose a threat to the region have been defeated by men and women fighting in secret.

The Saudis trained over 350,000 strategic special forces from all over the Muslim world.


After World War II, there were no neighboring countries that sent in terrorists to destabilize Japan and Germany.

In Iraq, we had Syria and Iran working around the clock to defeat us.

It's simply not possible for the US to occupy a Middle Eastern country.

The French learned this in the Algerian War of Independence (1954-1962).


In Algeria, the French took and executed hostages, used punitive bombardment of villages, tortured people to death, carried out mass summary executions, and put a third of the population in concentration camps.

And the French lost.

Over 18,000 French soldiers were killed, and maybe 1 million Algerians.

So the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) took a different approach in Syria.

Tweet from James Woods:

weasels are all doing the backpedal dance on Twitter past few days. They’ll be dropping this like a hot potato. Sadly for them the is already dying out. So is on deck, I guess. Yawn.


Thank you.

Spread the word.

Let's reach 10,000 by the end of February.

@Debradelai It just doesn't feel like home without this vid.
Dedicated to one of America's finest families and a man that has endured the unimaginable.
Please stand with Flynn.

Headline: "Russia Threatens To Leak Things Obama Asked Moscow To “Keep Secret”

The "secret thing about Obama" the Russians threaten to release is the REAL collusion, the collusion between Obama, the Clintons and the FSB (Putin's intelligence agency) to stop Donald Trump from becoming the US President.

Dezinformatsiya - making people in Western countries believe Russian lies, influencing elections, turning people against the US, creating internal strife in the West, supporting politicians sold out to the cause of socialism, undermining the church - this was Pacepa's job description as Director of Romania's DIE.

For example the Russians are targeting a Western personality who they consider it could be a tough adversary in case he becomes President. They want to smear that personality as money grubbing, racist, unpatriotic and even charge him with colluding with a foreign power.

Their objective is to make the electorate believe their lies to such a degree, that a statement like "candidate X is a racist sold out to our enemies'" becomes conventional wisdom and it is not even brought into serious questioning.

How do they do it? By using dezinformatsiya, a method that takes blatant lies about the candidate that nobody in the West would believe if they could be traced directly to Kremlin, and launder them through domestic sources in the West that people tend to believe.

@Rawls asks how many troops would it take to stabilize Syria.

To answer the question, I have to go back in history.

After World War II, we occupied Germany and Japan.

Our troops are still there.

We occupied Iraq for years, but simply overthrowing Saddam destabilized the country and the region.

No amount of troops could do the job.

@GoneGalt Feel free to test the limits of @Debradelai's patience.
It will be entertaining.

McCabe, the guy who fabricated the only evidence against General Flynn for the bullshit charge against him, just admitted publicly that he was engaged at the time in a seditious plot against the Trump administration.

Think about that.

This unsuccessful attempt of tampering with the US election was followed by another collusion targeted at removing Trump from the office he was dutifully elected
These Russian interventions were made with the full knowledge and participation of the Clintons & Obama administration

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