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(22) The other two you can find for find for yourselves. Easy peasy.

Enough is enough.

As we go into the election cycle, ours will not be a platform for the likes of Anarchist TracyBeanz to call attention to her destructive crap, or for crazy ass peddlers of hate to sow propaganda.

Nor for any other America-hating SOB to sow discord.

If any of you reading this has any legitimate questions, I am at your disposal for the next 48 hours to answer them.

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(1) It is perhaps time to discuss what QuodVerum is.

In the last few days, a small detachment of the army of the intellectually challenged has been desperately trying to establish a beach head here.

Some are still trying.

We have been determined and, so far, effective in holding them off.

I will will continue to do so.

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@MEMA 😂 Thanks, I'll be here all week! Try the Beard Blather! It's on special! 😂

@EarlThePearls @Debradelai @spinmaven

Richard Grenell
The DC media has failed to highlight
’s China record.

So I did....

Please read and share. This is important for every American to know before voting.

Two men are accused of 'Netflix-worthy terror plot' to bomb Trump Tower and other targets in US in support of ISIS

Kristopher Matthews from South Carolina allegedly begun plotting last year

In April Jaylyn Molina from Texas joined in his chats on an encrypted network

The pair allegedly planned a series of ISIS-inspired attacks on U.S. sites

They were both arrested on Monday and charged with supporting terrorism


These are more indications that the entire Arab World knows President Trump & his administration are on the right track & this is the only way forward after so many decades of nonsense.

What is best is that Iran's regime is all the more isolated.

The best is yet to come, as the President always says.

Today's reminder why you should NEVER allow your vehicle to be stopped and surrounded by a mob.

In this situation, it's really better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Your vehicle is a weapon. Don't hesitate to use it when threatened by a mob.

I don't know why the driver was cuffed by the cops. But it's California, so .....

TORO (@zx101z) Tweeted:
The FBI finds multiple military mail-in ballots that were thrown away in a ditch in Pennsylvania.

ALL of them were for President Trump.

This is election interference.

Rt if you agree we need nationwide voter ID.

Did he mean “wong”?


😐 Husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein Admits Helping Well-Connected Applicants to University of California: ‘No One Ever Told Me It Was Wrong’

Trump’s New C19 Advisor Cites Research Showing Widespread Immunity! Calls out CDC Head Redfield’s False Testimony to Stunned Press

Someone needs to start investigating what they were up to and see that they’re duly punished now. We can’t survive very long if it turns out that the doctors in charge of keeping the nation safe from disease are trying to kill us.

Just saw this. In case some didn’t.
Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) Tweeted:
If Nancy Pelosi tries to impeach President Trump for appointing a Supreme Court Justice—as the Constitution requires him to do—we will take steps to remove her as Speaker.

Really relaxing and enjoyable, mind expanding Yapping tonight. Thank you!

@redwhitebluedude @karnage @Debradelai

And conservatives have themselves to blame...they abandoned the public schools to the textbook companies and teachers unions. It was and still is chic for conservatives to shit on public ed...but us conservatives teachers were ABANDONED. Conservatives promoted privates and charters under the guise of 'choice'.

Schools were traditionally used to perpetuate both literacy and common cultural values. Conservatives turned over the been house to the wolves.

Yapping with...Me!

"Impeach THIS, Nancy..."

LIVE with chat

Today 6:30pm Eastern

Starting in 10 minutes

"This hideous abuse of power and travesty of justice has only been exacerbated by the unprecedented and baseless rulings of this court, and it should not continue another day."

Amen, @SidneyPowell

Holy Crap.

"The defense has a continuing obligation to make a record that mandates this dismissal—especially in view of this court’s unprecedented procedures and position"

Sullivan will wish he had dismissed.

New batch from last night.

@Debradelai Just ordered the hardcover 1999 printing of Paul Revere and the World He Lived in; greatly looking forward to it!

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