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(1) It is perhaps time to discuss what QuodVerum is.

In the last few days, a small detachment of the army of the intellectually challenged has been desperately trying to establish a beach head here.

Some are still trying.

We have been determined and, so far, effective in holding them off.

I will will continue to do so.

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I stole my mom away from the residence today, stuffed her full of meatloaf and cake.
If you have someone in a care facility, consider extracting them for a day, rather than visiting. It's so much bigger.

"False reporting yesterday. “There are no plans to send migrants to Northern or Coastal Border facilities, including Florida.” @FoxNews Not by airplanes or any other way. Our Country is FULL, will not, and can not, take you in!"

Exquisite! She is wonderful! Congrats to her! I have 3 transitioning from teenagers to young adults. I look at my eldest, a 20 year son, and see in his face and 6'4 being both -- the engaged, competent adult he has become - and the child I cuddled in my arms. Surreal, this life progress. My middle child, a 19 year old step-love-daughter, amazes me at her grace, awareness, pragmatism, and rockin' soul. Our youngest 18 yr old sone is glowing about engaging on his own terms. Best

@Debradelai "The official said that some migrants did refuse the test and admit that they were not related to the children they were with, when they learned their claim would be subjected to DNA proof."

(14) Director Crapper —er...I mean, Clapper—nearly choked.

The administration wanted to close Guantanamo at any price and did not like to hear of the consequences.

To say there was a risk of these asswipes returning to the battlefield...Oh, my God, how dare him!

Check how many did return to the battlefield and cry.

And remember @GenFlynn TOLD THEM SO.

Here's one:

(27) Thus we get to the election of DJT as President of the US and @GenFlynn’s appointment as NSA.

Until then, his detractors were conducting a campaign of character assassination to diminish his claims of the Obama administration malfeasance in the conduct of the war on terror.

Now, the miserable rats who were planning a palace coup as “insurance” against a Clinton loss they worked so hard to avoid, made him a target for political assassination.

We’ll get to that in a future thread.


@Debradelai Great job, Saul. She's a cutie. Totally unrelated to that, the video that came up right after Victoria's was one of MY COUSIN doing Karate and boxing at her local studio.... I was flabbergasted. All the videos that came up after hers were totally unrelated to me or anyone I know. What a bizarre coincidence.


I watched CA Republicans use none of the Dim insanity in their last political election ads. I sure as hell hope they change their tune for 2020.

A very good lesson to follow!! You know Saul, i have met some of the brightest, friendliest, very informed people here..What ive learned is to watch new people for awhile before adding them.Ive had to weed out some that i had blindly followed. You are so right.

It turns out Boehner was right in removing this POS from committees because of his their "inability to work with other members."

This is the kind of shit that lurkes behind the "Liberty Causus" and, to a somewhat lesser degree, the "Freedom Caucus."

Corrupt co0llectivists pretending to be Libertarians undermining the Republican Caucus (and Trump) at every step.
Why his sudden outburst?

His family's business in China.

For this "Christian" camel trader, that takes precedent over our nation.

If someone cant figure out how to fix it all they would have to do is give a shout out and a lot of people would be glad to help, and its not really hard to figure out if yourself...yep, false Maga account

Another false MAGA account.

We are drawing their attention now.

It means we are going in the right direction.

Please if you feel he has potential please support him & share his article on your social media accounts 🙏

CC. @ThomasWic I hope you are feeling better after the food poisoning incident and please see a doctor soon if that's not the case. ❤️

@Jinni @HeshmatAlavi @Elaines2cents @GodlessNZ
@Cdubois @REX

Sorry if I overdid it with pinging, and have a wonderful day. 💯

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