Trump set the mother of all traps.

And his enemies fell into it.

People don't believe that, but it's the only thing that makes sense.


He does things in a BIG way, and he isn't afraid to try what's never been tried before.

You have to admit that if he's successful, stealing elections will no longer be a threat to the country.

This also explains the recent political hysteria and ongoing persecution by corrupt law enforcement.

@rosemaxx7 @ThomasWic

What a wonderful compliment 🙏🏼

"At first I used to compare you to a salty weathered sea captain in a fierce storm.. Now I also regard you as the Lighthouse Beacon. ⚡"

@ThomasWic @rosemaxx7 Hysteria is right! I admit the Joe Scarborough video meltdown had me just laughing. Not even sure they realize how badly they're giving the game away. At least the shrewd ones like Schumer know when to just keep quiet.

@Philly_Fan @ThomasWic @rosemaxx7

Let's see, "before we get to 2022" ....

So, I think PDJT is referring to the Nov 2022 elections, not the calendar date 01/01/22.

Which means, praise the Lord, we might get to know how this all turns out within the next 18 months!

As just an above-average curious average American, I cannot WAIT! Getting giddy here.

PDJT is letting us know something is up!

@AngryDuey @ThomasWic @rosemaxx7 Seems he's saying that given events thus far, he's not going to wait for the next election. Too much damage is being done.

@ThomasWic @rosemaxx7 I think too, that his efforts may put the brakes on our meddling in foreign elections.

President Trumps loves his Country.
He’s right! This crap can’t continue as it’s going.
Trump has not been idle. I look forward to what’s to come. ❤️

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