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Apparently Dominion used 18 patents as collateral to secure loans from HSBC.

This thread ties together CCP, Sequoia, HSBC, Smartmatic and Carlyle Group.

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This thread goes with what @Debradelai said in the quod meet last night. The entire federal bureaucracy is compromised and corrupted. That's why Trump cuts them out and has his people bypass them.

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Pompeo at the Department of State and Chris Miller at the Department of Defense have to do the heavy lifting.

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@REX Without a police state in their favor they are not going to pull this fraud off, it was so sloppily done especially when they realized
Trump was getting more votes than they projected. Trump set up a trap with the declaration of elections being critical infrastructure in 2017, and the executive order on foreign interference back in 2018. They have been cheating so long that their behavior is very predictable.

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Voting machines are so fool proof that even Venezuela uses them. 🤡 🤡 🤡

A rundown of 4 voting machine companies, ES&S, Dominion Voting, HartInterCivic, and Smartmatic.

Those pesky 'glitches' the same shit that was done in Venezuela in 2004 referendum

What was Mario Bartiromo saying in Parler about Venezuelan involvement?🤔

The Reuters article which the screenshot was taken.

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Very interesting thread. Trump was actually monitoring as the votes were coming in the fraud.

Oh @Angela it seems that blockchain was used in this election as you suggested.

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Election infrastructure = national security.

Two years ago, it was clear as a bell.

But we had to wait for Twitter et al to blatantly interfere in our elections for some folk to wake up.

FL #27:

Democrat hubris:

"Salazar’s win is also a major embarrassment for Florida Democrats, who let Shalala run her own race without significant outside help, believing that she was relatively safe heading into Election Day."

More on FL #27:

The FL GOP has been doing an outstanding job. Strong leadership. Increasing support from many different groups. Until recently, the quintessential swing state, like Ohio.

Now both FL and OH are increasingly solid red states.

"Republican Maria Elvira Salazar defeated incumbent Democratic Rep. Donna Shalala in Florida’s 27th Congressional District in an upset that neither party anticipated heading into Election Day."

On to FL #27, where Clinton pal Donna Shalala unexpectedly lost to Republican Maria Elvira Salazar, who won in a very strong general showing for the GOP in Florida.

Shalala's loss was a shock for the Dems. Salazar focused on tying Shalala to the socialist label. She also strongly supports Trump and is popular with Cuban American community, which is increasingly Republican and active.

MN #7 House Race Results:

Michelle Fischbach (R) 53.4%

Collin Peterson (D)

While Fischbach's victory was not entirely unexpected, the scale of her victory was a surprise.

Peterson's loss is highly significant as he was one of the very last Dems who represents rural areas, and he was Chair of the House Agriculture Committee.

Also, he voted against Trump's impeachment.

"The 7th District is a prime example of a trend in Minnesota and across the country that has accelerated under President Trump: agricultural and rural areas, as well as small towns, shifting from solidly Democratic to solidly Republican."

Collin Peterson was defeated this year by GOP candidate Michelle Fischbach, who won in a landslide.

Peterson was first elected to the House in in 1990. He won by 72% in both 1998 and 2008 and was considered a safe Democrat. That ended this year.

Ongoing Thread on the Republican Red Wave and Redistricting.

On to House flips and victories.

MN #7 - Dem Collin Peterson has been a target flip for the GOP for the last decade. Northwestern MN has become increasingly red, and the Dem party that Peterson represented no longer exists.

Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie added to the Defense Business Board. They are among the 9 new members added after it was purged.

Another sign Trump is not going anywhere.

I'm getting the feeling that Lin Wood is being a distraction with him seemingly calling on Loeffler and Perdue to get on board with pushing Kemp and Raffensperger to audit the vote might be a strategic distraction. 🤷‍♂️

Lin Wood may not be in on this it's just him being himself but it could be used as a distraction. 🤔

60% of family owned restaurants in America have already closed for good.

Following the death of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the father of ’s nuclear [weapons] program, confusion has engulfed the entire regime. In other words, ’s loss has rubbed salt into officials' wounds, intensifying political rivalries.

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