This is an actual Twitter avatar chosen by someone in all seriousness.

First, this ghastly photo of David Hogg was taken, and then people chose it as their avatars.

Because they like it.

What can you even say, except that an enormous percentage of us are batshit crazy.


By training all members of the armed forces to fight the same way, we will be able to survive the election of anti-American presidents.

You can't put the multi-domain genie back into the bottle.

We can thank Israel and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

They're sharing technology that will put us decades ahead of China and Russia.


Tusli Gabbard can cram it.

Trump defeated her.




This cycle has continued up to the present day.

Trump is gambling that the Third Revolution in Military Affairs (3RMA) will end the buildup-destruction-buildup-destruction of the armed forces.

We now have two Multi Domain Task Forces (MDTFs).

These are army units that fight on land, in the air, on the sea, in the cyber realm, and on social media.

They're the model for all future combat units of all branches of service.


When the Korean War began, our air force was using mostly World War II vintage equipment, and our ground troops had horrible training.

See, the braniacs at the Pentagon said that the only thing we needed was nuclear weapons.

ICBMs and strategic bombers.

The North Koreans called our bluff. Since we of course couldn't use nukes on them when they invaded South Korea, we had to rebuild our armed forces.


Ashton Carter lowered and in some cases abolished physical-fitness standards.

For the first time in their history, the Green Berets had fat soldiers.

Trump's goal is to break the pattern.

We build up the military and then tear it down.

Five years after World War II, we had the Korean War.

We were totally unprepared.

@drawandstrike @DuaneCates Trump is pointing out that Congress ought to investigate the Netflix deal with the Obama's and thr Obama book deal.

Trump deranged Democrats are bound to read this as deflection as they try to investigate his financial dealings.


When my nephew was in the army under Obama, they NEVER had target practice.

No ammunition.

Under Obama, the US Air Force had to find spare parts from museum static displays.


For @skhillx3

You wrote:

"President Trump Reveals ***That The First Day He First Came Into Office, General Mattias Revealed To Him That The US Military Was VERY LOW on Ammunition (Very Low As In NONE!!)"

I knew that Trump and the Saudis would outwit our enemies the Iranian mullahs, the Democrats, and the media.

THEY want war.

But they won't get it.

Sorry, Tulsi. Better luck next time.



And the press is blaming Trump for Iran's acts of war.

"Despite Iran's hostility, critics argue that Iran’s latest alleged misbehavior is partly Trump’s fault because he quit the Iran nuclear deal and re-imposed economic sanctions on Tehran."

The Democrats want a war so that they can blame Trump.

Here's rabidly pacifist Tulsi Gabbard demanding a war.

Her entire platform is antiwar, but she's criticizing Trump for not launching a unilateral retaliation.


We have people feeding the press disinformation.

We have Trump sending totally unclear messages.

And we have the Saudis saying that they're not sure what happened.


The mullahs want a war, because the knee-jerk reaction of Iranians will be to unite behind the mullahs.

That's what happened in Lebanon in 2006.

Hezbollah's enemies fell deeply in love with Hezbollah.

"U.S. officials shared with Saudi Arabia the intelligence reports and their assessment that Iran launched more than 20 drones and at least a dozen ballistic missiles at the Saudi oil facilities on Saturday, the people familiar said.

"But Saudi officials said the U.S. didn’t provide enough proof to conclude that the attack was launched from Iran, indicating the U.S. information wasn’t definitive."


There. I told you Trump and the Saudis would figure out the right response to Iran's attacks on the Saudis oil infrastructure.

The answer is total confusion.

Now the mullahs have no idea what's going to happen.

Since our enemies foreign and domestic want a war with Iran, Trump and the Saudis won't give them one.

The SILENT war will continue.


The Sudanese rose up, and when outside forces interfered, all sides asked Trump for help.

He sent envoy Donald Booth, and the result is a transition government in with all sides share power.

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