A correction from Brian on Nick Fuentes. He originally stated Nick was one of the tiki torch marchers in Charlottesville.


Too smart to do that.


Who is this person that kept Vindman in place at the NSC?

She gets outed by Stephanie Grisham in Water's World, Letitia Lewis.


Gay radio sports talk host filed $2 million lawsuit for "hostile workplace" over a homophobic tweet on the radio station's twitter account.

Turns out he was the one that tweeted that homophobic tweet at himself.


What an idiot.

An actual request to the FCC to investigate Eric Swalwell for farting on TV.🤣 😂

Check this post out from somebody who was in the same company as Vindman. He truly is a pathetic figure.

Even Vindman thinks that Hunter Biden was unqualified for the Burisma job.


Democrats are getting shredded in this sham impeachment inquiry.

Well this pretty much self destructs the notion that Trump is out to go after political opposition in inquiring about the Bidens to the Ukrainian president.

Clinton Foundation has been posting net losses.


Most recent statement reports $16.8 million in loss.

The committee Republicans, or at least their staff, are well-prepared and the GOP is out lawyering the Schiff Show, despite having the deck stacked against them.


Yep. Vindman's counsel didn't prep him well enough. It'd have been obvious that the GOP questioners would want to get under his skin, and Vindman fell right for it.

Military people will understand.
1. Did not go to the Military college.
2. In 21 years has never been picked to go the the Army’s War College.
3. Vindman has gone as far up the ladder he can go. 21 years of service and never been to the War College. He is a military political officer.
Navy vets will understand this.
He not even a mustang.

Just my two cents that mean nothing to anyone but me. My opinion is only that and not to make anyone upset.

When media overreaches.


That's a big pie on the faces of AFP and Reuters. They were not giving proper context too since this issue was ignored under Obama.

@redwhitebluedude The RNC is strongly supporting him, and his fundraising is going well.

He was perceived as having no real chance in 2018. Now, he is a real contender. Excellent speaker and strong background in military and business.

Good news that an MI senate seat is even in play.

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