Seattle School District dismantling their academically gifted program. Reason cited, racial disparity.

The wrong approach, they should be helping to boost the group that tends to underachieve instead of dragging down others.

And that's why Democrats are nervous about Bernie possibly being the nominee.

The NY Times giving a suggestion to the Chinese Communist for whom to blame for the Coronavirus bad press on.


Biden is an empty vessel. Nothing going on in his mind at all.

He just repeats whatever radical leftist idiocy his Marxist airhead campaign fill it with.

Then they cross their fingers and they hope he remembers the latest idiot talking point - and doesn't add non-sequiturs and lies about his weird life experience and bonkers references to record players and haberdashers.

And threaten to beat up the voters of IA and NH

@Debradelai but Vulff Bluster and his circle jerk of idiots earlier today were completely taken aback as to how she could alphabets been accused of any wrongdoing given her stellar record of accomplishments...(bullshit)

@RonOgletree @WoolyBugger @redwhitebluedude

Absolutely true about Conkite, when the leftist media was absolute

@WoolyBugger @redwhitebluedude

Mr. WoolyBugger, @REX is always worthy. Shame on you. Voicing your opinion is fine, but discounting someone else’s isn’t.

@WoolyBugger @redwhitebluedude

Mi Lai? You don't know a damned thing of what you are talking about. 189 total, but we won't mention a damned thing of the children and women who blew themselves up to get a grenade close enough to kill American soldiers now will you.

My father was there for Tet. Walter Cronkite knew about as much of the facts as you do.

"The most trusted man in America" lied to the American people willfully for an agenda.

Then you cite other crap as if it were yesterday.

@RonOgletree @WoolyBugger @redwhitebluedude
Many of my dad’s friends were caught up in Tet, for some their last battle. BUT they destroyed the VC as an effective fighting from which they never truly recovered.. Not to worry, Uncle Walter, doing the Communists bidding declared some 8 weeks late declared we had lost. Imagine this 8 weeks after the Bulge. LBJ with love of polls essentially quits , the Communists were ecstatic.


🤔... With Alinsky it's all about creating the optics. The illusion of something when nothing exists. The base enjoys it, indeed they eat it up, until they realize nothing has happened and they're still hungry. Same model as socialism in government. And same final outcome.

The Hill (@thehill) Tweeted:
EARLIER: Impeachment managers roll in boxes of evidence for the Senate.

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