All that fraud with surveillance is going to take a while to clear up. It could very well cover the duration of the Obama administration, the dismal eight in addition to this. Could tie in with other scandals such as IRS targeting and such. But for the immediate future clear up pending cases such as General Flynn's.

@redwhitebluedude @umad80
The modeler at
are validating their models and updating projections actively.
I haven't studied in detail, but it looks like good methodology.

@Wizski @redwhitebluedude

What I see is, individual states seem to be wrong, but that overall it seems to be right, or close to it. At least in the deaths department. Not so much in hospitalizations and ICU beds needed.

If you look at death tolls and project deaths they are quite similar.

That may change as we get into this so-called rough week and the "curve".

We shall see.

Tell me about it. 🙄
But this could end up boomeranging back at the Democrats and exposing them for what they did, which was obstructing the response to this pandemic.

They really seem to be learning disabled after the Russian collusion impeachment fiasco.

Trump is hitting the CCP at their ideological DNA. The CCPvirus is an accident that they seem to be turning into a counter to Trump, not going to work. Communism, so self defeating.

UPDATE: German official denies this accusation.😳 🤦‍♂️


Obviously, this wench came in here with an axe already on its shoulder.

I read the initial toot inferring that Americans should inflict a viral weapon upon the innocents of the PRC. They are no different than the innocents here.

Because of its narrow minded bullcrap to pile on out of its frustration to deal with the situation we are faced with, because of another bunch of elitists CCP who may have brought this on them, even more than has been inflicted on us.

Rules, rules rules.

"He chothe not to lithten to a great mind and inthtead lithened to hith cuck thon-in-law. I am a profethional rapitht, which maketh me more qualified than anyone to deal with thethe emergenthieth."

"Ath the world'th motht important thought influenther, I warned Trump about thith ditheathe before he was even elected, which wouldn't have happened if not yourth truly. "

"President Trump is thowing weakneth in the fathe of the coronaviruth. He doethn't detherve reelection, guyth."

"Carlos Osweda" is just tempting me to make another one of my parody threads regarding our favorite simian simpleton...err thimian thimpleton.

Sheila Gunn Reid Tweeted:

Our Vacationer in Chief gave away our stockpile of masks in February to China, the absolute liars who make the masks in the first place

That's not Trump's fault. That's all Trudeau.

We make the pulp here in Canada. Why can't we make a mask?

What a disgrace.

John Cena(57), future WWE superstar, played football for Springfield College, late 1990's

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