My latest long-form Gab post, examining the complaints in President Trump's class action lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

by Dar ul Harb, Esq.

[Part 1]:
[Part 2]:
[Part 3]:
{Part 4]


The Facebook complaint is very interesting concerning the CDC's efforts to combat what it deemed COVID "misinformation" during the pandemic by coordinating with (at least) Facebook and Twitter. This clearly appears to be government action by proxy, and continues into the Biden Administration. The evidence the plaintiffs allege in the Facebook complaint concerning coordination between Facebook and Twitter over editorial (i.e. censorship) decisions is also quite revealing...

Perhaps in discovery the plaintiffs can tie in Youtube for coordinating such editorial decisions, too. These ostensibly competitive and independent companies may soon regret such coordination if it exposes them to each others' liability.

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