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"I believe... when this plays out, over the next year or two, it's not gonna be about President Trump... that's gonna get over with. It's gonna be about all the things they did. You know how sometimes the coverup is worse than the crime? In this case, the investigation was much worse than the no crime."
--Rudy Giuliani, Fox News' Hannity, 8/8/2018, (at 6:58)

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Again, the one thing we know with certainty is that the point of this impeachment is not to remove a president who engaged in treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors in a way that shocked the nation's conscience. It is, instead, to remove an unusually successful president without the risk of an election, to hamper his ability to function while in office, and to throw a lifeline to Joe Biden's flailing candidacy.

Good interview by Glenn Beck with John Solomon that provides some reveals on what will be revealed in the Senate trial.

I live the way Solomon drops 'hints' about what he knows, which is a lot.

NOT good for the Democrats.

RICHMOND, VA—As Governor Ralph Northam has begun to dismantle Virginia in a systematic fashion, many Virginians began to grow concerned that he was just going to destroy the entire state.
But Northam has assured Virginians that the state will be kept comfortable while discussions ensue over exactly how they're going to accomplish the complete destruction of the once-great state.

President Trump tweeted this in Farsi an hour ago

The noble people of Iran, who love America, deserve a government that will help them achieve their dreams, rather than focusing on killing them for revenge. Instead of dragging Iran to ruin, Iran's leaders must put aside the terrorists and magnify Iran again!

3:10 PM · Jan 17, 2020

OANN is right now explaining (in 10 short segments) SPYGATE / FISA in brilliant fashion. Just perfectly.

This really IS a bunch of children.

‘Trump Effect’ Takes Over Iran As Regime Starts Covering Country With American And Israeli Flags

Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) Tweeted:
Dear American Left.

The reason you have your first amendment rights is BECAUSE of your second.

Keep your children close and your Constitution closer.

In Britain, most live on bended knee.

Katie Hopkins is a fav.
She is a huge fan of our President too!

@C_3C_3: "Do you see how calm President Trump is?

During his impeachment President Trump is still pushing his agenda full steam ahead and joking with the National Champion LSU Tigers.

This must drive the Media & Democrats nuts.

Anyone else would be paralyzed.

Trump is not anyone else."

(H/T @shem_infinite RT )

A 2-minute compilation portraying the Iranian people refusing to follow regime propaganda of disrespecting flags of the U.S. & Israel.

More proof that the mullahs do no represent the great people of .

Rudy Giuliani may appear as a witness, so I expect that's why he's not serving as front line counsel.

@tamarakeithNPR: "UPDATED: Confirming the reporting of other White House reporters, a source familiar with President Trump’s impeachment defense tells me this will be his team:

Pat Cipollone
Jay Sekulow
Jane Raskin
Pam Bondi
Alan Dershowitz
Ken Starr
Pat Philbin
Mike Purpura
Robert Ray"

I saw a tweet comparing this lineup to The Avengers. 😀

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