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"I believe... when this plays out, over the next year or two, it's not gonna be about President Trump... that's gonna get over with. It's gonna be about all the things they did. You know how sometimes the coverup is worse than the crime? In this case, the investigation was much worse than the no crime."
--Rudy Giuliani, Fox News' Hannity, 8/8/2018, (at 6:58)

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@SydneyLWatson: "PEOPLE don't get periods. Women do.

PEOPLE don't get pregnant. Women do.

PEOPLE don't breastfeed. Women do.

Being FEMALE is not a "feeling". It isn't frilly dresses, high heels, long hair & make up.

I'm sick of seeing my sex erased & trivialized to accommodate everyone else."

(H/T commenter Crazy Captain Gunboat Wille on Instapundit .com)

So where's @ewarren on this important issue affecting "people"? 🙄

@exjon: "Harsh subtweet to Beto.

>@JulianCastro: ''Every day, people are forced to choose between going to school or work, or staying home because they can’t afford the menstrual products they need.

Pads, tampons and cups should be available tax-free, across the nation.

@almostjingo was suspended for sharing the censored image of nude Rep. Hill brushing the staffer's hair, which is arguably a news photo.

2KKNoMates: "Rosie Memos @almostjingo has been sent to Twitmo for questioning the ethics of Rep. Katie Hill grooming a young campaign staffer in a sexual relationship with her now estranged husband."

(H/T @drawandstrike RT )

@rising_serpent: "How Twitter is suppressing @realDonaldTrump's tweets:
You can see Trump's tweets in your timeline, but when you go to your reply to Trump's tweet, it shows his tweet as 'unavailable.'"

Thread by @Unseen1_unseen: ""The prosecutors, led by John H. Durham, the United States attorney in Connecticut, have interviewed about tw F.B.I. officials" Review of Russia Inquiry Grows as F.B.I. Witnesses Are Questioned "The […]"

Tulsi Gabbard is a fan of the domestic terrorist group Antifa. In the above picture, she is posing with Evan Duke, a violent fascist activist who is under investigation for the attempted black-market purchase of weapons from Mexico in order to stage an insurgency against the US Government. Gabbard described Duke as “incredible” and that she was “honored” to meet him.

Thread by @Unseen1_unseen: "1 I've talked at times about the lack of DC politicians understanding the internet/social media. How they continue to act like it's the 1990 […]"


If he says yes, you send them to me with the list of names and I'll have them inscribed when I see him on Nov 7, then we forward to recipients. (And one for you).

Let me call him and I'll let you know as soon as I hear from him.

@JamesOKeefeIII: "I called @brianstelter for comment before @Project_Veritas releases our next video; he picked up the phone on the second ring and hung up immediately when I told him who it was."

(H/T @JackPosobiec RT )

"Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, backed a second referendum [on Brexit], saying “the people should have the final say”."

The people already have had their say, asswipe.

Socialists only accept elections that go their way.

Fake North Korean news agency says...

@DPRK_News: "Failure of latest Mexican revolution ascribed to lack of communist spirit amongst narco-traffickers and drug mafias."

@Jim_Jordan: "@RepAdamSchiff is now scheduling 2 witnesses a day and plans to conduct those depositions simultaneously. How can Members be in 2 places at once?

This is @SpeakerPelosi’s unfair & partisan impeachment plan to 'strike while the iron is hot.'

The American people see through it."

(H/T @TomFitton RT )

America's New Paper Of Record...

@TheBabylonBee: "Elizabeth Warren Recalls How She Lost Her Teaching Job When Her Fake Mustache Fell Off Revealing She's A Woman"

Q: What’s the difference between a politician and a flying pig?
A: The letter "F"

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