I hear on CNBC that jobs report was not bad I walk around Copley and Back Bay yesterday and I see empty store fronts. In prime location in Boston. 👀

Somebody is bullshitting.

Of course
The buying power of the US Government is surely movement on a stock

I actually rented this film from Netflix back in the day when it was $7.99 per month for unlimited DVD rentals. And yes, it’s hilarious.


With a few notable exceptions, broken marriages in Hollywood are as common as built-in swimming pools and hot tubs.


What a MAROON.

This made me think of a scene from “Barbershop,” the 2002 comedy that starred Ice Cube, and Cedric The Entertainer.

One of the their knucklehead patrons decides to steal an ATM from a convenience store, dragging it down a street.


I hadn’t seen a Trump rally in awhile. I watched him last night in Wisconsin on RSB network. He still has his dance moves, and he still is a complete
He threw a few one liners at inept Joe also!

God willing, her days are numbered.

"I Didn't say I was going to Taiwan,
I Said I was going g to tie one on"
Pelosi 2022.
Worst Speaker ever.

So I voted today. In my little town I was the only one there this hot afternoon. I stared at the machine for a minute and then put my ballot in. I looked back at the ladies sitting at the tables and said, "It's okay I was just making sure this wasn't a Dominion machine." 😂😂😂 Cracked them up!

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