The number of new applications for unemployment benefits unexpectedly dropped by 1,000 to 191,000 last week, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

Falling jobless claims are a sign the labor market is remaining resilient despite the Federal Reserve’s historic effort to tighten monetary policy to slow economywide spending and drive down inflation.

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A convicted perjurer no less, where there's documentary evidence to suggest he either lied to the FEC (via his attorney) back in 2018, or to the NY grand jury recently.

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@TimRunsHisMouth: "Nothing says banana republic quite like the case against Trump being based off of the testimony of a convicted felon and a pornstar."


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@DonaldJTrumpJr: "Seems relevant!

In a Feb 2018 document just uncovered, Michael Cohen’s own attorney, in a letter to the Federal Election Commission, says that 'the payment in question does NOT constitute a campaign contribution.'

Is the key witness is lying to the Grand Jury and imploding their case?"


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Ponder, also a pastor at Remnant Church in Virginia, continued in his tweet that what he posted is page one of a diversity, equity and inclusion training his friend’s department was “forced to take,” starting with “an exercise that asks which intersectional identities you’d save and which you’d leave to die.”

“This is demonic,” he added.

In June 2022, Gary Volesky, a retired three-star general who received the Silver Star for valor in Iraq, was suspended from his job as a military contractor for responding to First Lady Jill Biden’s post expressing disappointment in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. He had sent a tweet saying he was happy the first lady “finally knew what a woman is.”

The amendment passed on party lines, with every Democrat voting in favor.

This intolerance for diversity extends to a diversity of views. In one of the most shameful cases, these conformists flexed their muscles to punish a decorated war hero.

Objecting to her perspective and audacity to stand up to the former first lady of Virginia, they claimed that the engineer and parent was not qualified to serve on the board.

Then they went even farther, defaming her all the way to the Virginia Senate floor. On Feb. 7, Virginia state Sen. Ghazala Hashmi introduced an amendment to remove Dutta from the board, citing an alleged affiliation with “very extreme and right-wing white supremacist groups.”

During the Virginia Board of Education meeting on Feb. 1, Dutta had replied to Holton, “The Declaration and the Constitution … are remarkable documents.” Dutta, who lived under socialism in India, continued, “Socialism is the nanny state … which co-opts the important decisions belonging to families and individuals. It produces dependency and depression.”

In response, Holton’s supporters immediately organized a movement to reject Dutta’s appointment.


Inside, local mother Suparna Dutta, whom the activists had recently smeared to defeat her nomination to the Virginia Board of Education, stood strong as a private citizen. She moved from the stage to the audience, firm as Democrat school board members, delegates, and activists lied at the podium. They falsely claimed the Board of Education’s revised standards that Dutta helped draft would “whitewash” education.

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If one wants to know why so many millennials seem to struggle with hitting the essential milestones of adulthood, one should simply look at their Boomer parents, who laid the groundwork for perpetual adolescence. It was the Boomers who decided to resist the conformist culture of their own childhoods by embracing hedonism (sex, drugs, and rock and roll), challenging social priorities and traditions, and rejecting moral and religious authorities.

If you want to reduce crime, take the 5 percent off the streets and it is a certainty that crime will fall by a tremendous amount.

And although it is anecdotal, it seems more and more liberals are tired of having their street-parked cars broken into. In many of these neighborhoods, it seems it is a 100 percent probability and one that will be burgled over and over again. Again, these victims would weep—then curse—if they knew how small of a group of criminals are committing almost all of this mayhem.

But the solution is very straightforward. There is no philosophy to it. No “root causes” B.S. Just mathematics.

By focusing on this five percent—and taking them off the streets—a huge reduction in violent crime is possible. It’s really quite simple.

You would weep—then spit and curse—when realizing how small a slice of the population commit the vast majority of all rapes. All these women’s lifelong pain, anguish, and fear can be traced to a miniscule percentage of criminals.


One area where this concept falls apart is crime, especially violent crime. If violent crime followed the same pattern, 20 percent of the criminals would commit 80 percent of the crimes.

But it is far more skewed than that. It’s more like five percent of criminals committing 95 percent of the violent crimes. From a crime fighting perspective this is actually good news.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.