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@ThomasWic @AngryDuey @truth_seeker
My ex husband is also obsessed with money.
Never paid a dime in child support.
He spends lavishly on himself, trying to buy friends and bought a wife.
Watched him bankrupt himself several times trying to fit in with the top dogs, trying to buy their attention.
So hilarious when someone puffs themselves up as superior to others, vies to fit in with the elite, but it doesn't change the fact that they're short, fat, ugly, bald, and an uncouth loudmouth.

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Was only on Twit to support POTUS. Now suspended. Lost some great Patriot followers. POTUS isn't on here.. that we know of. But I'm learning so much on this site that I'd like to stay. If I make mistakes please excuse my ignorance. Brilliant minds on here & it must be great to be so gifted. But compared to The One God we all pale. To Him we're all equal. Wisdom & discernment should prevent anyone from belittling another's knowledge for sport. Humility is the ultimate display of intelligence.

Did anyone else get an email from QV like this?
I haven't posted anything even close to what this is warning me about.
Why did I get this?
Can anyone clarify?

Shithead tries to troll Mike Lindell on Facebook..
Ed Burke replies..

Ed Burke..
Troll level *MASTER*
😂 😂

“Unelected public health officials began weighing in on such non sequitur issues as a ban on evictions for rent skips and issuing mask ukases as though holding force of law.

“The doctor-dictator set the tone for a shameful, and horribly ineffective at attaining its public health goals, period of government control with few parallels in this country’s history.

@wziminer My favorite email so far:

Nielsen: "Dr. Fauci I'm a physicist with urgent proof China has misled the world with its data and COVID has already spread in the US since 2019! Mass testing will then give the illusion of exponential growth."

"The fact that Washington Post are the ones who released Fauci's emails should cause everyone to try figure out what they're up to, what the laser pointer is distracting us from, or what [they] gain from cutting him loose."

I've been wondering about this on and off today...

I'm glad Fucky is being smeared. But what's the catch? If any?...


My son is ok but please keep in ur prayers, 3 Wilmington Del P.O. Were Ambushed while responding to a domestic call. The shooter is still at large. From what my son told me this was all a setup to get the officers there and then were fired upon as soon as they arrived. At least 3 officers were hit. 🙏

Rudy Giuliani is the new Chuck Norris..
Let the memes begin !!

War Room Pandemic Episode 992 Part 1 With Rudy Giuliani

Another advantage is that I don't suffer from cognitive rigidity.

Therefore I don't reflexively dismiss ideas.

People ask me how I could know so much.


I keep an open mind, and I work back from the end.,

I reverse engineer.

It almost never fails me.


Troops can see residual heat, around corners with new goggles | Military Times Reports
•Jun 1, 2021

@HusseinAboubak: "Hey
@nytimes, how do you think Israel manages to kill the same child every war? [screenshots]"

(H/T @Roncolman RT )

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