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Karen (@KLovesNature) Tweeted:
Perfectly timed picture captures the moment a murmuration of starlings took the form of a giant BIRD. t.co/YwWwLX2ZLh twitter.com/KLovesNature/statu

Ha. Saw this on the twatter. This is someone's response to being contacted by Bernie's campaign.


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@inverness01 @wziminer @Baline @Momma_Voke @vince You’re right. I don’t know how a parent can do that for not just one, but two? Ugh. I can’t imagine. Well you’re certainly a good daughter for recognizing the pain she must be in and giving her grace despite any faults. I’m glad to hear she is a good grandma as well. I have been Blessed with not only a wonderful mother in law to me, but also to my children. I try my best to learn from her how to be a good mom and wife.

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This is funny. Dude is winded after 20 plus seconds. This is a leader in Antifa? "Trump and Pence. We say No! No no no no no no no!" 😂 😂


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RT @UrgyenB@birdsite.link
So my uncle Wangchuk is a traditional Tibetan artist and he made this Tibetan thangka version of the cat meme. #Catmeme #WomanYellingAtCat #Tibetan #Thangka #Art


Wow. Great way to get a quick view of what Israel is like. Watch Red Bull athlete Fabio Wibmer ride his bike throughout the country. It's really good.


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Cop knocks on the door: “Can I come in?”
You: “Why?”
Cop: “I heard you committed a crime, and I’m looking for evidence”
You: “ WTF, tell me what you are looking for.”
Cop: “ I’ll know it when I see it”
You: “ Get a warrant”
Cop: “You’re obstructing justice”
This is the Senate trial in a nutshell.

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1. SPYGATE: All roads will eventually lead to Barrack Hussein Obama.

Count on it.

The charlatan and snake was using warrantless surveillance powers under FISA.


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You work construction, have 3 kids and a wife. The oldest nearing college age, so you're doing a bunch of overtime to save. You switch on "the news" to see whats goin' on.....You get this bizarre cacophony, EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU TURN 0N THE TUBE....



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"Just left a meeting of Jewish activists on the Upper East Side. Mostly non-religious.

These are people who have spent their lives in the Democratic Party.

That's over.

I was astonished at what I saw and heard - including bitter condemnation of


the FISA court has found that at least 2 of the Carter Page warrants were illegal, leaving all surveillance obtained by them invalid. Hm.


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@wziminer @karnage

Whether this is real or not, that is the correct stance now.

It's high time we stopped pretending we can negociate with terrorists.

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The PLO can go hump camels, however much they call themselves PA.

I have no idea if these points are legit, but it matters not.

They had their chance to negociate. Now it's going to be what it's going to be.

Hamas and the PLO are not, and never were bona fide peace partners.

Time to end this charade.

Found this on the twat... Budweiser commercial. It's worth watching. Liberal heads might explode, but maybe not, because it's a good one.


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