Reddit does something right for once: they hacked into Kanye's Fan Forum to post stories of heroic Holocaust survivors as well as calling out other forms of bigotry.

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1) Maricopa County’s Election Dysfunction Was More Widespread Than Officials Said, Memo Claims.More Maricopa County voting centers saw tabulator or printer issues than officials had announced, according to a memo by an attorney who observed the election process.

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On this day in 1938 the destruction of European Jewry formally began with the Kristallnacht pogroms in Germany & Austria.

I know we’re all focused on the midterm election results. It’s not perfect here, but it almost is! We can vote! We can complain! And we are free to live our lives, regardless of an election outcome.

At the 3 pm Arizona live update, Kari Lake is 4100 votes behind Katie Hobbs, and Abe Hamedeh just took the lead by the same margin.

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Dr Michael Shellenberger article on the Pelosi attacker.... he suffered a drug induced psychotic attack.


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1) Florida Votes To Ban Sex Change Procedures For Minors After Volatile Testimony.The Florida Board of Medicine has voted to ban sex change surgeries and hormone therapy for children under the age of 18 after hours of deliberation and testimony Friday.

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This thread is from a WFB article but i thought it was worth reading so i'll do it as a thread in case people just read the headline and skip over it. let's begin

"Top 10 Scapegoats If Democrats Lose the Midterms"

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I love this video! It was the reply to the video with the spider dog on one of the posts on Twitter before it was removed.🤬 Don't know why. It's goid, clean fun. A musician in the Middle East has found a unique beat box to use when he plays the oud:

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@wziminer Friends are in Israel right now and one mentioned they couldn't have anything hot for 25 hours or am I reading this wrong?
54 Days until my trip to Israel.

So, Yom Kippur begins tonight. As you all probably know, it's a 25 hour fast, so we abstain from all sustenance, including water (that's the hardest part.) To break our fast tomorrow evening, I indulged and ordered a shipment from Zahav in Philadelphia, an outstanding 5 star restaurant from Israeli Michael Solomonov. I got their humus with all the fixings (We ate there 4 years ago when we were in Philly for a bat mitzvah. Amazing.) Here is the site. They ship nationwide!

Yom Kippur begins tonight. For Jewish SQV, I wish you an easy fast and G'mar Chatimah Tovah. For all of you, if I have offended or hurt you in any way this last year, whether intentionally or not, I humbly beg your forgiveness.

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Spending blitz for the GOP in PA, GA, NC, NV and other states as well.

The same pattern, repeated every cycle. Worries that the GOP is being outspent. Then Labor Day and the money avalanche begins.

Meanwhile there is the weird spectacle of John Fetterman and Stacy Abrams in free-fall. Quite a show


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