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This is my theory ... the removal happened at FOX by a disgruntled lefty staff member involved in the chain of custody late stage before it was picked up by UPS. And she replaced it with a memory stick with this on it...


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Any Poco fans out here?
Indian Summer is a fav of my hubby.
Although he’s not in the best of health,
I’m playing this song in remembrance of us.
Love you EQ

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Fidel NewScum whose a Marxist Anus pretending to be Dictator of CA.

James Woods
“The host of the gathering must collect all names and addresses of those gathering.” Dear Gavin: a) get a warrant, otherwise go to hell, b) go to hell anyway.


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Short thread//

Neither here nor there, as every situation is different. But sharing a bit around safety at a recent Trump Rally here in Georgia. None of my people would go either. So I just went. It was on my bucket list to experience a sea of happy conservatives and folks interested to see what the hub bub is about. Because they changed the rallies to outdoor airport hangers, the parking is central and close and

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well supplied with poddies and big buses if too far to walk. We all parked in a harvested corn field, and MAGAs were all there walking together. No protesters. No big city, walking alone from a parking deck. Brilliant solution. I made insta-friends, and it was grand. And exuberant. Everybody unmasked and grinning and laughing and dancing. That seems to be the recipe happening lately.

Just sharing.

End thread//

Gotta love this guy. He's very informed. "Donald Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sliced bread."


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There has to be one who specializes in the careful, precise circle crops before Biden. Kudos, because they are extremely precise. 🤷‍♀️

At Trump rally here in GA 2 weeks ago, we partied and were together. Loved it - We are SANE and NORMAL and HAPPY. My personally shot video sucks oh so bad, but a few stable moments in the 4 minutes. THIS is real. And no one sane wants the circles and massive control of crowds - who do not show up anyway. 😂


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Preet Bharara is finally going to face his reckoning.

Many forget that the.scumbag was the chief of staff to Chuck Schumer.

But it's not just him.

This scandal is all about Beijing's total infiltration of the Democratic Party and their proxies.

In a way, you have to hand it to the Chinese. They have done a superb job.

But the arc is connecting. Almost every person and outlet consumed by TDS is likely compromised and/or owned by Beijing.


I finally found the right MAGA hat for me in the Trump Store. It's royal blue with white letters. On the back, it has an American and Israeli flag, on one side it says "TRUMP" in Hebrew, and on the other side, it says 'Stronger Together.' Perfect!

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1/ We're really not when you think about it.

I know I'm supposed to be the pharmacy thread guy but let me do a little bit of wictor election analysis(not the same level of course but let me try! 😁 )

First, we have to stop pretending the 2020 election is between two real opponents.

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I just recd this comment from an email friend in Israel after I sent him several videos of DJT rallies. David was born in the USA & moved to Israel. His son was in the IDF & served in Gaza when it was very hot.

"You and your friends are tough cookies! I am sweating this one out because I know that if Biden wins, Hezbollah/Iran will attack us in some form. G-d willing, Trump will win BIGLY!

Hugs & Prayers,

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I just recd this & wanted to share.

One Marine, One Ship
by Vin Suprynowicz


It's a measure of men like Col. Mitchell Paige and Rear Adm. Willis A. "Ching Chong China" Lee that they wouldn't have had it any other way. What they did 58 years ago, they did precisely so their grandchildren could live in a land of peace and plenty.

Good morning, Quods. I am posting a link to a website that will feature Larry Schweikart, People's Pundit Richard Baris, and Tracy Beanz that will analyze election night results without the liberal spin. I intend to watch it along with the MSM because I don't want to miss the exploding heads.


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TargetSmart, Decision Desk, individual state websites, and several first rate conservative twitter users provide data and information.

Also, three pollsters including Trafalgar Robert Cahaly, People's Pundit - Richard Baris, and Democracy Institute - Patrick Basham, based in Britain.

All three are independent and have an excellent track record

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I don't usually retweet Greg Rubini, because he never sites sources, but THIS is a primary source and it's lit.


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