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@Angela this is the flag that flies outside of my front door. I bought it after the whole George Floyd incident to help bring peace to my neighborhood.

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@lolajl @Angela here's the link to get your own. If you put this up next to a trump flag there's no way they can call you a racist. You got to defeat them at their own propaganda game


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What a wonderful photo of Amy Coney Barrett's family.

Just my opinion, but this is Trump's dream for America.

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Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Campaign Event in Newport News, VA 9/25/20


Friday, Sept 25, 2020 at 9:00 PM EDT President Donald J. Trump Hosts a Make America Great Again Event in Newport News, Virginia Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport 1200 Bland Blvd. Newport News, VA 23602

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Here's another op-ed on Qatar but with a different take on the matter...

Shock in the PA: Qatar Accepts Trump’s Vision for Resolving Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Been gone all day, and this is the first thing that popped up in my twatter timeline. This is real. Type "Jewish baby stroller" into google, and this is what pops up.


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Dan Crenshaw is putting together a team to save Texas… and America


If you haven't seen this video, it's a MUST SEE and share.

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While testifying before Congress, Joy Villa snaps a shot of Jerry Nadler sleeping

It's not the first time the elderly Congressman has fallen asleep while presiding over a hearing.


Conservative entertainer and commentator Joy Villa is testifying today before Congress about racial diversity. While there, she noticed the Congressman was falling asleep. Again. So she snapped a picture and shared it on social media.

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Quiver's empty, huh?

@ChadPergram: "Pelosi on if the House would try to impeach Trump or censure him:
I don’t think he’s worth the trouble at this point"


(H/T @langdaleca RT )

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@wziminer @rarity @watch4thedrop

Cancer patients may have heightened COVID-fighting ability — Israeli scientists

Oncology patients’ weakened immune system can prevent body ‘overreacting’ to virus, say Haifa researchers; theory still to be tested, but already published in peer-reviewed journal.


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...the systematic collection of western ballads.

In the back room of the White Elephant Saloon in Fort Worth he found cowhands who knew many stanzas of "The Old Chisholm Trail."

A Gypsy woman living in a truck near Fort Worth sang "Git Along, Little Dogies."

In Abilene, an old buffalo hunter gave Lomax the words and tune of "Buffalo Skinners."

In San Antonio in 1908 a black saloonkeeper who had been a trail cook sang "Home on the Range."


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September 23rd, 1867 -- Texas Folklorist Born

On this day in 1867, John Avery Lomax, folklorist, was born in Goodman, Mississippi. His family moved to Bosque County, Texas, in 1869.

As his home was located on a branch of the Chisholm Trail, Lomax heard many cowboy ballads and other folk songs; before he was twenty, he began to write some of them down.

In 1906 he received a scholarship to Harvard University, where he was encouraged to undertake ...

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@wziminer @JM @masterblaster

What an incredible, lovely love story. G*d is so good, and so are you for giving her a loving home.

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Always taught my students everytime this would come up, We ALREADY have term limits . . .It is called the VOTE.

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Just hijack the frequency and blast nonsense into his ear.

Or an echo, or everything Trump has ever said about him.

Spooky noises. Fart sounds.

McEnany's last press briefing.


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