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@Torchbearer @ThomasWic @DefiantAmerica

I reject the comparison of Tlaib to a cow. Cows are generally peaceful beings, this radical creature is not.

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@watch4thedrop @Watcher9 @Jackie


Well... I don't know...

In 1946, Harry S. Truman (Democratic Party) offered to pay Denmark $100 million to purchase Greenland. It fell through but the desire was there.

And don't forget: Alaska (7 million), Florida (5 million), Western US (15 million), Louisiana Purchase (15 million)

Denmark supports Greenland to the tune of $600 million a year.

Stranger things have happened... :-)

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An illegal grabbed the country's attention when she claimed she was still nursing her baby when she was apprehended by ICE.

A medican exam showed that she wasn't even lactating.

Yesterday, she was indicted for social security fraud


Wow. Mr. Barr was here in Dallas today.

Along with John Cornyn.

Wish I'd known. I could've apologized in person. 🤣🤣🤣

Crime-riddled Dallas neighborhood gets federal grant

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When the IG report comes out in the next 3-6 weeks, Bill Priestap and Peter Strzok are going to need anal reconstruction surgery.

They are not alone.

Carl Ghattas is going to need prolonged treatment with massive amounts of Salve cream.

McCabe will sport untreatable damage to his sphincter.

For those of you with a curious nature:

How's John Brown different from his predecessors in CD? Where was he in 2004? How about 2010/11?
It seems Wray has been quietly getting some things done.


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Seems like I weren't the only Texan upset this morning.

Here's a sampling.

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@Torchbearer @Lonestar

The Disney Channel's live-action shows had the most sexualized preteens I've ever seen.

The most famous, of course, is Miley Cyrus.

When she was still Hannah Montana, she was already posing provocatively.

The show titles were often double entendres.

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Look what they are doing to the Manhattan skyline.

All the new tall, skinny, boring towers just look like a bunch of smoke stacks in the distance.

A depressing, industrial landscape..

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Remember the spluttering pieces about Trump's "shameful inaction"?

As I knew he would, Trump spoke to the Chinese BEHIND THE SCENES so that they would not lose face.

I swear, it's looking more and more like every president of the modern era was incompetent.

This should also PROVE to you that the war of words between Trump and Kim Jong-un was theater.

It was designed to allow North Korea to "bank" face. Later, they could make concessions because they had face in the bank.

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@Torchbearer @ThomasWic @Lonestar
The 2013 MTV Music Awards performance by Miley & Robin Thicke had "Pedo Bears" on the Stage.They absolutely were rubbing our FACES in it.
Whoever arranged that was sending a MESSAGE to America="It's Happening, You Can't Stop Us"
So WE sent a MESSAGE back=
"Hands OFF Our Children!"
Pre-Trump Pic of Director James Gunn celebrating with friends.
YES, that's a Pedo Bear.
Everyone Knew.

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@GenFlynn It was my honor and pleasure to have Saul with me on last night. His clear and complete accounting of the government's setup and lies to prevent you from further service to this country we all hold dear is by far the most egregious act I've seen.
The framing of an American Patriot and Hero.

We will see you through...!

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