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4. Recently, A G Barr reversed decades of DOJ policy to allow DOJ to permit DOJ to publicly announce investigations into election fraud.

Dems and libturds were 'outraged'. Meaning 'panicked'.

So rest easy. If the Dems have something crooked set up in Pennsylvania or anyone else, they are likely walking right into a trap.

And God help any Dems working with Iran, Russia or China.

Because DJT won't.

In the meantime, VOTE like your lives depend on it. Because they do.

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3. We have seen several disturbing examples of Democrat election fraud being busted by DOJ in recent months.

IMO these can only have been uncovered because the Feds has agents on the inside.


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2. In September this year, DHS refused to share a report with Congress that apparently corroborates Trump's repeated allegations about election fraud.

We know why things aren't shared with Congress - it tips off the Dems.

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1. To those worried about the Democrats 'stealing the election', don't be.

Trump had this covered a long time ago.

Don't get me wrong, it's a legit concern. Nothing is beyond them.

However, in early 2018 Trump tasked DHS with unprecendented power to put in place defenses to Democrat schemes.

Just my opinion, but they learned a lot in the 2018 mid-terms and decided to keep gathering evidence all the way to today.

I hadn't heard of this but it's apparently premiering right now. Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson.

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4 minutes. He is out of limo around 2 minutes. You get some neighbor gray shoulder for a few seconds, but then I get my act together and get POTUS in frame for 2nd minute. Look at the enormous crowd. POTUS looks good. @Dawnz twin in front of me at 3 mins 😁.

@ChaplainEric @Jaime @Dawnz @lolajl @SandyisGettingSteamed @Linnie @jacksabbath @Ballerina @Clayrjr @kbrendell @AliceInWonderland @SalvajeUnitario @Joycevor @JM @MEMA

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6. So ignore the libtard noise and fury right now. Laugh at it.

What we are seeing is the collapse of an entire ideology. Good riddance.

Tragically, there will be victims. But like most infants, the majority of leftists will grow up and become better people.

Do you know what's even more amazing?

Many will end up thanking Trump for helping them.

The end.

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5. Third, Trump is a TRUTH TELLER. Leftists are innately frightened of FACTS, as these things splinter their delusions.

Fourth, Trump is a SUCCESS. In business and in life. In leftist la-la land, guys like Trump are never meant to succeed.

Fifth - and this perhaps worries them the most - Trump GETS EVEN. Fir leftist progs, it's bad enough to be exposed as liars, charlatans and corrupt crooks.

It's terrifying to think that you also face a RECKONING.

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4. They have never seen anyone like Trump and have never had a clue how to manage him.

Here are just 5 reasons why Trump terrifies leftists:

First, he FIGHTS BACK. They HATE that. Leftists are used to running the show.

Most have been indulged in their fantasy of superiority from the cradle, all the way through their ivy league basketweaving degree.

Second, Trump gets PERSONAL. Leftists are by nature cowards. They fear EXPOSURE.

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3. Without Obama and his apparatchiks, their hall of mirrors - in which they admire themselves and each other - is threatened with destruction.

That's why they hate Trump & explains their unhinged fear and desperation right now.

They know that ENDGAME - the moment when reality arrives and they are forced to grow up - is NIGH.

They despise Trump, as he is the person making it happen.

They FEAR him.

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2. In their puny brains, modern leftists truly believe that they are the most progressive, important and superior human beings in history.

Because of their awesome superiority over you, they are ENTITLED to lie with impunity, if needed.

And because of your inferiority.and stupidity, they think you will believe every word they say.

Trump has masterfully used this weakness against them.

The fantasy of Obama's children only works if the system is set up to accommodate their delusions.

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1. A reminder.

The #1 priority for leftist progressives is FEELING SUPERIOR. As long as they have their narcissistic supply of intellectual and moral superiority, nothing else matters.


They are cognitively rigid and incapable of admitting weakness.

Notice how Jack-off at twatter & FakeNews are reacting to the ongoing Biden scandal.

Smart operators would know they're screwed and try and make a deal.

Not modern leftists.

They make it WORSE.

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Trump is a highly unusual, if not entirely unique, figure in modern politics.

He entered the political arena at the top, without "experience" or "seasoning."

And won the greatest upset in American political history.

He has governed with amazing success. Given a second term, especially with congressional support, he can become one of the most significant presidents in US history.

It is marvelous to behold.

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I don't pretend to know Trump's strategies. All I know is that he is a winner, at a level and on a scale that exceeds most such men I can think of.

I think it is important for the future of the republic that he win re-election, and that he have a majority of both Houses of Congress - to support him, and to enact legislation that can help us recover some of the freedoms and identity that we have squandered, and has been stolen, over the past half century.

I hope he wins.

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As more damning evidence emerges about Biden's corruption, the Democrat strategy since 2016 becomes more obvious.

Everything they have done has been to build a narrative to counter these revelations. They want to be able to say 'Drumpf was doing these things (eg Ukraine)and is trying to pin it on us.'

The trouble is that they never had the evidence. Trump does.

All the linturds have is propaganda and FakeNews. That's not going to be enough & they know it, which explains their desperation.

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