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The walk around to the back of the warehouse, where they find an unlocked door.

When they go in, the magician firmly strides forward, through aisles and past furniture, safes, washing machines,,,until they come to a trunk.

The magician stops and says, "She in there. Open the straps.

The detective opens the straps and lifts the lid of the trunk. A woman's body is inside, wrapped in a blanket.


The longer they drive, the more upset the suspect becomes.

"Turn left! Turn right!"

"Okay, I've had enough! Take me home!"

"Turn left! Turn right! STOP!"

The car stops in front of a moving-company warehouse.

"Out of the car!" the magician shouts.

"I'm not going anywhere!" the suspect yells.

Why?" asks the detective. "I thought you were innocent. What do you have to be afraid of?"

The suspect gets out, and the magician takes his arm, pulling him into the magician's body.


"Hey, why aren't you sitting in the front seat?" asks the suspect.

"Drive!" shouts the magician.

The car takes off.

At the first corner, the magician shouts, "Turn left!"

They drive along for a while.

"Turn right!"

A few minutes later, "Turn left!"

"What is this?" asks the suspect. He seems to be getting nervous.

"Turn right! Turn left!"

"Where are you taking me?" demands the suspect.

"Turn right!"


"Who's this man with you?" the suspect asks.

"Are you going to come with us, or will we just let the witness gave a statement without you having the chance to rebut it?" the detective asks.

"Sure, I'll go with you," the suspect says. "You don't have a witness, but I don't mind wasting my time."

The detective gets in the back seat, followed by the suspect. Then the magician crams himself in beside the suspect.


"You're wrong," says the magician. "There's a witness."

"Who?" asks the detective.

"I'll solve this case, but only if you do exactly what I tell you to do," the magician says. He ignored the question.

The next night, a cop drives the detective and the magician to the suspect's house. they're in an unmarked car.

The detective says that they've found a witness, and they want to know if the suspect will agree to go see the person.


A homicide detective is extremely frustrated. He knows that a cocky socialite murdered his wife to get her money, but there's no evidence.

Another cop tells him to go to a magician who is on tour in their city.

Since the detective has no leads, he goes to see the magician.

When they meet backstage, the cop is uneasy. The magician never blinks, and he says almost nothing.

"There's not only no evidence, there's no witness," the detective says.


For @dmk

You wrote, "If this Democratic primary were part of a fictional story, I would dismiss it as too outlandish and not remotely credible as a plot."

I answered, "That's your proof that Trump is in control."

It reminded me of a short story titled "Witness."


Did everyone see this amazing video of the trash clean up in LA?

Scott Presler is really putting the spotlight on filthy DemocRAT cities across the US.

May the Lord Bless him and keep him, May He make his face to shine upon him, and be gracious to him. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon him, give him peace, and keep him safe.

@drawandstrike @DuaneCates

While Trump carpet bombs the DNC media and Democrats with distractions, there goes another constituency for Trump.

Dedicated to all that have come out from the shadows of the corrupt Dems. Inspired and dedicated to @ThomasWic

"Enough blues for a lifetime
Now I'm digging deep inside
Trying to find my way back again
You know you've entered the danger zone
When you look in the eyes and there's no one home
Ain't going down this time
This time I ain't going down"

Yep, you know got to close out with Tony Joe!


So if Warren is built up and then reduced to rubble, we'll know that the nominee will be Harris.



Harris and Newsom fought to keep the illegal-alien MS-13 member from being deported, despite his criminal record.

After he was released back into the Bay Area instead of being turned over to ICE, he murdered the Bolognas.

He's been sentenced to life without parole.

Trump would LOVE to confront Harris with this. He takes atrocities like this personally.

Harris is personally loathsome, and she can't think on her feet.

Trump would eviscerate her.


Harris and Newsom were responsible for the murder of the Bologna family.

A 17-year-old MS-13 member thought they MIGHT HAVE BEEN rival gang members, so he shot to death Tony Bologna (48) and his sons Michael (20) and Matthew (16).

A third son survived, but his identity is being kept secret.


Warren has absolutely nothing going for her.

She's a fraud, she's repulsive, and she has no platform.

But the press is building her up because Trump is directing it through the use of disinformation about how she's got momentum.

If Warren surpasses Biden and then get's demolished with a single hit job, we'll know that you're right.

It'll be Harris.

Trump would want Harris, because she symbolizes leftist destruction.


So Trump builds up Biden and then takes him down.

The buildup is important. If nobody cared about Biden, the takedown wouldn't be effective.

NOW, the press is building up Warren.


Biden was riding high until the Democrats were stupid enough to fall for the Ukraine whistle-blower trap.

I don't think Biden's high poll numbers were the result of anything HE did.

I've been wondering how Trump would manipulate polls without doing anything illegal or unethical, and the answer came to me:

"The leaks are real. The news is fake."

People support Biden because the press tells them that he's cool 'n junk.

Where did the press get that idea?

From Trump.


For @drawandstrike

You wrote, "My impression is that neither Biden or Warren can get the nomination. Which is fine because out of the frontrunners, the person I think Trump would want to run against the most is....

"Kamala Harris."

That got me to thinking.

Trying to reverse engineer Trump is almost impossible, but how does THIS sound?

@ThomasWic @RPL

My impression is that neither Biden or Warren can get the nomination. Which is fine because out of the frontrunners, the person I think Trump would want to run against the most is....

Kamala Harris.

Because not only is she immensely unlikable & uncharismatic, her running would allow him direct access to talking about an entire host of issues that energize his base in a way that Biden and Warren don't as much.

Sanctuary cities

CA is a mess.

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