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California's highways are in such bad shape. This is is not a pothole. It's "Idiocracy" level.

Massive pothole closes 3 lanes on I-880, alternate routes advised

Multiples lanes of southbound Interstate 880 in Oakland have been closed to repair a large pothole Friday, and the California Highway Patrol has advised drivers to take alternate routes.

The pothole is 4 feet long and 3 feet wide, according to the CHP, who did not say what caused the damage to the roadway.

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I'm staying in America forever.

Here, every bathroom possesses at least one porcelain throne...which is much better than whatever the hell you just described.

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He pulled a Weekend at Bernie's by burying himself in the sand to escape police in Belize.

He's on the lamb as a fairly dangerous man and a wanted murderer.

He's also an idiot.
Only a fool taunts the US Government.

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I hate to be on the wrong side of history. SQV is clearly on the right side.


It's high time to return to a society of "choice: meet consequence."

@ThomasWic @baldilocks Yikes! And there I was thinking my experience was unpleasant. The first time I wanted to use a lavatory in an Arabian country I was taken aback by the ladies in black all spitting red saliva into the basin. However when I went into the cubicle the hole in the floor was OK when needs must but the box of small pebbles had me pedalling backwards and any pressing need vanished.

@Kambeii @DuaneCates @BlizzyBuzz @ThomasWic @lynney that lady was horribly burned. Her plastic surgeon said that it was some of the worst Burns he had seen especially in the area where she was burned

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The AC at my work is righteously cold and glorious. I have to run a little space heater sometimes. It's the way to be.

But I have worked in the airless 'comfort' of an overly warm environment, and it's...unhealthy.

@ThomasWic @Chotiari comedians today are so afraid of their own shadow that they have devolved into nothing but toilet humor and sex jokes. In order for comedy to work you have to be edgy.

@DuaneCates @BlizzyBuzz @Kambeii @ThomasWic @lynney the same way that the insurance companies made it look like the lady that sued them for hot coffee was a frivolous lawsuit.

Oh @ThomasWic I can’t stop laughing at that. Just today in a business meeting, “You know what I wish? I wish I'd developed the ability to projectile vomit on command”. Perfect! Hahaha!

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