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This is VERY surprising.

Brace yourselves for a Trump landslide bigger than anyone expects.

It's too bad that today, advertisements have much better music than successful recording artists.

"This regime has no regard for the welfare of its citizens... There is no reason to believe $5 billion dollars from the IMF will be used by the Iranian government for humanitarian needs."


I missed this one.

Reporter's Beta male boyfriend stands by helplessly as his drunk sweetheart talks herself into being arrested and then fired.

She later claimed that she wasn't drunk but had been drugged in the comedy club.

The wealthy sister is leftism.

The entire ideology has totally imploded.

It holds no attraction for anybody sane.

And that's a good thing.


The mother used both hands to fight off the cake. Her glasses got knocked off.

"Stop it!" the free-spirit sister yelled.

The wealthy sister sat at the table and burst into tears.

The free-spirit sister led her mother to the bathroom and drove her home.

All the guest left as the wealthy sister sat there sobbing.

"Because this isn't right," the free-spirit sister said. "Mom doesn't even want to be here. You're holding her hostage."

"I AM NOT!" the wealthy sister said. She lit the candles on the cake and ordered everybody to sing Happy Birthday.

"I just want the toilet!" the mother shouted.

The wealthy sister began furiously cutting the cake.

"I just want the toilet!"

"SHUT UP AND EAT YOUR F*CKING CAKE!" the wealthy sister screamed and tried to stuff a slice of cake in her mother's mouth.

The mother didn't want to come, so the wealthy sister went out and picked her up, literally stuffing her into the car.

At the wealthy sister's house, the guests were all uneasy. They'd never met the mother.

The wealthy sister dragged in the mother and made her sit down at the table.

"I just want the toilet," the mother was muttering.

"Everybody sit down," the wealth sister said cheerily.

The guests reluctantly took their seats.

"Why's everybody so quiet?" the wealthy sister demanded.

Years ago I saw a British film, the title of which I forgot.

There was a sort of free-spirit woman and her uptight, wealthy sister.

The wealthy sister was obsessed with throwing a birthday party for their elderly mother, but the free-spirit sister tried to tell her that it wouldn't be a good thing.

Their mother just wanted to be left alone.

But the wealthy sister arranged for an elaborate party with decorations and a cake.

It's pretty astonishing the ease with which Trump turned all of this to his advantage.

He killed leftism AND the press.

This was supposed to be Trump's Waterloo, but he turned it into another miraculous victory.

I know people think the Democrats have some kind of master plan with Biden, but they don't.

They honestly think he can win.

Trump has ALL the leftists--establishment and communist--right where he wants them.

The Bernie wing is actually saying that Trump is going to force Americans to go back to work, where they'll get sick and die.

And Pelosi took care of the establishment Dems by blocking the economic rescue package.

We now have the entire spectrum of leftism showing its utter hate for the working class.

To leftists, working Americans are cannon fodder.

They may agree to one debate, but definitely not three.

Trump may pull something astounding. He may beat the Democrats to the punch by announcing that debating Biden would be cruel, so he'll forgo it.

The Democrats will then say Trump is afraid, so Trump will "change his mind" and force Biden to face him on stage.

You may have noticed that Biden now SOUNDS like a confused old man.

His voice has completely changed.

They obviously gave him speed for his debate with Bernie.

The Atlantic tells us the plan.

After Biden gets the nomination, they're going spend all their money on ads.

Biden won't campaign, and he won't debate Trump.

They'll say it isn't necessary.

He ended up with alcoholic dementia.


They kept trying to make movies with him.

In his last film--I can't remember the title--the director fed him his lines one by one.

Vincent repeated what he heard.

At one point, the director said, "Sit up straighter, Jan."

"Sit up straighter, Jan," Vincent said.

He had no idea what was going on.

Biden is in the parroting phase of dementia.

He heard something, and he repeated it through a filter of misfiring synapses.

The actor Jan Michael Vincent was one of history's most titanic alcoholics.

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