People will tell you that nothing can be done about the 2020 election.

Why do they say that?

Because they haven't thought it through.

Trump knew LONG beforehand that the election would be stolen.

Why didn't he stop it?

Because it was in his interest to let it happen.

It was a trap.

For ALL of his enemies, foreign and domestic.

Clearly Trump's enemies know this.

Yesterday, there were people AGAIN telling us that he was going to prison.

No evidence of this offered.

And we have hysteria and chaos among Trump's enemies.

Where's the hubris of Obama? Remember his cockiness after he won?

Biden and Co. and almost sheepish. Everyone's hardly bothering.

But the press is suddenly hysterical.

Tons of stuff is being revealed, and the Democrats are being sabotaged on every front.

The Trump and Pence families have virtual;ly disappeared. They can travel when and where they want undetected.

Electronic warfare aircraft and spy planes are in constant use.

Biden has zero influence at home or abroad, except at the border.

And THAT is a massive blunder.

Trump is saying in plain language that HE will do something before 2022.


He asked how Biden can govern if he lost the election.

He means legally and constitutionally.


Precedent means nothing to Trump.

Neither does difficulty.

One of the great mistakes people make is believing that something can't happen if THEY THEMSELVES didn't think of it.

Trump uses that to his advantage.

Trump does things in a way that makes it impossible for him to not get coverage by the mainstream media.

Therefore he's got something HUGE planned.

He told us before he "left office" that our story was just beginning.

Then he began acting in ways that no other former president has.

Finally, he asked the armed forces to review their plans for "devolution," the state of the country not having a civilian leadership.

And finally, Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller publicly thanked Mike Pence for guiding him through the most complex operations in the his of the US armed forces.

That's a quote.

"We've been through some stuff."

The raid on the Capitol building was the stupidest thing self-proclaimed Trump supporters ever did.

The only good that came out of it was that it finally shut down Q.

That raid showed how easily people are led into traps.

When Trump reemerges, he'll have to contend with accusations that he led an insurrection.

It won't change anything, but it SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

I never said, "Trust the plan."

I said and still say, "Trust the Trump."

That's because I researched him.

To this day, almost nobody on either side has done so.

My research showed me that Trump is capable of finding solutions to all problems.

If Trump retakes the Oval Office before 2024, THE SAME PEOPLE will start telling you that Pence is a traitor, etc., etc.

This time I hope you'll shut them out and FINALLY do your own research on Trump.

I realize that miracles are no longer enough for too many people, but those people must be ignored.

They're ungrateful, negative, and dumb as blocks of cement.

There should be no place in your life for their ideas.

Not if you want to see things clearly, that is.



Even in the Bible there were generations of people for whom spectacular miracles could not move them one inch to understanding. They were determined to get 'their way' even if it killed them....and it did.

@RoseThistle @ThomasWic Korah went Alive into THE PIT, not a pit and they still didnt get it

@akelm88 @RoseThistle @ThomasWic interesting bit I learned fairly recently on Korach. He was Moses’ first cousin. He wasn’t just some random schmuck.

@RoseThistle @akelm88 @ThomasWic he wanted Moses’ job. It’s the most political story in the five Books of Moses. The coup of the Bible.

@RoseThistle Good timing! This is in this weeks study. But not exactly the same thing. Unlike Korach, both Aaron and Miriam were known prophets/prohetesses. (Though not at Moses’ unique level) They didn’t try to be in charge, or usurp Moses. In this instance, they were critical of him regarding his divorce. (And received punishment for it)

Korach was not a prophet, and he actually wanted to take over moses’ role. he attempted a coup. And went directly against the word of Gd.

@RoseThistle it’s important to remember wee are speaking of the three most righteous human beings of this generation (and arguably all generations.)

Not only were Miriam and Aaron prophets, of Gd, but they were Tzaddikim, righteous.

There is much to the context.

@RoseThistle I shared two links w the sources. The articles I posted directly address this.

@ThomasWic I knew he was saying some huge things in this interview. People just don't pay attention.

@ThomasWic I guess whatever it is its going down soon or he wouldn't have come out and publicly said it has to be done before 2022 TRUST THE TRUMP

Nothing is impossible.
Being able to think of positive possibilities instead of all the negativity gets me through many days. Thank you for this thread.❤️

@leslied_g @ThomasWic

Me too! I am not comparing Trump to Jesus, but I do compare the way that Trump always surprises me by coming up with solutions that are far greater than I could have conceived or hoped for.

I have learned with Jesus to pray for my wishes/hopes and then to TRUST that he will fulfil them though his will in ways that leave me speechless with wonder.

It is the same way I felt when the election was called for Trump in 2016! I immediately thanked God for his generosity!

@ThomasWic - One of the things that bugs me about the 35 Republicans who supported the 1/6 Commission is that many of them were backers of Trump.

Yet for some reason, everyone got incredibly mad about it, when I seem to see it as some sort of a trap as well. I would be thinking that there's enough Reps who've had backchannels with Trump to know how to play the game.

I just can't get on board with the immediate condemnation right after a vote.

@MusicAndFiction @ThomasWic

I've thought about this possibility too. Remember during the impeachment and they wanted to ask Pelosi to disclose how she handled security? I wonder if this will be a door to get answers to those questions. Probably the 35 still would be unelectable?


The January 6th commission does not have enough votes in the Senate as of yet for passage.

They need 60. The Dems and the leftist media were looking to the Impeachment 7 and hoping for three more.

However Burr unexpectedly said No.

Collins said No unless it is overhauled.

Romney and Cassidy seem like potential Yes votes.

No word that I know of from Murkowski, Sasse or Casey.

The Dems have 52-55 Yes votes at best. A steep uphill climb to get to 60.



CNN has admitted today that the commission will very likely die in the Senate, along with the other DOA bills passed by the House:

"There is little chance 10 GOP senators will join their Democratic colleagues to reach the 60 votes needed to clear the filibuster ..Many GOP senators made clear ..that they will even vote to prevent debate on the bill from beginning, effectively ensuring its downfall."

CNN is in a panic and furious. This is reported elsewhere too


@timr - That's one of the reasons I'm not jumping on board the "Crucify the 35" bandwagon. I have a feeling that the supposed commission would expose things that Pelosi and others wouldn't like.



Thank you. I just had a long phone conversation with my son who is so disheartened by all he hears/sees regarding our government. I'll send him your wise toot and hope it brings him some new perspective.

Thomas, do you think our allies ( Israel and Saudi Arabia) know that Biden is fraudulently in office. That Trump may have told them ahead of time they would steal it, and said to carry on with the Abraham accord now that they don’t need the US? Are the connections Trump made with Mexico and N Korea mean they are also “ circling the airport”? I’m feeling the mother of all celebrations in the making when he returns.


I think it's very likely.

The North Koreans obviously know, since they formally announced that they're ignoring Biden.

But they didn't go nuts.

I have a very strong suspicion that Trump brought Kim here for a visit.

If--and that's a BIG if--we're in a state of "devolution," Trump and Pence have been integrated into the chain of command somehow in order to not break any laws.

North Korea is a national-security issue, not a foreign-policy issue.

That's part of how it was all legal.

@ThomasWic You give me hope, ThomasWic, and that is a precious commodity.

The hope you offer is predicated on logic and your study of Trump, which gives it a flavor unfound in the clammoring of fools!

Are you right? Who knows. Time will tell us, one way or the other. But in the meantime, there are your threads here to offer some respite from the Doom'n'Gloom crowd. I thank you.

Seems like the events are picking up and building up to a Big Bang! The 2nd coming of Trump!
Not sure how yet it is going to happen, probably the audits and decertification - Constitution is vague in this area, but then again, who imaged this kind of fraud

@ThomasWic Maybe dumb question, but does this mean Trump may come back before 2022 or wait til 2024?


Before the 2022 ELECTIONS, not necessarily before 2021 ends.

But maybe before 2021 ends.

I never try to predict Trump.

@ThomasWic @NolaJodie

I don't think that he will come back one minute before he would lose an entire year of being president.

I believe that as long as he doesn't serve more than two years, it doesn't count against him as a second term.

Or at least that is how I read it.

Here is a link. Does anyone else read this differently?

👇 👇 👇!/a

@ilumanous This still leaves the question of how can Trump legally be re-instated (or Biden legally removed)?


If it can be proven without a doubt that the election was attained by illegal methods, how could Biden legally stay in the White House?

I am not saying it is for sure going to happen, is just a proposition before things have been proved or disproved.

My point is... Trump isn't stupid enough to trade a whole year for a half of a year, when he could actually end up with a year and a half.

@ilumanous @DevBurke This fractions-of-a-year stuff doesn't make sense to me. The term limit in the 22nd Amendment is strict -- if you've served more than two years of someone else's term then you only get one full term. So if he wants reelection in 2024 he will have to stay "out of office" until at least noon EST 1/20/2023. (But he does qualify as out of office even if legitimately reelected, since he hasn't been sworn back in by a judge.) (1/2)

@ilumanous @DevBurke But I don't see the Supreme Court cooperating with his return no matter what evidence is set before them, so that leaves what? A military coup? I wish for that but I don't expect it.

In the meantime the corrupt FBI has been rounding up every Trump supporter who was in DC on 1/6 and locking them up without charges (or on flagrantly bogus charges). What can anybody do about that? (2/2)

@RatMan29 Lets say for the sake of discussion we get to the point were fraud is undeniably proven. I think it would fall more to the congress ro remedy the situation moreso than the supreme court.

@RatMan29 Also, if Trump were to be re-installed one would think that the clock would be reset (so to speak) and he would be given a full term.

@RatMan29 @DevBurke

That is why I said one day from two years.

And this is my fairytale, you make your own.


@ilumanous @ThomasWic @NolaJodie
When Trump proves the election was stolen, it means he was lawfully elected to his 2nd term, so he wouldn't be eligible to run again in 2024, regardless of how many yrs he was "out of office" during Biden's illegitimate term. No matter, Trump has seeded the garden richly, shown others how to fight & win. Pence would be stellar, Desantis. And POTUS earns a well-deserved break as he enters his early 80s, cuz he's working his tail off for us; has been since 11/3.

@ilumanous @ThomasWic @NolaJodie
How do you read it? I am zeroed in on no person shall be elected more than 2x. If he proves he won in '20, then he was elected 2x and getting elected again in '24 would = 3rd time. Maybe I'm missing something, but my thinking is the time served in another person's term is moot once he discloses sigint of steal (+ paper audits) that shows he was lawfully elected to a 2nd term. And if we're in devolution, he may still be functioning as POTUS, so no remedy needed.

@Chuck_Semrow @ThomasWic @NolaJodie

As it stands right now, Biden was elected in 2020.

But it states "no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of President more than once. "

That is why I say that he would come back any time after those two years.

@ThomasWic I have tried reasoning with a co-worker about the difference in the mind set of orange jumpsuits vs. unplugging power. As I pick up pieces of this person being unplugged and that person being unplugged it's pretty amazing to watch. The part that is most interesting to me is the separation of involvement. They are actually unplugging themselves. It's a slow controlled grass fire, the farmer starts on one end and by day 3 the task is complete. Fresh ground rich with carbon weed free.

@ThomasWic "Finally, he asked the armed forces to review their plans for "devolution," the state of the country not having a civilian leadership."

It's going to be very interesting to watch how we get from "Oh shit, we've got a fake President", then to "Oh shit, this is unprecedented, what do we do now?", and finally to "Yep, Trump is in office, right where he belongs. Devolution is the system preset to get us through that process without massive unrest.



The armed forces under devolution would be caretakers, not policy makers.

It's supposed to be temporary.

This is why all the Hollywood scenarios are so stupid. Third Worlds have military dictatorships.

In World War I, the army was a de facto dictatorship.

But our armed forces have plans for being caretakers, NOT policy makers.

Nobody on the other side ever expected for Trump to play THAT card.

That's why I think he did.

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