Drove from OKC to Memphis today. An anecdotal observation:

I saw many TRUMP WON signs and stickers, including a large display.

Saw ZERO Biden signs or bumper stickers.

Perhaps more importantly, I saw lots of goods moving, building materials, new cars, etc. “We’re OPEN!” and “We’re Hiring!” ads everywhere.

This time last year, roads were clogged with materials and heavy equipment being moved. This time I’m seeing heavy equipment being used on active job sites and partially finished or finished products being delivered.

This time last year, masking was everywhere. This time, I saw maybe three people wearing a mask.


The truly insane Libtards & spineless, gutless RINOs, in & out of office, thought they could commit a voter fraud coup & the millions of DJT voters & DJT himself would just "suck it up" & say "oh well, we lost?" WTF? Proves what total Marxist insane POS they are. No way in hell is DJT & everyone who voted for him going to suck treason against the USA & DJT up!


I live near Memphis. Everywhere in the area that you go, they are hiring. It's so freeing to no longer have to wear a mask! It's a great state with no state income tax, low cost of living, low property taxes and affordable homes. I love it here.

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