VIDEO: Tourist captures 'ghost sighting' at Gettysburg battlefield, sparks debate

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHP) - A video posted by a tourist that shows what appears to be a ghost sighting at a Gettysburg battle field has launched an online debate.

Ron Ogletree thread:

To finish; the arrogant and especially infantile attitude on the face of Francis was the glee she felt for her scoring a political point rather than the one of truth of which Newt presented.

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Amish Trump Parade (Ohio)

I love this! This is absolutely awesome. Enjoy! Videos at link below.

Amish Trump Parade in Fredericksburg, OH
Holding the line

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I sure hope DJT sees this!! There are LEO flags & Trump flags. Seeing this was heartwarming!!

Beloved Staten Island tavern loses liquor license days after suing over restaurant ban

Something smells rotten on Staten Island — and it’s not the old dump.

Residents believe the stench is coming from Albany.

The borough’s beloved Joyce’s Tavern — which has a heavy FDNY constituency — lost its liquor license following a “surprise, random” visit during a 9/11 fundraiser on Sept. 11 by State Liquor Authority (SLA) inspectors.

This 59-Year-Old Army BCT Grad Is About to Be the New Guy in His Son’s Unit

At 59, Staff Sgt. Monte Gould is the oldest-ever graduate of the Army's current Basic Combat Training Course, finishing Aug. 27 in the top 10% of his class. Now, a decade or two older than retirement age for most career soldiers, he's starting a new journey -- with plans to join his son, Spc. Jarrod Gould, in the 405th Civil Affairs Battalion's Las Vegas detachment.

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Black woman tells it like it is.

There are two type of black folk in this world Black people and N*$$@S

Tennessee Doctors Sentenced in $65 Million TRICARE Fraud

SAN DIEGO – Two doctors, Susan Vergot and Carl Lindblad, were sentenced in federal court today for participating in a health care fraud scheme that bilked TRICARE – the health care program that covers United States service members – out of tens of millions of dollars by prescribing thousands of exorbitantly expensive compounded drugs to patients they never saw or examined.

Jericho Green new video

Kim Klacik and those rotten bit@ on The View. Bidenis Pervertis, you poor old bastard.

Comment below this video:

Roger Wilco Jr
49 minutes ago (edited)
My neighbor put up Trump signs in his yard today.
He's a democrat and a union worker.

Military homecoming that's great!

Mother of Marine flips out when her son taps her on the shoulder | Militarykind

'Over our dead bodies': Liberals threaten to 'burn it all down' if GOP replace Ginsburg before Election Day

Liberals making threats against the American people 24/7.

Report: DOJ Considering Federal Charges of Portland Officials over Riot Mishandling

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is exploring whether federal charges could be imposed on officials in Portland, Oregon, where violent and deadly riots have continued mostly unchecked for more than three months, Fox News reported.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.