Judge Rules All of Illinois Free From Gov. Pritzker’s Unlawful Mandates


The judge ruled that by law Gov. Pritzker’s emergency powers lapsed 30 days after he declared COVID-19 a disaster and that all of his orders after April 8, 2020 that relate to the COVID-19 “disaster” are void ab initio.

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How many small business owners didn't get a loan because of the greed among RAT billionaires?

Nancy Pelosi’s husband among lawmaker-linked PPP loan recipients


A firm partially owned by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was among the lawmaker-linked businesses that got Paycheck Protection Program loans, according to data released Monday.

Why Millions Of Americans Might Be About To Ditch City Living

While we’re starting to see signs of economic revival, some areas are experiencing more of a recovery than others. Millions are rethinking where they live.


NC Dem Takes Millions From Coronavirus Program He Criticized

Cunningham's trash firm took $1 to $2 million from 'unacceptable' Trump program


North Carolina Democratic Senate nominee Cal Cunningham's company collected up to $2 million in taxpayer dollars in coronavirus relief even as the candidate said that the Paycheck Protection Program "harms communities."

Active shooter situation at California Marine Corps base
Military Police responded to shots fired at 6:30 a.m. PT at the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base.


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Well they were allowed to think that it worked last time. Why wouldn't they do it again?

In reality it was either the screeners being dismissed, the city being difficult or low turnout due to prevailing psychological conditions.

I'm sure Parscale and Team Trump learned from the experience.

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FLA testing results include a MASSIVE number of RETESTS. Their own daily reports note this!

Most employers require 2 or more negative tests before they come back to work.

Each positive test is counted as a BRAND NEW CASE. In some areas retests could compound exponentially weekly!


Trump STUNS Liberals, Announces New Monument For Statues They're Trying to Rip Down

President Trump announced a new monument to commemorate the heroes and innovators of American history to fight back against liberals tearing down statues all across the country. WATCH Trump fire back at media with stunning jobs report

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All the Covid-related BS is by design & on purpose like all the treasonous machinations of the enemies within. Money grubbing coupled with self-serving treason is the lifeblood of those working against the American people & the country. Exposure, exposure, & more exposure MUST take place 24/7. We MUST be 10 steps ahead of our enemies at ALL times.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.