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I just stumbled on this video & wanted to share it. For those who have never heard the music of "Two Steps From Hell," that is the music backdrop for this video.

Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage
FDR D-Day Prayer


Looney Tunes time? Watch the fruitcake at the link below. OMG

"The Left is drifting further and further from reality..."


President Trump’s Campaign Merchandise Selling Like Hotcakes!


"...Trump Straws are selling like hotcakes, quickly approaching $1 million in sales ... & MAGA hats have reached a milestone.

Sources with the President's campaign tell TMZ ... sales for the straws -- which come in a 10-pack for $15 and are meant to own the libs -- have surpassed $850,000. We're told they're by far the most popular item right now on Trump's online shop. ..."

The Real Foreign Collusion Occurred Between Pro-Clinton Ukrainians And The DNC


"At a 2017 briefing, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said:

If you’re looking for an example of a campaign coordinating with a foreign country or a foreign source, look no further than the DNC, who actually coordinated opposition research with the Ukrainian Embassy."

@HunDriverWidow @ThomasWic @Lisa22 @Cdubois not only did they not help nor thank, the MSM did not interview Scott nor mention his name and that he was from another state doing this! They just said some volunteers did this and some were from out of state. Disgusting!!!!!!

Michelle Malkin Follows the Money Behind the Push for Open Borders
American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times (published 9/20/2019)

Just who is behind the caravans of illegal immigrants coming to the United States? Michelle Malkin asks the questions and finds the answers.

How much taxpayer money is being funneled into groups that support illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities? .....


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"WATCH: Scott Presler & volunteer crew cleans up L.A. homeless camp."

"I hope I make you proud, mom & dad. In Baltimore, we cleaned up 19 tons of trash. In Los Angeles, we cleaned up 50 tons of trash. "


Wanna bet, Dictator Newsom was nowhere to be found & not one of the CA Assembly RATs volunteered to help. Was Nervous Nanzi, Madd Maxine, Horizontal Harris, ChiFi, Becerra, Swallowswell, any of the RAT CA Elites there?

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Israeli researchers identify biblical kingdom of Edom

The biblical kingdom of Edom has always been a significant puzzle for biblical archeology.


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The Taliban aren't fighting Americans on the ground.

Different troops, different rules of engagement.

Pasquale "Pat" Scopelliti thread


"Let's turn our attention to the legal battle the great @SidneyPowell1 is fighting in her endeavor to have the court dismiss the case. As she consistently tells us, Judge Sullivan was the hero of her book - it is a must read - and is the man who overturned Ted Steven's case. ..."

Thread by Andy Ngo


Breaking: An investigation by the state found that @CiderRiot, the pub popular w/antifa militants, had knowingly allowed its patrons to use ‘illegal weapons’ against people on May Day. Report says the owner & a staff person tried to mislead investigators.

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"paid $1 billion in Social Security benefits to individuals without a SSN"


How much are the RATs refusing to pay for the Border Wall?? Think this would cover it?

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I just recd this from my friend, Bev, founder of The Band of Mothers. Bev has been very active supporting our troops for many yrs.

"Please listen to the very end of this Hannity radio interview below. Listen to what Sgt Miller has to say about his Brother, MSgt John Hatley, now 11 years in Leavenworth for a crime never committed. No bodies, no evidence, nobody missing! "



She Quit Her Job. He Got Night Goggles. They Searched 57 Days for Their Dog.

A couple combed a rural Montana community for their Border collie, Katie.

Sen. Cruz welcomes Prime Minister Modi to Houston

"India is the largest democracy on face of earth and America is proud to be your friend", says Junior US Senator for Texas Senator Ted Cruz at Howdy Modi event."


Video at link above.

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