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I firmly do not believe Trump lost the election.

I appreciate Trump and all his worldly travels. He & Melania always presented themselves as respected representatives of America.

Creepy Joe Biden will hobble in Trump's shadow. He does not have the stamina, power, or respect of the world, nor will he earn it.

All this loser Clown in Chief has is the DNC party & press running cover for him. It's all fake.

Take a good, long, hard look at the joke we are left with.

❤ I miss Trump.

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Q. Is Creepy Joe Biden going to be a successful leader?
A. Absolutely No. He is a masked 😷 mumbler & shuffler in Chief.

Let's take a look at just one aspect of successful Trump leadership - foreign relationships.

Can we see frail Beijing Biden traveling internationally & getting celebrated with parades, rallies, & the RED CARPET treatment?

Again, answer a definite No.

I proudly appreciate what Trump did for this country and the respect he earned and received during his tenure.

A simple example: FBI gets warrant to search for drugs and evidence related to drug dealing (ledger books etc) and finds a gun and books showing illegal gambling, that all comes in even though warrant was for drugs/drug ledger.

My gut though is that the warrant was specifically for the classified info b/c that would be easier to "get" than some bizzaro Jan 6 crime.

Additional comment in screenshot.


And here, this is key, as a matter of law, once they get the items "lawfully" if they find "evidence of another crime" it is admissible. So, FBI could get a warrant for classified info & then "find" (not plant, but find in looking for what they claimed they were) "evidence" of whatever crime they pretend he committed and use that evidence. So, 100% that this was not about the classified EVEN If the warrant was to search for the classified.


if they don't have a copy. I can't imagine it did not say either classified documents or related to election--two totally separate things! BUT, and I haven't made this point yet, they can seize anything that the items could be located in, and those items seized would be identical for both. Boxes, files, etc. (One thing I'd like clarity on is did they take electronics? The classified could be scanned/emailed etc.).


Margot Cleveland:
THREAD: This is spot on by @megynkelly. I haven't dug into why they did the raid, merely noting that it was floated as based on classified documents. A couple thoughts here: The search warrant would state what they were searching for, and Trump's folks saw the warrant

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Billionaires are funding a massive treasure hunt in Greenland as ice vanishes

A band of billionaires, including Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates, among others, is betting that below the surface of the hills and valleys on Greenland's Disko Island and Nuussuaq Peninsula th

The witchhunt continues...

Documents at Mar-a-Lago Marked ‘Classified’ Were Already Declassified, Kash Patel Says

“The White House counsel failed to generate the paperwork to change the classification markings, but that doesn’t mean the information wasn’t declassified,” Patel said. “I was there with President Trump when he said ‘We are declassifying this information.'”

Glenn Youngkin 🇺🇸
A stunning move by the DOJ and FBI.

This same DOJ labeled parents in Loudoun County as terrorists and failed to enforce federal law to protect Justices in their homes. Selective, politically motivated actions have no place in our democracy.

The guardians of science have turned on science itself.

Article to me is just outright scary. A real eye opener 👁

The early morning passing 👎 of Obamacare/ACA, I knew we were screwed when the IRS implements, enforces,and monitors our healthcare.

I posted short excerpt of article in screenshot.

Statements from Victor Davis Hanson tonight:

VDH on Fox just now: Disband the FBI.

More VDH on the FBI: "It's really an existential threat. This is something like the East German cold war. It's an ideological investigative group that is hired out by the left for particular retrieval services, whether it's a diary or a laptop."

Victor Davis Hanson, a voice of calm sanity, just likened the FBI to the Stasi and called for its abolition on Laura Ingraham show.


Oh my, he's prompting the media on how to sing the chorus.

Blockbusters were bad people that went into neighborhoods preying upon people's base fears in order to change blocks over to a new demographic in order to make a lot of money for themselves.

He can't mean that Hillary Clinton should not have run for office.


Our FBI has become a total disgrace, and Merrick Garland is so deeply lacking in judgment that he is unfit to serve as AG. Americans deserve better that this shameful crew.


Harmeet Dhillon:
This FBI:
* Pushed Russia collusion hoax
* Spied on law-abiding Americans
* Lied to FISA court
* Ignored Hillary's server escapades
* Ignored Biden Family criminal activity
* Persecutes journalists at Project Veritas
* Treats J6 trespassers like terrorists
* Goes after PTA moms
* Ignores drug crimes at border
* Allows drug cartels to operate freely in the US
... I could go on.


Here it is folks. Weasel Marc Elias:

The media is missing the really, really big reason why the raid today is a potential blockbuster in American politics.

Yes, I recognize the legal challenge that application of this law to a president would garner (since qualifications are set in Constitution). But the idea that a candidate would have to litigate this is during a campaign is in my view a "blockbuster in American politics."


Truly unbelievable.

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