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I firmly do not believe Trump lost the election.

I appreciate Trump and all his worldly travels. He & Melania always presented themselves as respected representatives of America.

Creepy Joe Biden will hobble in Trump's shadow. He does not have the stamina, power, or respect of the world, nor will he earn it.

All this loser Clown in Chief has is the DNC party & press running cover for him. It's all fake.

Take a good, long, hard look at the joke we are left with.

❤ I miss Trump.

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Q. Is Creepy Joe Biden going to be a successful leader?
A. Absolutely No. He is a masked 😷 mumbler & shuffler in Chief.

Let's take a look at just one aspect of successful Trump leadership - foreign relationships.

Can we see frail Beijing Biden traveling internationally & getting celebrated with parades, rallies, & the RED CARPET treatment?

Again, answer a definite No.

I proudly appreciate what Trump did for this country and the respect he earned and received during his tenure.

Lord Rothschild: why philanthropists are turning away from the arts
He has supported the arts all his life but now fears for the future in the age of Big Tech: ‘We are not like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk’.
Big money is moving to green and social causes, which are seen as more urgent. “Chris Hohn gives away £1 million a day to high social priorities, health and so on,“[David] Sainsbury is not very interested [in the arts] the Wellcome Trust...

Just in... NASA satellite data for May.

May 2023 much cooler than May 1998, despite 66% more industrial era CO2.

Emissions-driven warming is a hoax.

Apparently Larry King, DeNiro, Richard Gere and Billy Joel were all over 70 and had children. King was 65.


Al Pacino age 83 having baby with 29 yr old girlfriend he has been dating for a year.


Your Amazon Prime plan might soon cut your cellphone bill down to around $10 — or even make it free

Amazon could be gearing up to offer "Prime Wireless."

The low-cost cellphone plan could help Amazon boost its Prime subscribers, Bloomberg reports.

Amazon is reportedly talking to T-Mobile, Verizon, and Dish about the idea.

If you live in California, your power bill will soon depend on your income

A new California law is sparking backlash --- with uncertain benefits for clean energy

It is important to note UNC is the first medical school to revoke their DEI framework without legislative interference, because it shows that we convinced key decision makers on the merits of revoking DEI, and showed it’s harmful consequences on employees, student education, and the public," he added, also noting that he will be presenting on the medical school's DEI programs at the UNC Chapel Hill Board of Trustee meeting in July.



We’re proud of UNC’s decision to reject the DEI framework that lowers
quality of doctors & inundates their students w/ ideologies that have nothing to do w/ what is medically necessary. Our next step is to take UNC’s decision to other medical schools in our country to fully rid medicine from DEI’s divisive influence. We'll also continue monitoring UNC’s School of Medicine to ensure that employees are not fed DEI trainings & curricula any longer."



Gobbledygook 101:

"Whether you have one minute, 15 minutes, or several hours, we need your help to achieve equitable climate action for a healthy and resilient Richmond."

If there was Nobel for Bullshit, these retards would have won it.


And this:

Richmond scraps parking space rules in an effort to curb transportation emissions

The new ordinance aims to reinvent paved space in Virginia’s capital city, where an excess of single-use stalls has left many parking lots empty.


Richmond, VA
Forget crime, education, drugs & tent cities, but focus on this:


I know Biden regime not happy about that Atlantic article.

Remember all this?

Bidens White House:
Executive Orders on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility



The DEI Industry Needs to Check Its Privilege
The worst of the industry is expensive and runs from useless to counterproductive.

I am not a member so only partial article. This to me is shocking. The jig is up?

Supreme Court sides with cement mixing company over striking workers in latest blow to unions

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson :
Just unbelievable solo opinion.

Said the ‘unusual voting activity’ was driven by bots and an online smear campaign for casting Halle Bailey as Ariel.


Just my thoughts:
Don't make crap productions and you won't get ALL horrid reviews.

Disney should quit remakes and find talent to write new shows. I read they are learning their lesson finally about this and I hope so! They have ruined Star Wars except for Mandolorian which wasn't too bad. I need my stocks to go back up and for them to quit being so political and woke.

Nothing is safe. Show sucks so they have to re-weight voting. It's racist & bots!! Sure 🙄 PSYCHOS.

The Little Mermaid Gets Review-Bombed So Hard That IMDb Changes Rating System. Several review sites have been hit with ‘unusual voting activity’

Small notice at the top of the ratings page reads: “Our rating mechanism has detected unusual voting activity on this title. To preserve reliability of our rating system, an alternate weighting calculation has been applied.


🤎 🐾
Sir Henry tonight on full alert -watching 8 beautiful deer in the field.

He behaved well and listened and stayed when asked once but really wanted to go play with them. He watched them for 20 minutes, full attention! Was hoping for release command. Jumped on one of the trailers for a better angle! Deer finally left.

I'll take as many wins as we can get no matter how small.
Waiting for the SCOTUS rulings coming in June.
Snowflakes are going to be howling off the rails more than normal. I hope the Justices that need it get out of DC qnd go with their family on a long safe vacation after the rulings are announced. The government should provide secret service protections to Justices. Not sure why they do not already.

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