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I firmly do not believe Trump lost the election.

I appreciate Trump and all his worldly travels. He & Melania always presented themselves as respected representatives of America.

Creepy Joe Biden will hobble in Trump's shadow. He does not have the stamina, power, or respect of the world, nor will he earn it.

All this loser Clown in Chief has is the DNC party & press running cover for him. It's all fake.

Take a good, long, hard look at the joke we are left with.

❤ I miss Trump.

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Q. Is Creepy Joe Biden going to be a successful leader?
A. Absolutely No. He is a masked 😷 mumbler & shuffler in Chief.

Let's take a look at just one aspect of successful Trump leadership - foreign relationships.

Can we see frail Beijing Biden traveling internationally & getting celebrated with parades, rallies, & the RED CARPET treatment?

Again, answer a definite No.

I proudly appreciate what Trump did for this country and the respect he earned and received during his tenure.

@SusanInVA I, of course, am not as eloquent, but here is my Scottish Thanksgiving good tidings.

And then we see his weakness at our border, which has turned every state into a border state,” Youngkin said. “The free flow of illegal drugs and crime has really invaded everywhere. We have five Virginians a day on average that died from fentanyl overdoses. And of course, the chaos in our economy is not only hurting Virginians, and Americans, but it projects weakness around the world yet again.”

“And so, I wish he wasn’t our president. We can’t afford to have him be our president again"


While Youngkin acknowledged that Biden is the president, he also had criticisms for the commander in chief.

“In all candor, the chaos that we see around the world and at home is his projected weakness,” Youngkin continued. “International foreign policy has resulted in multiple spots of chaos from Israel to Ukraine to China, is his foreign policy weakness again, has resulted in bad adversaries being funded like Iran.”


I am amazed how much we don't know.
I was glued. The Biden admin is not doing ANYTHING. Just unbelievable.
This is a must watch both parts. She said there is about 1000 of her coworkers being transparent and telling the truth what is going on the govt is covering up. SHOCKING!

Part I Sarah Adam's CIA

Happy Halloween Quod friends from:
Sir Henry
Kitty Sherlock

The map packs as many D voters as possible into three blue districts, while distributing R's across the remaining districts to make sure they remain largely out of reach for D's. The maps were drawn so Republicans would hold a strong majority of the state’s seats even in particularly bad years for the GOP.
The state has been the source of repeated political heartbreak for D's, who have lost close presidential and Senate races there recently. 💔

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