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I firmly do not believe Trump lost the election.

I appreciate Trump and all his worldly travels. He & Melania always presented themselves as respected representatives of America.

Creepy Joe Biden will hobble in Trump's shadow. He does not have the stamina, power, or respect of the world, nor will he earn it.

All this loser Clown in Chief has is the DNC party & press running cover for him. It's all fake.

Take a good, long, hard look at the joke we are left with.

❤ I miss Trump.

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Q. Is Creepy Joe Biden going to be a successful leader?
A. Absolutely No. He is a masked 😷 mumbler & shuffler in Chief.

Let's take a look at just one aspect of successful Trump leadership - foreign relationships.

Can we see frail Beijing Biden traveling internationally & getting celebrated with parades, rallies, & the RED CARPET treatment?

Again, answer a definite No.

I proudly appreciate what Trump did for this country and the respect he earned and received during his tenure.

I've gotten texts today from 2 DIFFERENT numbers re: Herschel Walkers campaign.
I think its good.

I received surveys for midterm and polls but have not received one campaign text during midterms from Herschel or anyone else.

I have blocked all campaign texts after Trump lost maybe that's why I didn't get any for mid terms.

Fine print says that WinRed from GOP sent them and allows you to donate to a group or any one individual directly (and separately)


I am reading all week and hearing Ric Grenell now. He is loyal to Trump and is explaining to Meghan Kelly that Trump is an Oak and picked winners and they will owe the senate to him is masters and laxalt and walker wins. Maybe he will be VP for Trump. He is defending Trump like no one else.

"If you’re trying to make sense of DeSantis vs Trump consider the poss we’re being played & DeSantis’ role is to draw out traitors on the right? As long as his ego stays in check, the plan works. Never assume we know everything. Trump’s job was always to expose the enemy within."

And other Quods who served

Reminder that Trump was not a career politician. He still isn't going to follow any rules. It's just how he is.

Everyone look at this campaign ad DeSantis did. It was one of my favorites. Ron was in a major fight to win close race with "crack head" Gillium.

Trump DID help get him elected and endorsed him strongly.

DeSantis & he will be fine.

"DeSantis reased an ad that indoctrinated his children into Trumpism" is title on YouTube 😂🤣🤣
Also says Trump is everywhere in his speeches, even other word, in his campaign materials , google search results Ron endorsed by Trump LOL 😆

“Gov. Kemp wrote the playbook for how to win big in Georgia, and we are thrilled to partner with his top-notch team to elect Herschel Walker to the Senate,” said Steven Law, the Senate Leadership Fund president. “As we learned in 2020, Republican turnout is essential for victory in a runoff election, and we are leaving no stone unturned – preparing a ground assault to partner with the coming air war.”


“Gov. Kemp was able to build the best ground game operation in the entire country this cycle,” Saparow said in a statement. “Our team is ready to work with SLF and Leader McConnell to make sure Herschel Walker is the next senator from Georgia and Republicans regain the majority in the Senate.”



Under an agreement that was finalized Thursday, Kemp will transfer his door-knocking, data analytics, phone-banking and micro-targeting program to the Senate Leadership Fund, the McConnell-aligned super PAC that is bolstering Walker. The super PAC will provide the funding for the $2 million-plus effort, which will be run by Kemp’s senior advisers and staffed by more than 100 field workers.


More in article:

* Threatening new investments in diesel

We need energy freedom.

~ Alex Epstein 🐦

Link to much longer thread and detail 👀


To address the diesel shortage short-term and long-term our govt needs to:
1. Publicly end its "whole of government" attack on oil production, refining, and transport
2. Stop threatening refining profits
3. Stop mandating biofuels
4. Scrap the Jones Act

Summary: Anti-fossil-fuel US politicians have caused diesel shortages by:

* Preventing us from importing Canadian oil well-suited to our refineries
* Preventing or shutting down diesel-producing capacity in the US


This is very good.
Cruz is campaigning with Herschel already!

McCarthy on Fox on call with Biden: It was short. He just wanted to call me, about where we can work together..I will work with anybody that wants to put America first and move us in the right direction. We've got an economy that's failing.

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