@Dodgerprincess @watch4thedrop @Zemeliko @Debradelai @ThomasWic @timr My sister received J&J 2nd dose and within a week was in hospital w/ organs failing. She’s now on dialysis. I’ve no prob w/ anyone getting a vac, it’s USA, your choice. Just like it’s my choice to choose not to get it. It doesn’t make us any less a Trump supporter, so I’ll continue to fly my Trump flag, wear my Trump apparel, make my multiple monthly donations and know he IS the best damn President the world has ever seen.🙌🏻🇺🇸

This letter appears to support left wing pundits rather than a genuine questions of law.... We are not amused... Well done reply!



@Dodgerprincess —It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

The paragraph in which the AZ Attorney General talks about the states forming the Federal government is priceless.😁

This was a dear friend of ours..and I am in shock. Sydney’s mother suffered from bi-polar disorder and committed suicide in 2018... please donate if you are able.

@OneRandomGuy @Zentrification

This potential scenario does not address any of the court challenges that would be the inevitable result, or any of the complications that would drag on and dominate the news through next year.

Attempting to decertify a Senate seat is an enormous undertaking and could be stopped in the Senate anyway by the Dems



_Have_ been lost. 😡

@SenRonJohnson: "It is outrageous that @Twitter has suspended the account of Dr. Zelenko @zev_dr , a man who has devoted his life to saving other people’s lives.

How many patients has “Dr.” Dorsey @Jack treated?

How many lives will be lost because of his censorship?"


(H/T @BrianTh37895972 RT )

4) Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona

5) Maggie Hassan, New Hampshire

6) Chris Coons, Delaware

7) Tom Carper, Delaware

8) Sen. Angus King, Maine, Independent who caucuses with the Senate Democrats



@Dodgerprincess That's sad and can somebody explain how we seem to have a shortage of meat processing plants? Because there is no shortage of meat eaters for God sakes.

Interesting historical tidbit of the day, Mary Custis Lee, the daughter of Robert E. Lee refused to take a seat in the "Whites only" section of a street car.


@IrredeemableOne She obviously thinks her legs are her best body part and wants to show them off, since she's on the world stage. Poor woman needs to get laid. @SwampWitch

Chills- I get chills so strongly looking at this pic- it is the start of something powerful- we must teach our kids to stand up for healthy and sovereignty and bodily autonomy!

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