This was quite unprofessional and extremely insulting to the American people.

Me thinking out loud:

Pelosi realized Trump's speech was a masterpiece and sought a method to completely distract attention away from the content by launching a media stunt.

@HeshmatAlavi Terribly unprofessional and a physical manifestation of their temper tantrum.

I can't see how any sane American can view this and go, "You know what, The Democrats were great tonight."


You are so right. She couldn’t stand not being the center of attention.

Everything in Pelosi’s life revolves around herself.

It must have killed her to be in a room filled with thunderous applause, and none of it was for her. She had to do something to draw the worlds attention and everyone had their eyes on her when she showed her red, bulbous, baboon butt.

So nasty.

>> My guess is that Pelosi is so consumed by hatred & anger that she no longer can lead or think straight.

Not only is she destroying herself, she is destroying the Dem Party & guaranteeing that Trump will carry even more states in Nov, maybe all 50.

I've known people consumed by hate & anger and they are caustic to themselves & all around them. It is next to impossible for them to change.

I think that was Pelosi's rage that kicked in at the end, not a media stunt.


Hello Heshmat: thank you for posting this on twitter also. It means more coming from you. I retweeted.

@HeshmatAlavi yes it was .. it is literally mind blowing to me and we actually have people who applaud these sick antics .

@HeshmatAlavi It sure was. I couldn't believe it. One mean, spiteful harridan.

@HeshmatAlavi - indeed it was. every American who voted for him was insulted.

and she disrespected the OFFICE of the American Presidency, thereby insulting ALL Americans in the process...

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