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I must be that old too. When we were stationed in Japan, my father bought my mother a turntable. And we used to listen to Sinatra, Bobby Vinton, Jim Nabors and the likes. We were at Fort Bragg North Carolina housing, while my dad flew missions out of Pope in 65. I was a young lad, but I remember well.
Great music never goes away.
Some things are timeless. Good thing too.

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Abdullah Orakzai, also known as Aslam Farooqi, was captured by operators from Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security. a rough equivalent of the CIA but with greater emphasis on domestic duties. The NDS didn’t say when the operation took place, only that it was in Kandahar Province; Farooqi was captured alongside several other terrorists.
Kandahar is a Taliban stronghold.

Donald Trump's putting a hold on money to The WHO.

" When they call every shot wrong, that's not good. We're going to look closely into it."


A natural sentiment, and one that I held in the opening scene of this saga.

A couple things have made me come to agree with The President's "War Time" approach:

1) This is a NEW virus with extra-ordinary infectivity. Good to watch it carefully

2) This NEW virus occurred while a very BAD influenza season is STILL ONGOING -- up to 60,000 U.S. deaths so far


🔬 🔬

Wuhan virus is now solved.

1 ) Folks, you know me, I've been here on QV since the beginning. I'm about to drop some really, really good news on you, even if it's premature.

If I'm wrong, please don't dump on me. I have no reason to believe the source, I just now stumbled across it. But it makes so, so much sense. Gotta share.

Union Jack parachute sequence from the 1977 Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me".

Terrific opening scene.

Do you realize that we all are:
• imprisoned
• impoverished
• going berserk
because a gang of inept, corrupt, socialist politicians from China, Northern Italy, Madrid, Barcelona and New York could not handle a flu epidemic?

The first image of Lebanese Hezbollah senior commander Ali Mohammad Younis killed by Israel

Jan Jekielek

If you haven't see Claws of the Red Dragon, this is a MUST WATCH film.

I've been hearing that the might be offering safety equipment with strings attached—ie. adopting Huawei.

This 1h drama (make popcorn!) is a TOP way to understand why this is a terrible idea.

Full movie: ‘Claws of the Red Dragon’ exposes connection between Huawei and CCP | China in Focus

Watch "[CCP Virus] Gordon Chang: Did China’s Regime Downplay Covid 19 to Allow For Its Global Spread?" on YouTube

"Judge Jeanine: America is at war and Trump is the leader we need"
Her opening statements.

2. Reddit or the chans.

I have no intention of closing.

There are many thousands of people who use this platform in good faith, abide by it rules and offer thousands of points of view in all matters.

That will be defended at all costs.

We have no sacred cows and no privileged classes.

We are not for sale or rent.

Our principles are not negotiable.


I will suspend the custom of warning to reduce the drama. But am ready to answer any question.

Time to move on.


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1. About to abate.

Sometimes, attacks come from the outside. Sometimes from the inside.

I have no sense of drama.

Our rules are clear, nobody can claim to be surprised, especially not those who NEVER shared our beliefs like that POS Sgt Friday.

Tomorrow we are back to normal.

Many months ago I stated that I will close this place rather than let it become Gab


This reminds me of every church split I've had the unfortunate opportunity to watch.

Everyone talks about LOVE, UNITY and coming together in COMMON FELLOWSHIP, But, no two people believe exactly the same so basic tenants are set for the betterment of the community.

Enter the "Sowers of Discord" with the root of Pride.


The best thing to do is rip the band-aid off quickly and let's get on with defeating the left.

This crap brings them so much joy.


“ I put a lot of work in to help get this platform up and running.”

And we put a lot into posting links to your work to get it out. If this is the hill that you have chosen to surrender on, that is up to you. But it is foolish to expect preferential treatment just because you do good research.

The rules were clearly posted and it was posted for good reason. All are expected to prove our work. Many people in the group you are defending post a bunch of crap.

Why encourage that here?

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