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* To all Quod Patriots
Please consider helping Robyn Gritz and her fellow Patriots, as they work persistently to expose the pervasive corruption at the FBI. The agency was weaponized against her, as a thumb held the scales of Justice.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

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@KenLarkin Apparently someone forgot to feed the chipmunks that run the power wheel.

@KenLarkin @DeadManWalking @KodiakIsland @TechnoGeezer

The only time I have issues with Firefox, is after Win10 upgrades. Then Firefox addresses the issues.

Tweet from ABC News:

KEEPING WATCH: A bald eagle carefully guards her two eggs from the winter storm in Washington, D.C., as she waits for them to hatch.

. Our anti-semite, terrorist-loving Representatives' thoughts two weeks
after the Benghazi attacks.


I'm imagining a 5 year old's furious meltdown getting louder when they are ignored by an overindulgent parent who finally realizes they can't continue giving in.
Nightmarish fairy tale seems right.

I think tomorrow would be a good day for William Barr to step it up a notch.

@KenLarkin @ThomasWic @Elaines2cents Yet more indications of what @REX, @DuaneCates, and @drawandstrike have been saying: this is a professionally-run op.
Especially when you realize the enormity of the Clinton crime syndicate.

@JM @ThomasWic @KenLarkin

they aimed the rhetoric at the unstable left who bought it hook, line and sinker ... problem is Trump will not back down and fights back against the insanity... by pointing out more and more insanity...

their playbook was not designed for someone like Trump... they keep failing and failing


Look at that absolutely blank face.

He never thought Trump might be working for Russia.

Nobody sane did.

This was Obama's people panicking because they were sure that Hillary would win.


Disgusting piece of garbage. He's had a lot of time to perfect those lies. It's a danger of allowing these freaks to roam free.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.