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@Debradelai @MEMA

I must be that old too. When we were stationed in Japan, my father bought my mother a turntable. And we used to listen to Sinatra, Bobby Vinton, Jim Nabors and the likes. We were at Fort Bragg North Carolina housing, while my dad flew missions out of Pope in 65. I was a young lad, but I remember well.
Great music never goes away.
Some things are timeless. Good thing too.

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@KenLarkin @bonmarche946

@KenLarkin aww That had to be something to see him walking the others,lol..he sounds like he was Mr Personality PlusThey sure do make us laugh dont they? My doxi Harley couldnt figure out how to bark when I got him,he didnt really bark until he was almost 3 months old.Everytime he tried, he sounded like a Harley bike rofl..hes my little bruizer, so i named him Harley Bear Romeo..Harley for the bike, bear,he kinda resembles one, and Romeo because hes such a sweetie,lol

@KenLarkin @Elaines2cents

Shut off the mullah to anyone doing business with the cartels.

They'll cry uncle in seconds.

Have been seeing toots from many grieving the loss of their dogs. Sending you this note with love. ❤️ It gave me some consolation after I lost my Kansas-girl (border collie).

@Debradelai @KenLarkin

Exactly why it makes no sense to me since Trump has given Mexico more than sufficient 'chances' to clean up their act.

As you say, something more has to be going on. Possibly the want to get the CUSMA agreement put to bed for the good of our US workers?

As much as Obrador claims otherwise, I think he's made a juicy deal with the cartel and Trump has something up his sleeve to deal with it.

@KenLarkin @Elaines2cents

He wants to protect his income and those of Mexican officials from Ciudad Hidalgo to Reynosa.

There is no chance of the US raiding Tamaulipas, but economic sanctions could cripple a lot of AMLO's friends and associates, including himself.

@Elaines2cents @KenLarkin

He's giving that drunken sociotard a short break, but I doubt it has anything to do with him, especially in light of his provocative comments.

There is something more here and it has nothing to do with Mexico.

Ask yourself: Why would Mexicans NOT welcome the US cutting Cartels and their enablers from financial markes and having the US fight the global reach of cartels?

What is Lopez Obrador protecting?

@KenLarkin @Debradelai I agree with you. Very interesting points. I keep thinking in the LeBaron family who has been constantly asking to label these cartels as terrorist groups and they have been insulted here in Mexico for doing so. Also waiting for @Debradelai to weigh in for more detail. Thanks for your response😊

He does nothing with leverage. The man is stratosphere genius, with a heart for our country.

Normally, when politicians are all out of chips AND owe the house, they having nothing to play but time. Trump likely informed him on how best to spend that time before the house shuts the door on him AND his ungovernable county. Trump will get what is best for the US.


Honestly don't understand his decision to do this but as always, I trust Trump.

@Debradelai, any light you can shine on this for me?

@KenLarkin I think P. Trump is giving AMLO an ultimatum... “start fighting the cartels NOW or I will declare them terrorist organizations”. Remember how Trump ended the caravans? Similar recipe. I wouldn’t doubt he is also asking for Ovidio Guzmán extradition to the USA. The catch and release we all watched on TV was scandalous. I’m sure Barr made his points very clear in his visit to Mexico City.

HUGE and a very important development.

It's no coincidence that with the IG Report about to be released, the Senate is targeting Alexandra Chalupa for an 'interview'.

Remember, the Senators already know exactly what this DNC crook was up to in 2016 (and earlier), in Ukraine. Chalupa is now badly exposed - she will now try everything she can to avoid this.

Problem for her? It's already too late.

Trump is giving the Mexican president the benefit of doubt.
Plan B is locked and loaded.

It’s FRIDAY!!!

You know what that means!
🔴 It’s buy General Flynn a beer night!


I'm back, and it will take me a while to catch up with everything! Won't be here long, the "good stuff" is starting to wear off.

Now my good news - Clean bill of health and looking forward to 2020! Doc said no nuttin' (cancer, tumors, etc.) My doctor told me "all is well," BUT that I would be on my own when I turned 90. (then laughed. 😊

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