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@Debradelai @MEMA

I must be that old too. When we were stationed in Japan, my father bought my mother a turntable. And we used to listen to Sinatra, Bobby Vinton, Jim Nabors and the likes. We were at Fort Bragg North Carolina housing, while my dad flew missions out of Pope in 65. I was a young lad, but I remember well.
Great music never goes away.
Some things are timeless. Good thing too.

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This afternoon I was in the reception area of a car dealership in Palm Springs two other customers were discussing the debates and their support for President Trump. I was so happy to see that they were unafraid. MAGA from California

I just saw Sidney on Dobbs, touching on the latest in the case.

It appears Sullivan's taking us for another lap around, and I'm really believing the appellate court is in the tank with Sullivan.😑

Really??? Everyone testify under oath with fear of perjury? That dick head is infuriating.

@SalvajeUnitario @Lonestar

Don't get me wrong, I still welcome his newfound urge to spill the beans.

But this asshat is no victim.

Where's Barry?

Bet you 10-1 he wet his beak in this one.

Could it be that "pops" and "the big guy" are not the same person?

If Hunter had 20 and had to give 50% to Joe...why "hold" another 10 in his name?

That was Zero's share. The Big Man. The Great Kahana, the Godfather.


Apparently, I am now "The Man." My lady bits say otherwise, know, the thing. C'mon man!

Fuckin Twitter... they've taken away my ability to retweet. Those bastards!

Finally got a shot of varmit that has been causing havoc behind the house!

Our own @vabelle2010 and @EliMGold in a recent video from the Gold Institute for International Strategy.

Must see!

My latest OPED:


β€œOur very survival as the nation we were conceived to be β€” a constitutional republic β€” is at stake.β€œ

Exclusive: from General Flynn

"We are a nation founded by leaders who fought tyranny and oppression to ensure that all American citizens be treated fairly and equally across this land."

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