That admiral may as well be a day one recruit insofar as rank is concerned. He’s outranked by the man who commands ALL armed forces of the entire USA. No one in their right military mind would tell THAT man to go fuck himself. Green is doomed if this turns into a challenge to Trump’s Constitutional authority.

New obtained video shows how the high-spirited people of are creatively blocking roads & continuing their protests against the ruling regime.


Trump left out the part where we slaughtered the Taliban leadership until they surrendered.

I approve.

Meantime, Trump keeps getting things done!

We join families of Kevin King & Tim Weeks in celebrating their release from Taliban captivity. Thanks to President Ghani for his courageous support. Let’s hope this leads to more good things on the peace front like a ceasefire that will help end this long war. Proud of my team!'


@Jackie He isn't there. He is not present. That look of early stage dementia, or some other form cognitive decline, is a flicker back and forth between present and not present.

It's possible to see him move back and forth in the middle of a conversation. He is doing that far more often now.

His physical eyes do not reflect his soul. He struggles to pay attention and form thoughts but it works only partially. In repose, he 'leaves'.

His face is blank and he is not paying attention

This needs to be a meme. Joe looks reanimated and Bernie looks crazier than usual. From tonight's debate apparently.

Supposedly centrist, sane Klobuchar is shaking like a steam engine since the debate began.

She informed a radicalized audience that Stephanie Abrams is true governor of Georgia.

None of them - none - are running for the general election.

And then lunatically announce that she financed her senate campaign by money from ex-boyfriends.



Veterans Today is an anti-American propaganda site.

All Russian weapons systems are easily defeated by American technology. The Russians said that the T-90 was impervious to the BGM-71 TOW missile.

Not so much.


Tulsi and Kamala carrying on and trading remarks. It doesn't help either one, but why not? Might as well have some fun while the ship goes down.


In what is being described as an act of defiance and show of contempt, Naval Special Warfare commander Rear Adm. Collin Green — the country’s top Navy SEAL — has convened a tribunal reportedly designed to force the expulsion of Eddie Gallagher, who was demoted earlier this year after being acquitted of killing a Taliban terrorist but convicted of posing with the photo of a dead terrorist’s body.

I don't know how he can nullify a Presidential Pardon.



Green is an Obama guy.

The SEALs have decayed incredibly, which is why Trump used the Delta Force to get Baghdadi.

There was a real danger that Green would blow the mission because he hates Trump.

@macoman4u1 @NevadaJack @ThomasWic

If Trump were to not respond, the door would be wide open to other members of the resistance to cause more Havoc.

I predict he won't let that slide.


Everything that's happening to her is her own fault.

Out of all the people she could support, she chose Nick Fuentes.

And now she's reaping the consequences.

the blood work turns out and if her body is getting ready to shut down, which it does sound like it may be, we will have her put to sleep. So I will go for now and let you know later how things went.

From @SidneyPowell1:

and wanted to open a case against @realDonaldTrump as early as July 2016.
This also tells us there are more relevant text messages that have not been disclosed to the defense.”


⁩ joins federal, state and local partners to announce 30 arrests in coordinated operation targeting child online predators. ⁦"



I am so pleased this effort started by AG Sessions continues to net predators!

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