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How are you doing love, I 🙏🏻 you're ok... absotootly miss reading your toots 😘... sending you a pic of my reindeer as I think about you.. hope you're feeling ok Jaime... I finally spelled your name right, I'm such a dolt sometimes 🙄, but you already knew that 😂 ...take care my friend ❤

My first grandchild. Welcome to the world Jack. We’ve been waiting for you❣️. You are perfect in every way.

Thor says, when he was a boy the other kids would make fun of his name. They would pick on everything ethnic.
Happy Thor's Day, oh wait that is day after tomorrow.

VIP Room 19 September 2023: "Jamie, The Fascist Financier"
Saul Montes-Bradley has a live interaction with channel members.

Today, we start with Jamie Dimon, the professional parasite wanting the US government to fix his piss-poor investment choices.

Tuesday, LIVE
9:30pm Eastern

4/ ribs are marinated with honey and hickory smoked bbq. have a splash of apple beer on it. gives it a great kick

@BurgerMeister @BlkLdyPatriot

Enjoy it, ladies. The best of the best. Poise, harmony, lyrics, music, pitch and a he'll of a whistler, too.

I still listen to him on weekends. It brightens my day.

Indeed!! 👀

People with Neanderthal genes are TWICE as likely to develop a life-threatening form of Covid

Welp....according to this data, it all comes down to Mother Nature weeding out the gene pool of the slack-jawed, sloped-brow, knuckle-draggers..

🐵 🐵 🐵


@Debradelai Thank you--your welcome is truly an honor! I've been listening to Beard Blathers and Yappings for a while--I should have joined much sooner--and have found your insights and wisdom to be inspiring beyond measure.

The Taliban raided the office of a Swiss nonprofit group in Afghanistan and reportedly took into custody an American and 17 others.

The International Assistance Mission confirmed the Taliban’s two separate raids in its office in Ghor, according to the nonprofit’s press release. On the first raid of September 3, the Taliban took three people, and on the second raid on September 13, they took 15 workers.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.