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China’s Biotech Industry Poses Threat to US National Security via @YouTube

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~ and it's The Federalist
by: Willis L. Krumholz

Andrew McCabe Can’t Keep His Story About Rod Rosenstein Straight

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These strategic special forces keep the wolves at bay so that the Syrians themselves can determine their own fate.

This has never been done before. It's a new way to fight wars.

This is the Third Revolution in Military Affairs (3RMA).

There's virtually no video of strategic commandos in action. I've been able to find only glimpses that appeared accidentally.

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So Syria is a new approach. All the combatants who pose a threat to the region have been defeated by men and women fighting in secret.

The Saudis trained over 350,000 strategic special forces from all over the Muslim world.

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He always bugged me, because he doesn't LOOK LIKE a deranged, murderous jihadists.

We captured him, held him for three years, and let him go without explanation.

His background is a total mystery.

I'm positive that he's a Saudi agent.

Me saying this won't endanger him, because he would be protected by Saudi Special Forces.

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The plan is to bring all parties to the negotiation table.

That way the Syrians will decide for themselves what happens.

But instead of us training rebels who then became our deadly enemies, the GCC took over the Islamist rebel groups.

They killed everybody who refused to cooperate.

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GCC strategic commandos did the bulk of the fighting in Syria--on both sides.

But the commandos attached to Islamist rebel groups "hollowed out" these groups and replaced them with commandos and actors.

From mid-2016 on, there's almost no genuine combat footage from Syria.

The Islamists were defeated, Assad was defeated, Russia was defeated, and Iran was defeated.

But clandestinely.

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The GCC went back to World War One and adopted the German approach, in which every soldier is trained to be a special operator.

The Germans called it "shock-troop tactics," but it's identical to modern special operations.

The GCC began the Second Revolution in Military Affairs (2RMA), an interim phase in which strategic commandos were attached to conventional forces.

THAT is what happened in Syria.

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In 2015, I began seeing videos from Syria that showed the most advanced weapons in the world.

This missile has directed blast effect. The explosion is directed straight down.

It's a fuel-air munition.

Both men in the truck survived.

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When the Syrians began protesting in 2011, Assad's forces opened fire on them the first day.

That was the start of the Syrian Civil War.

In 2013, Obama adopted the usual FAILED strategy of the CIA:

Arm and train rebels.

The GCC pretended to go along, but they had their own plan.

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In Algeria, the French took and executed hostages, used punitive bombardment of villages, tortured people to death, carried out mass summary executions, and put a third of the population in concentration camps.

And the French lost.

Over 18,000 French soldiers were killed, and maybe 1 million Algerians.

So the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) took a different approach in Syria.

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After World War II, there were no neighboring countries that sent in terrorists to destabilize Japan and Germany.

In Iraq, we had Syria and Iran working around the clock to defeat us.

It's simply not possible for the US to occupy a Middle Eastern country.

The French learned this in the Algerian War of Independence (1954-1962).

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@Rawls asks how many troops would it take to stabilize Syria.

To answer the question, I have to go back in history.

After World War II, we occupied Germany and Japan.

Our troops are still there.

We occupied Iraq for years, but simply overthrowing Saddam destabilized the country and the region.

No amount of troops could do the job.

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If you go back to the beginning of the Syrian civil war, you find that only ONE Islamist rebel leader is still alive.

Abu Mohammed al-Julani.

He's the head of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), formerly Al-Qaeda in Syria.

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@LoriToney I just saw that. He was on his way to the White House. Can you imagine if the President went over to see him!

I don't know if anyone here follows him. But please join me in praying for Terrence

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