What amazes me about SQV is that there are frequent differences of opinion amongst the membership (some quite significant), and yet there is civility and an unspoken standard of “agree to disagree” when an impasse is encountered. There are exceptions of course, but by and large we don’t tend to throw punches or yield to knee-jerk reactions at first blush.

“Discretion is the better part of valor” — Shakespeare

…and SQV emulates that, IMO.

Good evening, QuodFamily.

Just wanted to offer up a virtual hug to everyone here. 🤗 Whether you realize it or not, your support of this forum and the members here actually matters. I’m only one of many who consider SQV to be a welcome respite from the insanity of other social media sites. This place feels like home, and it’s the first place I go when I fill my coffee cup in the morning, and the last place I check when I clock out at the end of the day.

Y’all are special. Don’t forget that.❤️


Not kidding folks. Georgia was a missed focal point Jan 2021 when we lost 2 important Senate seats via a bunch of complacent pouty conservatives sitting out voting or a bunch of info - we lost the damn Senate ergo.

Now, we have Walker. Again...
Don't care what folks think of Walker, he will vote consistently conservative. And his election will balance power in the Senate Committees.

If anybody does not understand how vital it is to get this 6-year Senate seat from Georgia, gah!

If inclined please, super lift and prayers for Georgia and our nation. All the great prayer warriors, and those who can just take a moment and sync heart with Higher and ask for G*d's will be done. We are in a Senate race run-off for Walker vs. Warnock. Don't care what folks think of Walker, he will vote consistently conservative. And his election will balance power in the Senate Committees.

Am poll judge tonight for EV ballots. Adjudicating on a team spoiled or questionable ballots.

Let's go.

Envy was once considered to be one of the seven deadly sins before it became one of the most admired virtues under its new name, 'social justice'.

Thomas Sowell

Seriously though, I admire and have great respect for Saul, what he does here is nothing short of a representation of the incredible teacher I see him to be and just between us ladies his brain is to die for 😜... he is GOOD people, genuine, outspoken, a goal oriented person. I believe in what he and Thomas have started here, what this country desperately needs at this time, the truth from educators, who care more about this country than the numbers or check marks under their names.

@DeWalt @YoungBlood

When there is a surfeit of skunks, they all smell great to each other.

Is anyone else having problems loading bizpacreview? I can’t open the website on any of my browsers. Page won’t load at all, even the main page when typing in the home URL….

Beard Blather

Saturday, 11:00pm Eastern

"First December Debunk-a-thon!"

Links to follow.

Btw for those who haven’t seen it or you want to watch it again, here is everything I had to do to get my black belt: m.youtube.com/@dawnfair1599/vi

@AjitPai: "Five years ago this week, I said as follows: 'when it comes to an open Internet, Twitter is part of the problem. The company has a viewpoint and uses that viewpoint to discriminate.'

Thanks to @elonmusk and @mtaibbi , we now know: I was absolutely right. t.co/NYGvQojalI [DOCX] [screenshot]"


(H/T @pnjaban RT )

One of the Christmas traditions we started when our first child was born was to get each kid a special ornament for the Christmas tree every year. Hubs and I also got an ornament, so our tree has always been full — even now, with two of our kids now having families of their own and their ornaments now decorating their own Christmas trees. This year it only took me two days to decorate the tree.

<Sigh>. The nostalgia is pure bliss as I hang each one.❤️

I don't remember if I shared this after the trip this past summer, Dad is 93 and was a Navy pilot of Grumman Guardian and S-2or Stoofs.
He has taught me a lot about flying and life.
Spoke tonight and he is 300% better.
Being in a retirement community teaches you that life, unborn, infirmed or aged, is precious.

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