“ … next time you think about using the word "gyatt" or leaning into whatever Gen Alpha is saying now, do yourself a favor and hit Urban Dictionary first. Or better yet, just log offline for the day.“

I’ve got an idea. How about we just stick with the timeless stuff that we ALL know?

Like this:

F**k off, Sebastian.

“ It's okay — no one is going to judge you for being older, whether you're in your twenties or your seventies.”

…Except YOU, Sebastian.

It’s always entertaining to run across an irrelevant opinion article written by a pompous ass who can’t think of anything better to write about.

To wit:


We took Marley to his first local vet visit the other day. Vet put him back on some of the same antidiarrheal meds that the rescue vet had him on (and I’m saying a quiet prayer of thanks. 😉)

Marley’s doing great, with thanks to big brother Nick who is showing him the ropes. His ornery streak is showing and he gallops like a little gazelle across the yard (and the living room). Zoomies are a regular thing at our house again and I’m finding my eyes filling as I watch the dogs play.



Williamsburg was lost in a cesspool of leftism a while ago, but this is a new low even for them.

QuodMeet 03 December 2023

A live interaction with Quods on the matters of the day.

YOU chose what we discuss.

Sunday, LIVE
10:30pm Eastern

Yep, to get in on-camera follow the next toot.


Daughter is a TA for undergrads at a famous (maybe infamous) Midwest State Univ…told me yesterday the Graduate students have all mentioned that several of their undergrad students have told them they are not planning on using their degrees…welfare will give them enough so that is what they are going to do…95% white kids. WTF?

I will say this .... Saúl does pretty good having Odysee meetings with quods 4x a week without flying private jets contaminating the environment. 👍

Latest update
Antonio is doing MUCH better today. That is Kristen’s best BDay present. They are slowly weaning the vent and he is asleep . They are thinking of taking it out on Monday.
My niece wants me to come up tomorrow. I may wait until Antonio is off the vent. I do not do well with images as most of you know.
My Sister was over the top for me.
But in a day or so, I will be there♥️🙏🏻

Okay, y’all. Here comes a rant:


This is the third time lately that I have purchased a “Great Value” grocery item (one that we purchase regularly) that is beyond inedible. Today’s example is their Great Value Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. I just opened a new bottle and topped my salad. I immediately noticed that it was runnier than I expected. When I tasted it, it was like getting a mouthful of vinegar.

Diluting the salad dressing???

From now on, it’s ALDI.

It’s hard for me to choose a favorite Christmas song, but this one is near the top of the list: “Wonderful Counselor” by John Michael Talbot. I recorded it as an instrumental on my Christmas CD “Gloria”, but the lyrics are so moving I made a video with the words so folks can “hear” them.



UPDATE: We are at the tail end of our grandson's (age 2) medical emergency. He is just starting to be able to sit up with help, and has been able to drink without any major difficulties. Today they will try solid food and transfer him to the regular pediatric ward. He is on pace to be released from the hospital early next week.

My sincerest thanks to all who have offered prayers and encouragement through this trying time.

Life is precious. Even when the political landscape sucks. 😉

@Debradelai it was a good yapping. Probably made me angrier than most The arrogance and stupidity, & audacity of this administration is mind boggling.
But I’m glad Israel resumed destroying Hamas

“Each child that was taken by Hamas was taken on a motorbike and they took every child, took his leg and put it on the exhaust of that motorbike, so they have a burn so they will be marked if they run, if they escape, so [Hamas] can find them.”

“They were drugged, they were treated so badly, but at least they are with us,” Yaakov added, but did not elaborate on what substance they were given.


I present a suicide prevention class for my organization and I want to use this photo to emphasize why we need to stick around for our future generations. If any QUODVETs are hurting during the holidays, reach out. If you are in crisis, call 988…open to anyone. We owe it to our future generations to stick around as long as we can.

The torch is passed. A good friend of mine took this picture of him and his grandson.

Yapping With Saul: "A Terrorist And A Terrorist Lover Walk Into A Bar."

Saul Montes-Bradley has a live interaction with viewers'

Today we start with Secretary Blinken's Tour of Shame. This perennial architect of failure busied himself legitimazing terrorists, making our allies irate and Iran pleased. Is there no limit to his corruption?

Hamas in trouble? Never fear, Blinken is here!

Thursday, 9:30pm Eastern


It may not seem like much, but it’s pretty good for an autoharpist!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.