He’s been sitting there, staring into the fireplace for the past 20 minutes. I’d love to know what he’s thinking. Then again, he might not be thinking about anything at all.

Good ol’ Nick.❤️

That Body Armor does you no good without a Spine to hold it up.🤬

VIP Room 21 March 23

Saul Montes-Bradley has a live open interaction with Quods.

Today, we start with arrests that do not happen and the persistence of lies years after the initial blurting out. Of nationalities, responsibilities and Salman Pak.

Tuesday, LIVE, 9:30pm Eastern



I said it once and will say it again: SQV is an investment, a great one.

You’ll always get much more than what you give.

Change starts here.

What are you waiting for?

QuodVerum is free to use but, alas, it's not free to run.

Supporting SQV is NOT supporting "Saul" or "Thomas".

It is supporting yourselves by keeping this platform alive.

If you are already contributing, thank you!

If you are not...what the fuck are you waiting for? A cup of coffee per month won't send you to the poor house.

Here. Do your part:



It’s not that bad - while the media highlights the explosive moments here and there & grandstands bad actors, take solace in knowing that for every idiot hater out there, there are at least 100 good parents out there trying to teach right from wrong, manners, and the tools to get ahead w/o screwing over the next guy..

If anything, all it takes is folks like us showing good examples of Americanism to younger watching eyes to make things better for the future.. 👍

It’s a cataclysmic moment when you realize…

…your deeply held beliefs and heartfelt commitment to treat others with acceptance and tolerance (irregardless of THEIR beliefs or values) — is the very thing that is now a death warrant for your own beliefs and everything you hold dear.

My soul is reeling in disbelief at how far we’ve fallen and how fragile “societal mores” really are.

One generation.


Reagan was right.

One of our French Bulldogs (Pete) had to have some teeth removed a couple of months ago, and it appears the missing teeth are making it hard for him to contain his drool. 🤤

We fried up some shrimp tonight and there were puddles of slobber all over the kitchen floor — which I didn’t notice until I nearly bought the farm slipping in one.

<Sigh.> (Grabs mop.)🫧🧽

@Catturd2 on Twitter:

“Is it me, or is Joe Biden starting to look like an embalmed muppet?”


Just finished last night’s ‘Yapping with Saul’ episode. (Couldn’t catch it live because I was en route home.)

Y’all need to watch it!! 👍 👍 👍


I may be a Scot, but so was St. Patrick! 😉

Wishing my Irish brothers and sisters (and everyone!) a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!🍀


@Gmajv @Mnorman

A great time with @EliMGold , @Beaucat , @spinmaven , @Gmajv (and Tim), @DennisCampbel16 (and Zulema), @Viva0809 , @Lifeisgrowth and yours truly.

The quality of our Quods never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you all!

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