The thing to keep in mind about all this is that Trump will use this FBI Raid to his advantage. Have no doubt about that.

The FBI/DOJ has just given Trump a big talking point on a golden platter for his 2024 campaign. We’ll be hearing about this — directly from Trump — for a long time.

@umad80 —Absolutely.

It’s as though Obama, Liz Cheney (who’s desperate to salvage her political career), and the other J6 bunglers ripped off a chapter of a Brad Thor or David Baldacci novel.



It's all about delegitimizing Trump and preventing him from running in '24.


There’s an open source alternative front end for Twitter, called Nitter. Lately I’m using the Nitter instance to read and link to Twitter indirectly.

More here:


Always, always employ the Fudge Rule.

Regardless, it's a sad day for America when an ex-President, who can still run for a second term, is raided.

I've no doubt there will be nothing there and this is just a stunt. The Dems *always* overreach and this will backfire on them.

@Gmajv @CheetahFeet
No one died. No citizens were left behind. No Military equipment left behind. No innocent people held prisoners. Ect. This is bad but not nearly as bad. Imho. All in proper context.

@spinmaven @QuillClemens @hnijohnmiller
Last killer smoke and hitting the bed. Pinky promise 😁

Okay everybody — CALM DOWN.

Yes, Mar-A-Lago was raided. Don’t fall into the hands of the Dems and freak out. Yeah, it was blatantly flagrant. But surprising? NO. In the coming days we’ll know *IF* the DOJ/FBI actually got anything significant. If Trump has learned ANYTHING in the last 6 years, it’s that he’d better expect crap like this and have all his bases covered. I’m betting he was OVERLY prepared for something like this. FUDGE RULE APPLIES.

tough something. glad the demtards weren’t able to gerrymander her district out.

@MayorRudyGiuliani: "This is the same FBI and DOJ who have no interest in Joe Biden and his family getting over $31 million from the Chinese Communists or the 30 years of crimes revealed by the hard drive they covered up for over a year.

FBI and DOJ are now officially the Biden State Police."

@watch4thedrop @YoungBlood @RonOgletree

Wow. Impressive. After waiting 2+ hours to see how the wind was going to blow on this, McCarthy finally speaks. This would have been an awesome statement 2 hours ago!

@YoungBlood thanks for all the hard work and info you bring, just thought I would say it so I didnt forget😊

@LouDobbs: "The FBI and the DOJ have ruthlessly violated the Constitution and law in America. Joe Biden and Merrick Garland are no more than Marxist thugs, not public servants. They're an outrage against decency, judgment, a former President, and the American people.


Not surprised. People act like Trump is such an asshole petulant child, but the truth is, he can put his differences aside for the good of the country which makes him the better person.

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