Great discussion on Beard Blather this evening, Thomas W. And Saul. Great chat with all the patriots as well! Good Times!

The least of their worries is section 230 with what these bigtech firms are doing. They are literally walking into being controlled by the CCP.


@realDonaldTrump was right to do the 60 minutes interview.

He was right to walk about.

And he was right to post his video of it.

@spinmaven @Debradelai

Thank you, thank you. No applause. I'm holding up my end of the bargain! I had to take a break from my responsibility to QV. I was knee-deep in vet payments. Now, I'm solvent again and I KNOW who MY friends are! I KNOW which side of MY bread is buttered. DON'T look a gift horse in the mouth. (Okay...I'll stop 🤣)


Apparently, I am now "The Man." My lady bits say otherwise, know, the thing. C'mon man!

I am so PO’d right now.
KTUL Channel 8 ABC Affiliate in Tulsa (owned by Sinclair) did NOT air the POTUS town hall with Eric Boling. I found it on their website — buried under a clickbait video of a tiny clip from the town hall with the headline “Trump admits systemic racism”. I finally found the full video, which is very very POOR quality. I’m spitting nails right now. 🤬

@wziminer @rarity @Lisa22

Joe Biden and Jews with Trembling Knees

Who remembers when Joe Biden yelled at -- and threatened -- Prime Minister Menachem Begin?

Just heard on the radio that the DOJ plea deal with Purdue Pharma “requires the company to dissolve.” Wow... corporate “death penalty.”

John Hayward on Twitter:
"The latest addition to the lexicon of totalitarianism is "Badfact."

Excellent read.

That was very good. I haven't seen Robyn in an interview since steel truth, quite some time ago. Thanks for posting.

Is there anyone else (besides me) that had never heard of Sinclair broadcasting group until today?

Apparently, they own stations all over the country (mostly local network affiliates) and lean conservative. Nothing but nasty stuff to be found on Google if you search. But apparently POTUS is doing a Town Hall with Eric Boling as host on Wednesday (day before debate) on ALL Sinclair-owned stations. Find the one in your area and WATCH.

Minneapolis residents are suing the city of Minneapolis, saying the police are so under-staffed right now that the residents of the city are being endangered by rising violent crime.

Must watch:

G2 - Podcast - Guest Robyn Gritz, FBI S.A. Ret. Discusses Hunter Biden Laptops & Human Trafficking

James O’Keefe on Twitter:

UPDATE: 700,000+ views in less than 3 hours

Keep tweeting, keep sharing, keep embedding this video.

They can stop one man, but they can't stop an Army.


You will have plenty of company here with your neighbors to the north. I anticipate a celebration that lasts at least until Inauguration Day in January.

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