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Bill Pulte


Insurance pays for Baby’s $2M Treatment, after Millionaire and Others Help | Fox Business


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In SW FL I'm used to seeing the Pulte name on brand new construction at 500k or more. This is a cool story. I didn't realize Bill Pulte was only 25! Now I see why Trump keeps high giving him on Twitter. Bet this could work in Baltimore. forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2

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@oystergirl @Barb @Debradelai @REX

I had 143,000 followers on Twitter.

Imagine if they all had the brains to come here.

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The root of Fat Jerry's obsession with getting Trump.


How Trump’s Television City started a decades-long feud between Trump and Nadler

"Trump, then 38, was determined to build 7,600 high-rise apartments, the largest shopping mall on the east coast, and sprawling television studios for NBC...but...he faced rabid opposition from community groups led by an earnest, bespectacled 37-year-old lawmaker."

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@Debradelai @drawandstrike I am finally in the position to be able to subscribe. Sold my precious 1948 Panhead, after owning it for almost 30 years. Comes a time a guy just has to accept he is too friggin old, and the roads are filled with texting tweeting morons. I am on here daily, and felt guilty I only donated the one time when you guys started. Plus it is an awesome place with awesome people. Thank you Saul, and all who assist you in keeping this place ALIVE!

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US/Israeli Arrow 3 missile system passed it's exo-atmospheric test with flying colors and bullseyes.

Bad news for the mullahs in Iran.


It’s all Coming apart. @Debradelai called it from day 1 in 2017, that 10K that “Papa” was given to in Greece is just the “First layering” of much more that will be Exposed. It’s a Scary Thought that Certain plp almost got away with a “Coup”. I DONT know what else to call it. As I said many times my life is on the “Down Slope” I Served my country and wld do it all over Again, But I am so WORRIED about my Children & Grandchildren’s Future. just want my Grandchildren to have every opportunity I had

I have NEVER seen such a “Debacle” as Yesterday Hearing. It does make you stop & Think was Mueller just a Name on the Investigation while “Other” people actually did the Investigation. I hope AG Barr will get to the Bottom of it. Also I might catch some heat for saying this But I actually felt Sorry for Mueller. Say what you want but as veteran I Respected his service in the Military. The Bottom line is it SHOWED what the Dems will do to bring down the POTUS. It’s OVER “GAME-SET-MATH” POTUS wins

Just a Fantastic Book, And everything that @Debradelai does is “GOLD”. Thank you sir for another GREAT Book.

They not after Epstein as much as the Other Big “Fish’s” somehow The POTUS will be “Dragged” into this And now this is the “Story” that takes over for the “Nothing to see here” Mueller Investigation.

I already bought my copy, Anything written by this Man is Pure Gold. So SAD to read that and as a Catholic myself the more I find about the “things” done, The more I start to question, The More I start to “Hurt” Inside. Thank you Mr Bradley. It’s always a honor to Read something that has came from you.

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(9) Of all offenses I find most obnoxious that of messing with the remains of loved ones.

It's not only the pain or inconvenience caused to the survivors: It's the erasing of their memory.

It amounts to a form of murder: A second death.

So yes, I utterly despise the bigots of all kinds in all places who make this possible.

When their own time comes, it is my fervent desire that their unburied cadavers rot in an open field, that stray dogs may feast on them.

Sic semper zelatores


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(8) Everytime someone digs, they find bones and the newspapers "discover" the old burial ground, only to forget again.

My grandpa and his mother helped remove the headstones, and a friend of his, who went on to becme Administrator of the 3rd Cemetery, helped me rebuild the records. I still have to publish 1853 to 1921. One day I'll get the funds..

My family's gravestones are now on the walls of the British cemetery of Buenos Aires, as memorials.

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(7) In 1921, after years of pressure on the community to vacate, and given that they had no permits to expand, after piling the graves six deep, the 2nd cemetery was closed.

We were not allowed to remove the corpses, and only permitted to remove the gravestones..

My family is still buried here, at a square I used to play on when I was 7-10 years old.

We all KNEW where our ancestors where, and people would on occasion live a flower where they ancestors laid buried.

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(6) The second lasted a few more years.

My g-grandparents Thomas Osgood Bradley and Lucy Ann Sutton were buried there.

Tom Osgood's father was a minuteman in Lexington & Concord with Lucy's grandpa, Richard Sutton, who went on to cross Washington across the Delaware as a Lieutenant under John Glover.

Lucy was a cousin of Nathaniel Hawthorn's and grew up with him on Herbert Street, in Salem, and Tom was also one of the first officers of the Portland Mechanic Blues, but that is another story.

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(5) As most of its former "residents" were tenderly removed and laid to rest at the farm that became the 2nd Cemetery of Dissidents, the place was abandoned until the city caught up with it.

This is what the 1st Cemetery of Dissidents of Buenos Aires looks like today. A hotel:

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(4) In 1831, the priest managed to get the government to close the cemetery of dissidents.

The community was given three months to remove the graves to a farm one of our members had donated for the purpose outside of town.

How does one know who was buried there?

I spent 15 years researching every single burial and every document on the later removals until I accounted for each and every one.

And publish their names and as many micro-biographies as I could write.


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(3) Many in my family were laid to rest in that first one, together with all Americans, Brits and Germans and the occasional Jew.

It was next to the Church of "Socorro" in what is now downtown Buenos Aires.

The priest there was not amused with the corpses of so many devilish heretics rotting nearby.

Those heretics included soldiers in the American Revolution, a son of a Signer of the Declaration of Independece and the founder of the Argentine Navy.

But the priest at Socorro could not abide.

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(2) These bastards had no rights. They could not inherit nor lay claim to their parents' property.

As i've already told you, Catholics also had a monopoly on cemeteries. Heretics could not be buried in them.

Protestants and Jews were "planted" alongside roads, out in the fields or by Buenos Aires' riverside in unmarked graves, to be forgotten. But we didn't.

In 1821, the Brits pressured the Argies to allow a small cemetery outside of town.

It was called "Cemetery of Dissidents."

Even today.

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