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Take a look at the underlying investigation.

No "criminal" charges in relation to what?

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For all those hand wringing morons today falsely stating that McCabe was "exonerated" of anything...

THIS is the real news today:

"Attorney General William P. Barr has assigned an outside prosecutor to scrutinize the criminal case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn..."

Some idiots will never learn.

Fox News is Reporting that NO Charges will be filed Against Andrew McCabe. Nothing to see “Move on” & I said before they will ALL get a way with it.

Happy for General Flynn 2Day But I just Truly Believe that all charges should be dropped and reimbursed for all Lawyers cost to him. From Day 1 I always STOOD with General Flynn and will CONTINUE to. I am not a legal person so I do not know if the “Delay of Sentencing” and a new Date for it has not been Scheduled for it is a Good thing or a Bad thing but the Man does not DESERVE ANYTHING “ Putting a shadow” on this PATRIOTS Life.

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Actually, she's Trump's best ally.

She just gave the GOP the mother of all political ads.

The Democrats are finished.

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--Can it, Nanzy.

--Oh, yeah, see what I do with your speezzzz, orange man!

Democrats are mentally retarded four year olds.

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Trump has turned tonight into a low key Trump rally. Forcing the Dems to scowl at everything good and great.


And tomorrow he is acquitted.

Pelosi and her clown party look so totally defeated.

3. And what is also Mind Boggling is that just because a “Party” has the majority it can “Ignore the will the will of the majority of the people while they are in the Minority. Stop & Think about that, The Minority has more POWER then the Majority.

2. As Michael Corleone said when the “Pope was Poisoned, The Popes Enemy’s are to STRONG to be stop” This a a LOSS anyway you look at it, This will be the New Norm Because when you look at it, The voters of this country are really not that “Relevant” anymore, Everyone who love Trump and I CERTAINLY do, you have to Admit you are a “Little worried” But what scares me more then ANYTHING, this will not be the Last time that Impeachment will be used as a weapon. This is a DISGRACE & a stain on us.

What a DISGRACE this whole “Dog & Pony” Show. There is no doubt that Fox is leaning towards the “Left” Mike Wallace, Martha Maccallum, Juan Williams should be at CNN or MSNBC. I will be the 1st to say, I am DEFINITELY NOT the smartest Person here in our Group But it doesn’t Take a 🚀 Mechanic to Figure this all out, Now of all a sudden the GAO says the POTUS broke the law. REALLY Thanks For that GAO, Also I lost any trust in Roberts when he voted to say Obama care was not a Tax.

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@DennisCampbel16 @CBus660R @REX @HeshmatAlavi

More than a bomb, it could be anti-aircraft fire.

Iran rush to judgement is itself subject.

This happened hours,after the missile attack.

It is plausible that a trigger happy goat humper thought it was incoming.

It's a stretch (it's not easy to mistake a departing 737 with an incoming missile) but given the general incompetence of these retards it's not impossible.

Still, keep your mind open.

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Listening to Greg Gutfield on The Five is making me begin to believe he is following some of our experts here on Quodverum. I am patiently awaiting when these two worlds collide and credit is given where credit is due. @ThomasWic @Debradelai @REX @drawandstrike @DuaneCates @shem_infinite and I suspect he loves salty language so he’s definitely reading @hnijohnmiller

I Think if there are American Casualties There is no doubt The POTUS will Counter strike. “Say Hello to My Little Friends.”

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It’s cold and dreary today so it was a good day to make a pot of chili and bake bread.

As a Veteran I am so PROUD of Our POTUS. “Promises Made Promises Kept” Just ask Iran.

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How were we going to get our troops out of Iraq?

THIS way, the Iraqis vote to expel us, thus saving face and eliminating the danger of Iraq being seen as an American lackey.

If the Iraqis do this, it means that Iranian control over Iraq was first neutralized.

What happened to the Iranian armored vehicles that entered Iraq to quash the protests?

The protests continue.

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As we digest the news from Iraq this week under a barrage of inanities from the peddlers of failure, know this:

The game has changed in ways most people do not yet comprehend.

Iran's impunity to carry out terrorist attacks around the world is at an end: Their economy is destroyed, their influence waning and now their leadership is in the crosshairs.

As they grow increasingly paranoid in their newfound insecurity, they will turn on each other. Viciously.

They're the real Walking Dead.


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