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Good call, JimFord.

If we don’t show civility and class, no one will.
You definitely can’t count on it from our Domestic Enemies.

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When I hear the harpies howling, I know Trump and Company did the right thing!

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Hello everyone & I hope this Msg finds everyone well. I was not a Fan of Rep Cummings but some the “SICKENING” comments abt his Death are just Horrible. When so called republicans say things abt the man and Celebrate his death to me you are in the category as the left. Again most Republicans didn’t agree with his tactics & includes me but the man is gone now & Let him R.I.P. let Family & close friends morn. Let’s not come down to there “Level” and say Nasty & Vile things abt him.

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@ThomasWic @DuaneCates @masterblaster @Lonestar @NevadaJack

Shot Down Over Enemy Territory | Memoirs Of WWII #17

WW2 Bomber Navigator Richard Kinder flew several missions in a B-17 Flying Fortress, was shot down over Germany, captured, & made a prisoner of war - all while wondering if the woman he loved was still waiting for him to come home. ..."


Bomber Shot Full of Holes Over Japan | Memoirs Of WWII #11


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Tammy Bruce Tweeted

BREAKING: Hillary finally concedes the 2016 election.


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These power shutdowns were supposed to only occur in high heat and extreme winds.

My forecast is 71 degrees with winds at 15 mph. I call bullshit.

The minute your electric goes off ... here's what you do

Gov Newsom:
Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

Send emails through his public page:

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Another week, another round of bullshit.

WB is dying down, it's back to climate muh.


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As Huber has disclosed, the powers to be aren't leaving this to underlings to investigate 😉

Undercover Huber

We now have confirmation that AG Barr & US Attorney Durham are talking to foreign countries about their roles in the origins of the 2016 Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax:


That explains the panic about impeachment: Barr/Durham are over the target 🎯

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@JimFord Many on this site are "citizen journalists" and don't even know it! 😘

This makes me SICK to my Stomach. I DONT want anyone to feel sorry for me but with my cancer, and the stroke I had last year and a slew of other problems I have to wait for the VA for weeks to get my meds. But I guess it is what it is. This just “Infuriates” me to NO End.

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@Kathleen @JM @stephanieanne

The Friendship Day Air Show at Yokota was a huge event every year. I typically worked in the carnival area doing one thing or another. My favorite was always the dunking booth. Those Japanese guys had arms! I rarely stayed dry the entire time in the booth 😂 Good times.


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Gov't response to Flynn filing yesterday ... refusal to produce additional documents.

@Debradelai I've not yet read through the entire doc.


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