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To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.
-George McDonald

FYI, Google owns, which has been driving rival search engine DuckDuckGo up the wall for over six years.
Jul 21, 2018

"The area from the ice chart for 23rd Aug 2019 is 267,991 sq km. This is 38,344 sq km above the 1981-2010 average. "

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Neither. It was parked for maintenance, avionics stripped off.

There were several on the 36th St side of the airport.

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That picture reminded me of a story my late husband loved to tell about having dinner at a favorite place in Saigon during the Vietnam War. Rich said they generally ordered the same dish & it "never" tasted the same. He added that the reason could have been because they went there to drink & then eat. After a few drinks who knows what it tasted like for sure. One day, one of the guys came down with monkey worms. Oops!

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Tail survived being flipped! They were great aircraft, I hate to see them wrecked, but I guess they all go that route. Some a little faster than others.

@EngOnDemand we don't we just need to own more to make up the difference is all.

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Yes, they were. Strictly cargo.

This is what was left of the one in MIA after they flipped it back.

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It was an Argie airline, was it not?
Why I remember them was I was in South America with a 707 and we went technical in Brazil. Our MCC were trying to see if they had a part we could borrow. They ended up sending it with another airline. Good times!

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I would not call it a fleet, they had two with the TAR livery and another with the AER.
I was their General Manager, NA, brought in in 87 to clean up the Azerbaijan mess. Left in 89 to start my own.

Yes, they were carrying weapons.

Nobody but the Russians know how they were actually broughtthe down. It appears the pilot cut a corner they should not have cut.

While I was GM we got them Nacelles from BA. When I left, they didn't pay. Hence the plane stayed in MIA.

4/4 I am eternally thankful to my Daddy, and our distant cousin that took us in and immediately bundled us to bed with no conversation needed. I was exhausted from the drive, and Grandma was just exhausted from worry about the home. When we returned 2 days later, we found that the huge phenomenal tree in her yard had been uprooted, lifted, and slammed horizontal against the house. It for decades looked like below. Concrete block house withstood it all.

Aware is one lesson.


Amen, Ken.

I watched a movie this evening: "A Rumor of Angels."
Really very good. Touching.
Mattie (Vanessa Redgrave), one of the main characters, says at one point,
"Everyone will be stripped down to their souls before all this is done."
The profound nature of that statement made me cry like a baby. Not from sadness.
From the hugeness of the truth of it.

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A couple of bees napping in a flower.
The bees sleep 5 - 6 hours in 24 hours period and many bees hold each other's legs as they sleep. Some native bees sleep in the flowers.

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