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Question for everyone:

Who's your favorite email provider?

I've happily been using several really cool email names, from one of the original ISP's for 27 yrs. So crap. They are now so much into data storage & cloud & such, are closing down email servers. I gotta start over.

Who you like?

Wonderful thread by @SLAG earlier today, talking with @REX

@Karen99 you were asking about sharing with friends? Just text them this link:

Why a Totalitarian takeover of America is Impossible

If anyone missed it, here it is again.

Looks like Paypal is going woke, in a big way. Damn.

I'm no fan of giving credit card data every time I buy something. Really like having data once with, say, Paypal & using them when shopping elsewhere.

Any ideas on who to switch to?

(I'm an old dog, hate learning new tricks)

What FUN this next few weeks will be.

Timely meme I just saw from chasing AZ links on

Among other things, they've documented 74,243 ballots received, that they never mailed out. Gee, what a surprise.

πŸ”¬ πŸ”¬
Audits, audits

What I find most fascinating are not scenarios of Trump returning to the White House - - although that will undoubtedly dominate all media.

I figure the first domino to fall will be AZ, GA, PA etc giving audit results & declaring person X,Y and Z are no longer House Reps or Senators, but now persons A, B & C.

True, it's technically legal for the House Speaker to refuse to "seat" them when they show up. But they can't continue to allow XYZ to remain. Optics destroy.

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Don't underestimate Trump.

If anyone missed it, here's a link to a great thread from Thomas today. Mostly, I'm tooting this out to help everyone easily grab a link to share with friends. Optimism is a great thing.

If I read my times correctly, OANN is showing the Trump interview in 10 minutes. Repeats all weekend.

@Erin , I agree, he's likely to run in 2024.

if you wanna have some fun over a nice glass of wine, try this one on for size:

A senator or two go into the hospital, retire for health. Some are really old, right? Repub governors send repub to senate. Chuck Clueless is out.

Couple house seats get flipped in arizona, ga, penn, mich. Pelosi out. Trump gets in as House Speaker by, oh, let's say this summer.

Can you imagine how many heart attacks in the media we'd see?

Sorry, should have mentioned: you do NOT have to sign up for Rumble, to watch Soulwar's video. Just like you do NOT have to have an account there, to watch the howto video's I've made & put there.

My howto vid for getting started:

My howto for making more than 4 panels on QV, like for an All Star list:

Again, Duane's new vid:

Oh, and about @DuaneCates fine, fine thread a couple days ago:

If you are on Rumble, check out his new account & subscribe:

Also, Wictor added to that thread with one of his own, emphasizing Trump's imminent return. Link should be good for sharing outside QV.

Soulwar wrote a fine thread Saturday, re: Jack Posobiec suddenly "discovering" what @DuaneCates wrote about a yr ago. Harvard Dr. Lieber getting chinese $$, helping create wuhan virus. Fauci's Gain of Function. Chinese spies arrested.

Dems knowing in advance.

All links good for sharing outside QV:


Duane is now on Rumble. His video covering all this:

Hi @gerrybrabant , you're doing pretty good if you've noticed something @KenLarkin hasn't seen. Between us, we don't miss much.

If you've gone from 4 to 3 columns, get the one you want on the far right, pin it.

Pin: top right icon for show settings, click. Look at bottom left for +Pin, click.

Also, if a common panel like Notifications or Local isn't pinned, its icon will show up above the Toot panel. Pin.

A moment later, the unneeded icon above Toot panel will disappear.

Folks, the vid from Bulldog Durham I just posted: It might easily be a fake. But what makes me smile is, I've not seen anyone push it, promote it, or destroy it's credibility, & it supposedly came out 5 days ago.

If anyone can answer that, it will be QV.

At the very least, it makes me smile.

You are SO gonna love this
πŸ“’ πŸ“’
Special Council John Durham
πŸ“’ πŸ“’

This vid is apparently from 5 days ago, my apologies if it's already made the rounds here & I missed it.

Heads are about to ROLL

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@ThomasWic , thank you for boosting this earlier, or I would have missed it.

Folks, you HAVE to read this thread from Comrade Fudge. It's not just that you'll be holding your sides reading it.

It's the comments.

QV inspires the finest wit, humor & crackups on the web. Hands down.


Just wanted to say


for all the time you're spending, sending greetings to the new guys. Along with most everyone else I'm sure, I also think it's a big deal, to cover the small details, of guaranteeing the 1st few moments on QV aren't anything like Twatter or Gab or Parler.

God Bless you, o Mistress Of The Lemon πŸ‹ πŸ‹ 🀠

@FreedomLover108 & a new user, @Analysis_Paralysis (welcome, btw) were talking about news & such, got me thinking . . . . .

I don't recall anyone recently mentioning news sources. My favorite go-to is

for a summary of what's going on.

As we all know, Drudge has become less than useless.

Where do you go, my friends?

How do I enjoy QV, let me count the ways . . .

βœ… Our inane chitter chatter is more entertaining than gab or parler

βœ… βœ… And our serious commentary? Observations that outshine any cable news "thinker"

Here's proof in case you missed it: 3 recent threads from Thomas & Steven Douglas, regarding what Trump & Pence might be up to. We pray.

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