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13) From this gap, there is rebuilt & new wall going 21 miles west.

Another 21 miles of rebuilt & new wall going east.

But one hell of a gap, right by the 2nd largest city of Mexico.

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3) Opening message FROM CHINA:

Thur May 2nd 3:29am thur morning wash dc (4:29 pm Korea local)

1st missile fired from North Korea east into sea.(not toward Japan) 260 miles

10 minutes later a 2nd missile flew 168 miles, same path.

In map below, 2 dark red lines from west (left) side, & headed straight east across NoKo into water. Not south.

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Quodverum is now a Huge Success
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We are now far past the point where you can read everything coming thru on Home & Local. Or even slightly catch up, if you've been away for 2 days. Sure would be nice if you could easily see all toots from yesterday, or 2 days ago, from your favorite few.

May I kindly suggest . . . an ALL STAR group of your top half dozen, in their own separate panel?

1) Here's how. Only takes a few moments.

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We've started up a group for sharing & talking artwork.
This is for sharing both what you've created, & gems you've found elsewhere.

1) Here's how to find us, follow us, join the group, or just add a separate panel to look it over, while tooting thru your Home & Local.

this is from @chip

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If you are new here & want a walkthru on setup, avatar pictures etc, here's a simple video i made.

Enjoy it here at the QUOD. Welcome 😃 😃 👍

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"Trump didn't want to go to war with Turkey, he knew he could bring Erdogan to heel . . . I've spent a week watching the usual suspects whine because he shuffled our troops out of harm's way so Erdogan could put his hand on the hot stove again"

God Bless you @drawandstrike , you're a pearl of great price.

Got time to read thru more great "takes" on today's news? ✅

Drink in hand, maybe popcorn if needed? ✅

Got flashy trashy 80's Big Hair rockin video to head bang my . . thinning . . hair with? ✅

Thank you Lord, for these moments of Heaven on Earth ✅ ✅ ✅
Bon Jovi 1988 Bad Medicine

I just read what our very own Brian dropped on twitter this morning. Awesome.

Don't miss this

"Now imagine what happens when all the illegals have their welfare cut off"

Latest Thomas thread on Epstein, from Sat nite. If you share this link elsewhere, be sure to brag about QV

Would love to add my two cents on Epstein, but all my brilliant wisdom has already been spelled out by others here, & it's only been an hr or two.

Crap, every one of my genius observations, each in more than 1 toot.

Lord, I sure do love this place.
😄 😄 😂 😂 🤣 🤣

I've been having fun for couple months now, opened up an account on Parler. I keep posting links by Saul, Rex, Thomas & even a couple times when Brian posted long threads here.

Slowly gaining follows, it's been a fun exercise in "outreach". Wonder when they'll ban me.

Anyway, does anyone have that famous photo of Thomas w/ a collander? Can't find it anywhere. Any old photo icons of @REX ?

@ThomasWic , you online tonight?

Would you like a bit of happy news?

@Unseen1_unseen mostly posts on twitter, but he's here also.

Yes, the news is sad right now, & I'm not belittling that. But unseen mentions all the ways we are winning, not losing.

H/T 🎩 to @maat @Tatonka & @umad80 for noticing this.

Try reading from this link, down, without smiling & laughing. Just try.

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“Boneyard beach”, acrylic on canvas. Varnished and delivering to buyer tomorrow.


Sorry about your mom graduating to go see our Lord, bunny. She's in a better place, but you miss her. I understand. Oh, how I understand.

Don't worry about El Paso, or Dayton Ohio. No need to monitor & keep up. Log off, kiss your relatives, count your blessings. We'll do our part & pray. You do your part, & honor your mom. Log off.

And hug the bunnies again. Confusing them more is a good thing.

Bad news folks. There's an active shooter situation in Dayton Ohio right now.

Early reports, which of course can never be trusted, say 10 shot.

Hopefully, at this hr, it's a large gang episode, drive by, & not some nut with lots more ammo on a bridge or something.

From 22 minutes ago . . .

Ok, this is wishful thinking, i admit.

Mueller mighta been accurate, also mighta been faked senility, for effect. For destroying russiagate nonsense.

Anyway, wouldn't it be fun if mueller, all along, has been a head fake? Bad guys think his team of dems matter, while his "ig team" embedded is really hitting deep state, & feeding ig, barr, durham etc. All along. While rod roz refused to give congress anything. "Conflict w/ ongoing investigations" dontcha know.

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I’m willing to bet there are a few gear-heads on this forum that would enjoy a snapshot of a work in progress. Behold, husband’s 1975 Moto Guzzi 850T, formerly a faded two-tone blue. He got the tank and lock boxes back from the body shop yesterday with a beautiful black metal flake finish. Chrome is original, just a lot of elbow grease to shine it up. There’s still more stuff he wants to do it, but it’s fun watching it come back to life.


Love riding, but I don't have your other half's obvious talent for rebuilding.

Yes Spin, there are definitely some "gear heads" around these here parts . . .

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@ThomasWic @Debradelai @REX

Guys, sorry to bother you, I know you only get what, a thousand msgs a day? I try not to tag you . . . .

So, what's the latest on uploading videos here? Are we set for ignoring youtube completely? Is there like, a 15 min limit or some such?

Do you want us all to wait awhile, or ok now?

Thx Thx Thx

Folks, I've been in & out this last couple weeks. I notice Thomas Wictor's videos are all removed from youtube - - for good reason. Anybody given hints on when QV tv will be up & running? or in beta?

🎩 H/T @holymolyrocky

Our own Fudge has a great thread on twitter, on our recent successes over antifa. Plus explains "kettling"

Nothing happened over July 4th. Hmmm. Wonder why? 😆

Thx @hnijohnmiller

Wow. Didn't realize how popular unseen is, here at the Quod. Just got lots of comments about him. Tons.

Be sure to tag him, if talking:

For those of you who are active on twitter, you should follow him. If you closed a twitter acct, like me, you can still see all his tweets with

For your reading pleasure: here's a recent thread he did on min wages.

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