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@redwhitebluedude -This current administration is so full of used food they can’t keep any of their lies straight. They almost make both Obama and Clinton seem Reaganesque.


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@antonionpellegrini @BirdDog

Here goes another shitty outfit piping in for good measure.

It's the "China Is Going to Conquer the World An Kill Us All" week.

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@antonionpellegrini @BirdDog

About Gillespie, the Chairman of this Aussie think-tank; "In August 2010, controversy arose when Gillespie outlawed the wearing of berets on the grounds that they led to an increased risk of skin cancer. The exemption of the special forces from the ban added to the controversy."

Apparently his beret did not cause cancer but brain shrinkage.

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I saw this horseshit article earlier and was very curious to see where they cite their sources to come to this conclusion....Since we always allow piss-ant news outlets to know all of our technologies and military capabilities so they can compare them to other nations..



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We’re going to see an influx of foreign film/tv series, aren’t we?

SAG-AFTRA Members Authorize Strike With 97% Approval as Deadline Looms


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@BlkLdyPatriot so sick of all this crap, race crap, money crap. Cant we just go back to being Amerucans and enjoy our lives. Cut off the federal funds and everything will just go back. No riots , no division, no hate. Just stop it.

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Thanks! I think I’m going to bookmark this article and use it as an example when somebody asks me what “gaslighting” means.

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The gaslighting is off the charts in this AP “report” by Hannah Schoenbaum.

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@BlkLdyPatriot I went to school there. Newton and Brookline are uber liberal affluent towns. Plenty of places like that around Boston.

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@BlkLdyPatriot @redwhitebluedude

I live in Newton, born & raised.

I can confirm, most people here are a piece of work.

I'm a black sheep hereabouts.

Eventually, I'll leave tor more enlightened corners of our great country.


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@redwhitebluedude @BlkLdyPatriot

Yes, by 2040, plans are to allow a population increase of 30K+ new residents.

The catch is, almost all new residential development is to be made in the Villages north of the Masspike...the middle-class villages, while the posh villages go untouched.

I live in Nonantum, the oldest village and the most populated by density.

Newton, north of the Pike will look like Brighton soon enough.

Gentrification, traffic, noise, crime, and pollution.

It's move time.

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Murphy’s Law is still holding sway in the Smith household, even though the full moon is waning.

Thank goodness I can retreat to SQV to and recharge my mood batteries.

H/T @watch4thedrop @darulharb @Debradelai @YoungBlood @umad80 @antonionpellegrini @BirdDog @DeWalt @RangerJohn @redwhitebluedude @AbujaPeacemaker @BlkLdyPatriot @MEMA @masterblaster @EarlThePearls @Dawnz @SpiceOfOurLife @Josephcdickerson @SusanInVA @PoserIndex @StevenDouglas @TerriC

(I couldn’t fit the rest in the toot.)

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This headline is more absurd, because it's about two Leftist pretending to be Conservative.

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@darulharb Oh, Me thinks they have always been insane, as did Bob Hope in 1940 LOL

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Newton must add more than 8,300 apartments to comply with new state law

When Obama like rezoning through the MBTA hits the sudburbs...

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Budweiser brings Ken Griffey Jr. As brand looks to dig out of Bid Light hole

All they'll end up doing is dragging down Ken Griffey Jr.

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