Hey. A while back you had asked me why this guy used a pen name and I found where he explains why he used it.

From 3Days3Nights on Twitter:

Too funny not to post....

addendum, my thread was broken up in to three parts for some reason. I pinned it all to my main page
Part 1: 1-9
Part 2- 10-11
Part 3 - 12-19


Harold Finch thread on Cameron Ortis

Best read on Telegram in the library. I'm too lazy to transcribe the whole thing

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Hey guys, this will play HAVOC with the census!! Can you imagine? OMG!! 😂💥

My 3 year old grandson is in the hospital with Kawasaki disease. I had never heard of it until yesterday. They think they caught it early enough. He had been sick 5 or 6 days. At around 10 to 12 days it gets much worse. Please say a prayer for him if you are a prayer.

In cartel-infested Mexico, whose current presidential administration and last presidential administration both made a point of not bothering the cartels much, spontaneous self-defense forces fighting the cartels are suddenly appearing, with the rise of 'kill the killers' vigilante groups. No doubt about it, a Mexican public sick of the cartels has created an opening.


This is pathetic, let the butcher do what he wants, let him run the business in the way he wants. If he does not want to be halal certified, halal observant Muslims will avoid his business.


Why do we have to bug businesses over our perception of Muslim sensitivities??🙄 😬

It's like nagging a business that they are going to hurt Jewish sensitivities for not being kosher compliant. Kosher compliant Jews have options. 😒

That came up in the search results. I was looking for a Rajah Texan by Choice

Ils un drôle d'humour les informaticiens du #CERN ^^
C'est le jardinier qui doit être content !

"CERN Animal Shelter for Computer Mice"


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I went to the grocery store wearing my MAGA hat. I was in the cereal aisle, Corn Pop jumped out and screamed...“This is Biden country,
take your ass back to the cracker aisle” I still have the chain around my head. I’m shook

Barack helped unveil a special portrait of himself.

The audience really cheered. 😆

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