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Attention K-Mart shoppers!

Are you fiscally conservative?

Do you believe deficits are a viable avenue for continued success?

I bet you answer yes and no to those two questions.

Consider this. We are all enjoying this site courtesy of the time and treasure of @Debradelai

Live up to your principles and consider making a donation this evening. Right now Don Saul is still shouldering the brunt of the expenses

Give what you can.

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Early morning on Nov. 19 local time, 4 masked assailants, 2 carrying batons, carried containers filled with flammable liquid into the printing press of the Hong Kong edition of The Epoch Times. After pouring the liquid onto the floor, printing machines, and nearby stacks of papers, they set a fire. The incident is suspected to be the latest intimidation tactic of the Chinese Communist Party to discourage The Epoch Times from reporting on topics that could be sensitive to the Chinese regime.

The state of South Dakota has a new anti-drug campaign, but its slogan is raising eyebrows.

Because it is "Meth. We're on it."

Which could be taken the wrong way.

Twitter news aggregator Twitchy called it the "worst anti-meth campaign slogan possible."

One Twitter user went for the fun: "South Dakota: If we were any higher, we'd be North Dakota."

@NevadaJack While students in Hong Kong and Iran are risking their lives and possibly prison for freedom.

From @SidneyPowell1:

and wanted to open a case against @realDonaldTrump as early as July 2016.
This also tells us there are more relevant text messages that have not been disclosed to the defense.”

Mutiny. Sedition. Committed by an active duty commissioned officer against the Commander in Chief.

General Court Martial. Article 94.

“Even prior to the 2016 election, the FBI’s investigation and exoneration of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, combined with Fusion GPS’s solicitation and dissemination of the Steele dossier—and the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation based on that dossier—laid the groundwork for future sabotage. As a result, my first-hand knowledge and involvement in this saga began with the revelation that … Clinton kept a private email server,” Johnson explained,

Nov 19 - Behbahan, SW
Farzad Ansari, killed recently by the regime's forces, was buried today.


Help. I always thought whistleblower/leaker laws protected the blower/leaker from retaliation. For example, loss of job.

I'm not aware of guaranteed anonymity as was stated multiple times on the radio today.

Do any of the legal eagles here have a comment on that? True or just another leftist talking point?

“You testified in the deposition that you did not know who the whistleblower was or is,” Nunes said.

“I do not know who the whistleblower is, that is correct,” Vindman said.

“Then how is it possible for you to name these people and then out the whistleblower?” Nunes said.

“Per the advice of my counsel, I’ve been advised not to answer specific questions about members of the intelligence community,” Vindman said.

Nov 19
Tehran-Intense clashes & gunfire in Narmak district
Tehran-Banks burned in Sadeqiye district
Shahre Quds-All gas stations are burned
Eslamshahr is described as a "war zone", many people are armed & armed clashes are escalating

How does this help USA? People keep telling me the airline industry brings us jobs. I think it TAKES AWAY OUR JOBS:

"Boeing’s 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers"

Of course, Bloomy does NOT MENTION where these "outsourced" workers were from.

Ok, India is kicking itself in the butt a little, and reveals that they were the ones that did the software, but mentions also that they didn't have the expertise in that area:

Let's extend the Patriot Act buried deep in another bill

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 call your congressman and tell them NO FUCKING WAY.

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