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Our government does not want us to treat covid early. If I get covid and no hcq access-I would take IMMEDIATELY quercetin 500mg three times a day for 7 days and elemental zinc 50mg one a day for 7 days, and z-pack. Every American home should have quercetin and zinc.

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IMPORTANT - my contacts tell me that the Australian govt has been given notice of Att Durham's findings (btw there will be a report of some kind).

Can't say if this is related, but the web reveals that this Blaxland guy has been a Downer apologist, ever since the PapaD meeting became public.

He is ALSO a VERY experienced Aussie spook, with funding from Obama's DOD.

He was suddenly cut off by the Aussies yesterday. To me it's connected.

Make of it what you will.

@EarlThePearls @FernandoIV


I need to actually say my body my choice after I say I have a disability.

@EarlThePearls @Debradelai


How awesome is the place

Ask a question, receive answers without all the toxic crap like twatter

Y'all rock!

The aircraft's aluminum in contact with hydrogen would have created a white hot explosion they say. This would explain what I heard and also what was described by firefighters on the scene. The building's water tanks, pipes, etc. they theorize was the contact point when the plane crashed in. My husband and I both felt better after seeing this. It seems plausible. Plausible to sane people, of course, not crackpots.

@mystik I knew only one grandparent. I remember sitting with her with her rolodex of pictures of friends and family she lost in the Holocaust, most of whom just disappeared, never to be heard from again. I am a second generation American and I have a teeny tiny family compared to everyone else I know because EVERYONE WAS KILLED in the HOLOCAUST. So Fuck you and that disgusting horse you rode in on. @HunDriverWidow @rarity @awfulangel @watch4thedrop @Lisa22 @Lonestar @Debradelai @Zemeliko

Watched a Smithsonian episode from their Missing Evidence series that clarified what I experienced on 9/11. I was in the World Fi Ctr when the first garage bomb went off in the 90s. My husband's uncle, Bob Koch, owned the company that fabricated the steel for the Twin Towers. At a family party, my husband teased his uncle that it was a good thing the tower stood or he'd have another bridge project! Uncle Bob became quite indignant. The towers were designed to implode down & not fall sideways.

Kelb Hull
Replying to
Biden in 2016:

"I would go forward with the confirmation process as chairman. Even a few months before a presidential election... just as the Constitution requires."

In a few hours hours, UN Security Council sanctions—backed by U.S. secondary sanctions—will prohibit from enrichment, reprocessing, testing & development of ballistic missiles, purchase or transfer of heavy weaponry, etc.
This read sheds more light.

In 2018, a town of 2,500 people asked for permission to thin surrounding forests

California's environment regulators sat on the request for 2 years

Then, on Sept 8, a fire ripped through the town, killing 10 people, and destroying most of the homes

@Debradelai @rarity @wziminer @Lonestar @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Lisa22 @watch4thedrop My grandmother actually wanted to tell about it a lot. I'm used to Holocaust stories (though not the ``classical'' ones, since she was in Transnistria, where the perpetrators were Romanians and not Germans) since I'm about 5 y/o. And I read a lot about the subject throughout the years.

My mom never knew what a grandparent is, until I was born and ``had my own''.

Random report from the boondocks:

I sat in on a small jam session this evening in the campground consisting of two guitarists and three vocalists. They played and sang obscure songs from the forties with complex melodies and chord progressions. The harmonies were breathtaking.

The best part of gatherings such as this is discovering the unexpected — the tunes you’re hearing for the first time and the wealth of talent that lives and breathes in those who share them. I am in awe.

What a blessing to have Quod Verum with just the touch of a button on my phone 24/7, with dialogue on the most important issues, from the most brilliant minds of our time. Thank you Mr. Montes, for this national treasure that is Quod Verum. Please join me now in donating to keep this platform going!

I have the privilege of being a COVID19 Vaccine guinea pig.

It is a 25 month study/evaluation.

This is the third phase and approximately 25,000 to 30,000 nationwide are part of this study.

I have received the first of two shots. The second one will be 25 days apart.

I shall post relevant data as it becomes available.


Thank you sir. He was a 50 lb mutt, German shepherd, Doberman, boxer, great dane and springer spaniel. You had to let him decide to like you, though

He was very loving, extremely smart , best watch/guard dog one could ask for . He also knew when things were not great and always, ,always, made them better .

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