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Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!

This is a day to rejoice "Life, Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness."

Here's wishing for a free Iran and the opportunity for both of our nations to celebrate the values of freedom & democracy together.

Best to you and yours, especially my loving Grandma Brenda (@prchrskd).

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The fireworks this will be brighter than ever in the hearts of the American people. Patriots are more attached than ever to a country they love & pledge to never lose.
To immigrants like myself, that sentiment is very personal because this country was a choice we made.

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Interesting explanation of the appeals decision regarding General Flynn by Viva Frei, a Canadian lawyer.

6/6 Again, all this was discussed without it specifically addressing Flynn and Strzok, but when they were mentioned, these folks - who are ardent Dems - were not happy. They know this is more than something that just “smells bad.”

5/6 AG’s will go after miscreants for “prosecutorial misconduct.” The fact that these bits of exculpatory evidence have had to be pried from the hands/file cabinets/hard drives of key prosecution witnesses, investigators, etc., could be enough to bring a prosecution, itself.

4/6 Oftentimes, it’s lower level bureaucrats, investigators, cops, etc., who are tagged for hiding/destroying/delaying exculpatory evidence from being presented. In those cases, you’ll typically see things like having the case dismissed. But there are occasional instances where

3/6 Previous cases where the prosecution purposefully withheld evidence has resulted in a range of (for lack of better terms), penalties. These range from (during trial) a judge providing instructions to the jury, to outright dismissal of a case, to sanctions against prosecutors

2/6 that they knowingly, purposefully, withheld exculpatory evidence,that would put them in significant “world of hurt. The Brady Rule (derived fromBrady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83) requires prosecution to disclose any “materially exculpatory evidence in its possession” to defense

Adam Housley:

"1/6 Spoke and exchanged emails with a prominent attorney and a judge today about the ramifications of the alleged conspirators withholding evidence in Flynn case. While neither would directly/specifically address the merits of the case, they did indicate that if it is found"

What is "en banc"? What are the chances they (as in Sullivan) can pull a fast one and push this all the way up to SCOTUS?

Carpedonktum has been permanently suspended on Twitter over fraudulent DCMA filed on his meme (which falls under fair use). He is now on Parler and Locals.

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What is the crowd size like in Tulsa? The upper rafters look rather spotty

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