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"Trump Media & Technology Group (“TMTG”) will soon be launching a social network, named “TRUTH Social.”

TRUTH Social is now available for Pre-Order in the Apple App Store for invited guests in November of 2021. A nationwide rollout is expected in the first quarter of 2022."

I'm conflicted. 1/2

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Okay, I didn't want to do so, but I had to go and create an account on Gettr for the following reasons:

1. To lock in my username, which I've had since the 90s, and possibly even earlier.
2. I'm seeing that the usual Trump allies have been signing up.
3. I noticed something interesting about the audience while looking at the mobile apps.
4. To see if it can survive the next 6 months without getting squashed.

I still think this is a stopgap site until something Trump will use comes out.

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Here's a clip from a longer discussion. This is a MUST viewing. "Why the political right are their own worst enemy, and how they can stop sabotaging themselves."

Highlights a point that @timr and I have been making.

Somebody is in a lot of trouble for going after Harmeet Dhillion ... that person forgot that she has a very skilled lawyer with a way with words in her firm. I'd sure like to know the real identity of that "somebody".

A pox on all internet grifters. 😬😬😬🤬

RNC to launch review of party performance.

I have one recommendation: instill a winning spirit that is identical to Grant's winning spirit.

@DennisCampbel16 My sympathies to you and your family. May her memory be eternal.

If ever I was in a hiring mood, I'd know where to look to check out what they were saying about previous employers.

Happy Thanksgiving! And for a stimulating coversation after diner, how about watching some of the videos from this channel?

Those of you who are developers will find the chart interesting. I certainly did.

"But amid the vitriol she has found some defenders in an unlikely group of people who have celebrated the musings about race science and imperialism on a blog she allegedly wrote in college. Some of her defenders, who call her “Queen Caroline,” are followers of Curtis Yarvin, a neoreactionary political theorist and far right darling."

So because of that she's alt-right???

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