OMG .. . bruh! That was an epic mic drop! Chicom reporter got played big time!!!

Is there a Bitchute or Dailymotion link to Tucker Carlson's expose of the NYC officials? YouTube has been taking down videos of that.

Why does anyone give Steve Bannon a microphone? There's a reason why he's out of the White House. 🤬

Teh crazeh in the knitting community goes on. This time it's green socks. on IG, a knitting designer "liked" a drawing of green socks, and one of the SJWers chatised her for daring interact with a "racist", and designer immediately issued an apology. Now there's and and going on ...

About that "rally" in Virginia ... what were they thinking? It's beginning to turn out that VA Gov & Gang have all the advantages - cage, one exit, and so forth. Followed tweets analyzing this and just now saw Roseanne Barr's "Just say no go" video. Been posting in my FB group screenshots and warning ppl to tell others to not show up. That org who set this up should swallow hard and cancel it.

Lately I've been seeing a lot of "tourists in Saudi Arabia" videos on YouTube. Quite a few vloggers are travelers who check out interesting places to travel to. Right now I'm watching Sam Chui's video "Uncover Saudi Arabia as a Tourist". Very interesting.

Now that people are shifting away to Bitchute to host their videos, I've been prodding them from time to time make it accessible to deaf/hard of hearing people. Here's my latest tweet.

Who was the guy with backpack that walked by behind Trump?

@ValleyControl When do the Parliamant Q&A start again? CSPAN here in the US sometimes airs these sessions. I watched quite a few when Theresa May was PM but she made me so mad about her weakness. Now that Boris Johnson is in, I want to start watching again, so I'm going to keep an eye on the CSPAN schedule.

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What the hell is in the chicken at Popeyes?

Popeyes fires seven employees at a Milwaukee restaurant after they were caught on camera fighting each other in between tables in front of horrified customers

Seven Popeyes workers were fired after footage of a massive brawl in a Milwaukee outlet went viral on Wednesday
Video recorded by a customer inside Popeyes shows female staff hitting each other as one male worker tries to break up the fight

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