Does everyone have their @SidneyPowell release the Kraken T-Shirt or hoodie yet?


@RedheadArtistJ fromTwitter just put them up for sale.

I love her. She is a great artist and such a sweet girl.

Just in case you are interested... (You get 20% off with Promo Code: USA20)

What do you think of Sen. Cruz petitioning the SCOTUS for an Emergency Appeal over Pennsylvania changing their election rules?

Have you seen this interview with Trevor Loudon: on America’s ‘Unfolding Socialist Revolution’ & Connections to China’s Communist Party?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Little thread/

I love the human bod, and its immunology.

Started back when I was 19 and came under the wing of one of Georgia's premier immunologists and a professor at my little state school. Doc Rascati chose that environment for its lifestyle; it was low key, but he could do so much production for the Army and state, while he and his wife raised show dogs and horses. He was my spirit Dad, the one I never had and one of my best friends. He passed 2 years ago, and it left a hole.

Good News... @JennaEllisEsq says that the Pennsylvania House and Senate are going to introduce resolutions to take back their right to appoint presidential electors.


To all my Christian friends, listen to this video by Lance Wallnau. It is a great word for these times.

Exclaimer... Don't read this or listen to this video if the Bible offends you.

The first ten minutes sounds a little negative, but he is setting the stage for the message so stick with it.

If we all catch a glimpse of the importance of what he is saying and we agree together with him, we will be victorious even more than just the election.

Oh Ezra,

If I had a son that I didn't get birthmarks from, he would look just like you.

We are honored that you are serving as our acting undersecretary of defense for intelligence and security...

Has anyone happened to see this podcast of Michelle Malkin and Joe Oltmann talking about Eric Coomer of Dominion voting System and ANTIFA journalists.

We need to keep Joe Oltmann in our prayers.

Has everyone listened to Lin Wood on the John Fredericks show?

He is talking about what is going on in Georgia.

Very informative.

@1776Stonewall's account has just been suspended because POTUS Trump RT'd him.

He was just a gentleman who was also a Historian. I guess they hate History.

You can still read his threads here for a moment. Just in case you want to save a few.

It is a beautiful day for freedom in the USA.

My dad’s flags were flying real pretty, so I took a picture for you guys.


Keep on shining that light, Lord. Expose all evil in our land including any evil in our own hearts. Send Your rain to wash us, Your fire to purify us, Your winds to sift us, and Your power to fight off anything the enemy of our souls tries to send our way.

I heard this was how it is going down in Georgia.

I guess we now know it is the truth.

I wish I had the time to make one of these for every lie that is posted about this election.

Is anyone else out there having s much fun as I am?

We are so blessed to be alive right now and to have played a part in saving our Country.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what plans are in store for us.

We were born for such a times as this.

Woo hoo!!!

The Lincoln Project needs to be shut down.

They just released Attorneys Ronald Hicks and Carolyn McGree personal information including phone numbers over the internet.

I can't even say the words that want to shoot out my mouth right now.

These people are the scum of the scum.

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