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I just got a friend request by a lovely sounding lady who has a Weimaraner and I accidentally clicked the x and deleted it.

And I can’t remember her name. 😭

I have been getting back on twitter some, trying to promote Quads and sharing current events with my dry sarcastic truth telling.

If anyone writes something or finds something that needs to have it’s horn tooted, please pm me with a link and I will share it. 👍 (As long as it is a fact.)

We are coming down to the line here, and we must stir up hearts to get out and vote for POTUS Trump.

Our lives and our great-grandchildren’s lives depend on it.

I wonder if it is against the law for me to say that it seems that Democrats are extremely fragile.

They can call their followers to “PUSH BACK” their opposition, to get in their face in the streets, in elevators, and in restaurants, but if someone was to say something about them, they want to have them arrested.


And this coming from Richmond Va headed by a man that won’t say if he wore black face or a KKK robe and wants to make infanticide legal.

And to think that the numbers are going up for the middle class and for minorities...

Can you imagine what the numbers would be if they weren’t being held back in the inner-city Democrat strongholds?

I found something else at play in Richmond (at the 2nd amendment rally) that helped make it safer. No one was allowed to cover their faces with masks.

There was only one arrest at the rally and it was because a woman refused to uncover her face.

Whenever there is a rally or a protest, that should the law.

I personally think that sanctuary cities are also a big reason for hopelessness in large populated areas.

I wish someone could find out what areas of the country that the poll participants are chosen from.

That information would be extremely telling.

I keep hearing people say that there are many who are dissatisfied with the economy and they have less faith in their future, and while I know that things can always be better, there are so many positive things right now it just doesn’t make sense.

I never hear anyone mentioning this but the most obvious reason for this phenomena are the policies in Democrat strongholds across the country that put a wet blanket over their area.

Their only hope is opportunity zones. We must tout those.

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@ilumanous @IDscot My business is on a curve and I had teens lose control and end up in my garden area, destroying everything. I put large decorative rocks to stop the next out of control fool. It worked and tore up the bottom of the kids car. His father made a snide remark to me for putting them there. I'm astounded at parents today.

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Not a winner in the bunch.
How can anyone support any of them?

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I sure would hate to be in the Democrats shoes (I can only imagine what might crawl up from their shoes) as they try to choose their leader out of this group, or the ones waiting in the wings.

They all give me embarrassment transfer.

@IDscot posted this before I edited my toot. Sorry.


"I would say 'wish they'd hit the tree', but then they'd sue for your dad daring to have a tree in his yard. Hope another time (and there will be), they'll put it in a ditch. Some learn only the hard way, or become Darwin-award winners..."

My wish is that the two guys who did all the damage would get caught and have to pay the price for it.

4)Thankfully they missed the houses. I can’t imaging having to secure this house and move my dad into my house right at this moment.

His only wishes are to stay in his own home until he is laid to rest next to my mom and his men at Arlington.

One good thing though, we were just getting ready put in a new fence and
it would have really been a bummer if they destroyed the new one.

3) mess they made. Then hauled their hind parts down the road.

Our neighbor heard the crash and looked out his second floor window and saw two cars at the neighboring middle school student drop off circle.

He said the guys were outside their cars arguing, throwing up in the street 👀 and yelling that they needed to leave before the police could get there.

What idiots.

Hopefully between security cameras, car parts, and eye witness info the two imbeciles will be caught.

2) So I went outside and you could see that a car must have overshot the bend in the road, drove through our next door neighbors yard hitting their truck, down their driveway, knocked a chunk of cement out of the median strip, up our curb, through our fence, over top of our recycle trash can which broke bottles and tossed recycling trash everywhere, stopped just before hitting a huge tree in my fathers yard and then spun mud all the way up to the roof of the house trying to escape the...

1) Friday night I heard cars screaming down the road sounding like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, then I heard a loud noise followed by cars revving their engines. I looked out the front window towards the road but I didn’t see anything.

It was such a dark night I couldn’t see much else.

When the sun finally came out and I was able to see my dads back yard I noticed that his chain link fence was torn down and there was a bunch of debris strewn across the lawn. So I went outside...

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For @Give_Me_Liberty

My Great-uncle Curtis Yarnell Kimball, US Army, was American liaison to the British in Operation Market Garden.

The operation was a disaster. Curtis was the one who organized the evacuation of the wounded.

He spoke German well enough to pass as a native, which helped when he approached the Waffen SS.

Montgomery personally awarded him the Order of the British Empire.

Biden is pitching a fit over an add about him on Facebook that he wants removed, and Zuckerberg won’t take it down.

He is such a total wuss.

When I was little my neighbor was an alcoholic. He would go out, get drunk, drive home and stagger into the house.

Once day I noticed that he peed his pants. 👀

I had extreme embarrassment transfer over it and had a really hard time ever looking at him again.

The way I see it, Biden is on the same level as my neighbor.

And he wants to be President?

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