Shouldn't a Lieutenant Governor of a state know that "We The People" elect who runs for our parties nominee?

She is already talking about sitting the next election out, or voting for someone else if we elect Trump?

I am so disappointed in her.

I just watched Beard Blather. Good job Saul and Thomas.

Then I saw this...

The many faces of @Debradelai

Have I been dead for the past two months? I don't know how I missed this... 👇 👇 👇

Two men posed as fake DHS agents for over 2 years, and compromised the Secret Service, DHS, including those on protective detail for First Lady Jill Biden. 👀

How was this possible? I have been looking online for anything current, but nothing but crickets except for officials downplaying the situation.

Of course...

I finally watched Beard Blather and I made a Biden yelling at a cloud pic.

If anyone wants to use it for meme purposes, have at it.

Awww... Peter Navarro.

They have just taken him into custody after being indicted on contempt of Congress charges over Jan. 6 investigation.

Two charges of attempt of congress?

Is that illegal?

The Babylon Bee is priceless...

This one is a keeper. 👇 👇 👇

I just lowered my father's flags for Memorial Day.

The winds were silent and they are now flying low and still. It is almost as if they know what we are remembering this day. All of our men who's blood was shed here on this land or far away will always be on our minds and in our hearts.

We will never forget the sacrifices that were made for our freedom...

On May 25, 2022 President Biden signed an Executive Order on Advancing Effective, Accountable Policing and Criminal Justice Practices to Enhance Public Trust and Public Safety.

This video from @gold Institute for International Strategy senior law enforcement fellows did an excellent job reviewing this order. Great job @EliMGold

Check it out...

They have been trying to create a Federal police force since Obama.

Is this their last ditch effort to push it through?

Have you heard this information on Lin Wood yet? I know that we talked about him back in the day, but it seems he was worse than we all ever imagined.

David Handcock spilled the entire pot of beans.

Is everyone out there in politics land, keeping up with the Sussmann trial? I know it is hard since they aren't made public, but you can check out Robert Gouveia Esq's YouTube channel where he quickly reads through the transcripts as soon as they come in.

Just so you know we are at Day 6 now of the "Sussmann Trial Day 6: FBI Assistant Director Bill Priestep, Special Agent Ryan Gaynor"...
👇 👇 👇

Does anyone out there (besides me) think that people in the Biden Administration purposely allowed the baby formula shortage, in order to enact the DPAct?

It seems like a good way to start Government run businesses under the guise of "never being out of supplies again" and "The government would be so much more efficient".

Then... Once they get started, the natural progression will be to take over all businesses.

Did I hear you say, "No, no one is thinking that?"


Princess Jen Psaki is holding her last briefing as White House press secretary today.

There was never even a pea sized piece of truth in anything she said. She just thread a bunch of lies throughout every story she told. I don't know how she could sleep at night.

I hope the door hits her in the butt on the way out... She needs a good spankin'.

I watched my first video on Odysee (It is so wonderful not to have to watch things on U-Stooge) and there is one feature that is AMAZING...

Since I am always in a rush with time right now, I set the speed of the video on 1.5x and it works great. You can still understand everything but it is faster.


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