I have a conspiracy theory to test out...

I think that Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter speak every night before they go to bed, and decide what talking points are going to be used for the next day.

And then Drudge prints all the things needed to back up whatever crap Ann wants to throw our President.

Either that or they both share the same brain...

Now don't yell at me if you are a big fan of theirs.

This is just a conspiracy, you know.

If you haven't seen this, check it out and then share it.

We know that our border is a hot mess, but it is even worse than that.

Chris Farrell's "On Watch": America's National Security & The Southern Border...


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Great to see you on QV, Ben!

Your work on twitter - esp on China - has been superb.

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I'm partially biased toward Jamaican immigrants.

My favorite little hole in the wall is run by a Jamaican couple.

Best shrimp and grits I've ever eaten in my life. Andrea's Creole sauce makes the meal.

It's also home to the best filet in town. They even use Tony's seasoning!

Wonderful family. Very similar mindset to Scherie's. They came to America, America didn't come to them.

I hope she crushes it.

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25 years ago today, Hezbollah bombed the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 85 people died & nearly 300 were injured.
's regime blueprinted & ordered this horrific terrorist attack.
Tehran provides $700 mn/yr to Hezbollah.
It is time all accomplices face justice.

This is the Congressional Prayer Caucus’ mission statement just in case you have never heard of their organization.


Is anyone out there interested in doing a little pro bono research for the Congressional Prayer Caucus?

A good friend of mine is the executive director there and they are pulling together research on religious freedom so it can be analyzed and help them strategize their approach on the topic.

If it sounds interesting to you, please let me know.

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"...Iranians are fighting to reclaim their rights... and the United State stands with the Iranian people."

As an Iranian, I say thank you, President @realDonaldTrump, for standing with us. We will never forget how Obama betrayed us.


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FlynnGate: How an Islamist Organization Set Up a Top Member of the Trump Administration With The Complicity of a Venal Press and Corrupt Politicians.

Part 1 of 3: The set-up

by Saul Montes-Bradley


So now it has been four days and my husband is still hanging out in the spare bedroom most of his leisure time.

I should have done this long ago...

Matter of fact today is our 43rd wedding anniversary and if things keep going the way they are now, I think I can make it another 43 years...

I love Donald J. Trump.

Anyone else out there with me?

He did so good tonight in North Carolina. I am looking forward to all the rallies we have coming up.

I never got sick of watching them during the last election.

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15. You see where I'm heading?

Again, let's see what happens.

These Covington lawyers were taken by total surprise when @GenFlynn fired them in June, 2019.

They seem in total disarray now, too.

I'm guessing that there are some Covington partners who are feeling very sick and anxious, right now.

FEAR does give rise to those emotions, after all.

Did they REALLY think they'd outwit one of America's greatest spooks? God help them, if they did.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

The end.

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1. This is a BIG development. Seems that Covington, the law firm that represented General Flynn, may be in some trouble.

They're not handing over Gen Flynn's files to Sidney Powell.

Judge Sullivan wants to know why and has also asked the senior ethics officer to attend an Aug 27 hearing.

Some thoughts:


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This is just.... incredible. In a terrifying way.

Pure police state tactics.

Any honest FISA application would of course include this exculpatory evidence. After all, innocent lives can be destroyed, once Title I FISAs are approved by the FISC.

Obama, Clinton and their goons didn't care. THEY JUST DIDN'T CARE.

Many are lost in the noise. We aren't. This was state terror. The criminals behind it will pay a heavy price.


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The regime ruling has executed nine individuals in two days, reports indicate.
This includes two public hangings.

Iran has the world's highest number of executions per capita.

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1. Trump's genius at work.

'Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.' - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Justice Democrats sure took Trump's bait. This press conference was also a direct snub at Nancy Pelosi.

This is a Democratic Party, in civil war and freefall.

And a massive headache now looms for Pelosi and Schumer. What are their options?


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