I love how she demonizes kids right away . “I thank God I don’t have children “ ... stfu .. not necessary . Kids are not for everyone but good gosh that was so dramatic I want to throat punch her . My kid is no walk in the park at times ,but he has made me a better human. Fck that freak ...

Finally changed my subscription to a benefactor ... one day I hope to make it even more. Please remember , even when they cuss us at times .... how valuable this platform is for us all .I work two jobs and I admit it ... I am too lazy and trust my follows to educate me .. I am forever grateful for The brilliant minds who “school “ me .. it was as easy as you said @Debradelai .:. Took all of 1 minute .. cancelled old one and set up new one ..

7. Leftist progressivism is dangerous because it is driven by the seeds of TOTALITARIANISM - extreme narcissism, deluded utopianism, fact-free collectivism, infantilization of members, plus exclusion and punishment of wrongthinkers, with a DRIVE FOR POWER & TOTAL CONTROL.

This was the Obama era.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @JM @WarriorPoet @ThomasWic @DonnaLea People SPECIFICALLY empowered & charged to stop someone like him SAW HIM APPROACH & ENTER THE BUILDING and did nothing.
No alarms, no calls. NOTHING.
Then when Armed Police arrived THEY did nothing (they were the kind of Cop that Polices US, not the BAD people)
Multiple failures on multiple levels.
And a disgrace.

@JM @DuaneCates @ThomasWic @DonnaLea I believe it was JFK in 1963 that signed the initial law that made it virtually impossible to commit someone against their will. Then Reagan came along behind him and closed all of the insane asylums rather than improve them. So now we live with the criminally insane walking amongst us. Every one of these characters is virtually the same person with the exception of this new breed that Thomas has pointed out.

@JM @WarriorPoet @ThomasWic @DonnaLea
By rights the Parkland shooting should never have happened.
In Texas people would have stepped in & done something to ensure he's never set foot at that school again. In Broward they EXCUSED everything & swept it under they rug. Over and over....

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @DonnaLea exactly, it is not about guns and weapons it's about Mental Health. It is virtually impossible to commit someone against their will. Any good sociopath knows exactly how to act once they are caught. Professionals are very apathetic because they know there is nothing they can do. They know they can only hold them for a short amount of time and then they have to release them. They can only hold on to them after they have hurt someone which is unbelievably stupid

@ThomasWic @DonnaLea
Pulse nightclub SHOULD HAVE BEEN a wake up call (2 FBI Investigations)
Parkland SHOULD HAVE BEEN a wake up call. (His aunt contacted the FBI & warned about him.)
Until the American People put their foot down about CLEAR Red Flags nothing will change

"No offense, but the media really are giving Trump way too much credit for the idea he floated on ABC News. The real scandal is that he’s just plagiarizing a playbook already used by Obama, Clinton and those 2016 Democrats.

And every Democrat and media pundit who accuses Trump of treason for considering taking dirt from, say, Norway in 2020 has now, by extension, accused the Obama administration of committing treason in 2016."


Congratulations to @HeshmatAlavi for getting his Twitter Page back.

I did not Congratulate you on Twitter because I want to leave some distance in order to avoid causing you any trouble.

Keep up the good work ^_^


The cops failed the firefighter/medic but medics are usually first on the scene for seizures & AMS/unresponsive.

If the guy OD’d on enough heroin or whatever to need Narcan, he’s unresponsive or incapacitated. While one medic is starting a line, the other is checking the body head to toe for trauma, medical signs, weapons & needles. If there’s a weapon, it’s removed for safekeeping (I would lock it in my unit).

What do you give the guy that's got everything?

I'll give him my vote in 2020.

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

(6) But Hitler, Mussolini, Peron, Saddam and every other little shit with a small brain and a smaller pecker sure did.

"Just Dad talking-I'm profoundly grateful to @realDonaldTrump for the kind, respectful way he treated @PressSec for over 3 yrs she worked for him. Reason I hold most media in contempt is they don't know or care about truth. Thanks, @POTUS for treating Sarah like the lady she is."


Non-Muslim westerners and easterners caused two world wars.

And those wars didn't happen centuries ago.

The world is more at peace now than at any other time in the modern era.

Let's enjoy it for a while, okay?


@Cdubois @Dawnz @Debradelai @EngOnDemand @SidneyPowell @GenFlynn

For those that are not familiar with Ms. Powell or you are and haven't seen this video, I highly recommend it.


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