'RIDING THE DRAGON : The Bidens Chinese Secrets'

This is the excellent new documentary by Peter Schweizer about the Bidens and China.

Absolutely essential viewing, albeit frightening.

Hunter Biden must be charged with treason, in my opinion. Along with his accomplices and any American officials who sold the US out, from both sides of the aisle.

As for Joe? Jail the SOB.


The kid gloves treatment enjoyed for years by these assholes is certainly not something available to you or I.

It has turned them into extremely dangerous, seditious criminals, who are deliberately pouring fuel on to fire.

'But muh 1st amendment.'


Vile men like Aslan are contributing to murder, violence and mayhem all over the country.

They are doing it recklessly with malice and intent.

Gloves must come off.


I guess we are convicting people who Defend themselves from the mob now based on the mobs mentality for justice . I cannot believe the shit this country is doing . Salem witch trials are alive and Wells

Dr. Zev Zelenko (@zev_dr) Tweeted:
Randomized study underway to evaluate outpatient efficacy of Zelenko Protocol vs a variant of the protocol (doxycycline). I collaborated with St. Francis in setting up this study. t.co/EHzGI7hKa9 twitter.com/zev_dr/status/1305

‘Serve God, And Be Nice To People’: Oldest Living U.S. World War II Veteran Turns 111


Lawrence Brooks, who was born Sept. 12, 1909, in Norwood, Louisiana, served in the U.S. Army as a black man when the armed forces were still segregated. He was a part of the Army’s 91st Engineer Battalion, which was a predominantly black unit that was stationed in Australia, New Guinea, and the Philippines.

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I’m over the top thoroughly disgusted with everything happening in our society. They worry about Covid? Let’s just burn down, kill cops, hold an innocent General captive.BLM, Antifa, Sick of the whole lot. Looking at creepy Joe is revolting. The perversion in this Country is mind boggling.Covid is nothing compared to the things that need fixing. Fuck Fauci too while I’m at it. (Rant to be continued )

Has anyone heard any new information on Kingface ?

One would think that when writing this article and you know when maybe DELTA DECIDED TO take a side they would have I don’t know ... heard the side of the “white lady” to you know make sure they are presenting things accurately and in no way as you know propaganda . apple.news/A06tB8NKVQLaeEA5I7i

@inverness01 oh man. m&m peanut butter was one thing. but now you gonna disrespect perhaps the greatest candy ever created in mankind(reesus peanut butter cups). my heart weeps. my heart weeps.

Oh yeah a open letter to republicans trending now . Fck them and their propaganda . So over it. Where is the open letter to you brainwashed Dems at?

Oh my gosh - I must have missed it. Looks like a spoiled privledged little bitch of a child has decided attention whoring is far more important than her mother . Yeah not giving that little puke a pass . What an evil little monster. Who does that ? Wow

Rasmussen Reports

Fact Check: True

3:53 PM · Aug 20, 2020

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.