Thanks for the list, Carlos. I'm gonna keep it handy for my NT TDS co-workers. 😎

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As Horowitz said today, the report does NOT vindicate anyone who "touched this thing".


As grotesque as that sounds, remember that the entire Obama administration from top to bottom fell deeply in love with the Iranian mullahs.

But it's clear that all of that has failed.

The Battle of Midway in 1943 won the war for America, but we still had two more years of fighting in order to finish the job.

In the Middle East, the war against the mullahs is won.

But the fighting must go on.

Be strong. Iran will be free.


(7) Government contracts flowed in one direction guaranteeing the unions ever increasing revenues, and these let the campaign contributions flow at the same rate; and an army of “operatives" was ready to stuff envelopes, slash tires or, more recently, write absentee ballots.

If an opponent was elected by chance, he or she’d have to confront a sea of molasses slowing their every move.

Staffers, secretaries, managers, attorneys...doing what they could, at every turn, to hamper their work.

It is high time we hold government officials to the same standards they impose on others & hold them all accountable for their recorded, sworn false statements.

Many people are in prison today on far less evidence of crimes than in

Just in case you would like to have a nice neat little list of the 31 Democrats in districts that Trump won.


The man is the anti-Midas.

Everything he touches turns to shit.

Every little thing.


"Anthony Hopkins on Why He Doesn't Talk About Politics: 'Actors Are Pretty Stupid"

"In a conversation with fellow actor Brad Pitt for a lengthy chat for Interview magazine, Anthony Hopkins explained why he seldom -- actually: never -- talks about politics... and why he's not a big fan of other actors talking about politics either. In short: "Actors are pretty stupid." ..."

If you aren't familiar with Nate Cain, he's the gentleman that had the FBI raid his home and confiscate copies of Clinton Foundation and Uranium One documents he had already turned over as a whistleblower.

Listen to his story and give him a follow at @cain_nate in support ...

Hillsdale College is offering a free online course on World War II with Victor Davis Hanson and Larry Arnn. It's free to enroll and you can see the trailer (and enroll) here:

"World War II, the greatest armed conflict in human history, encompassed global fighting in unprecedented ways. In this free online course, you will learn how Allied and Axis investments and strategies led one side to win and the other to lose"

1. CIA/FBI infiltration of the media - this is one of the critical issues that I'm hopeful will be exposed in the coming months.

It's been going on for decades, but it seems obvious to me that Obama's goons escalated the infiltration to unprecedented levels. The MSM has gone off the rails.

They now openly defend criminals.

It's chilling to think about what would have happened under a Clinton presidency, with this media apparatus in place. A genuine police state.

Americans need to get their act together.

The stakes can't be any higher than they are.

Saudi Arabia bought a shitload of American weaponry so that American workers can have jobs.

It was a favor to Trump. We can easily make them decide that we're not worthy of favors, since we can't get our heads on straight about this stuff.

In 46 years, one terrorist attack at Pensacola.

Ryan Fournier tweeted:

Trump will be the only President in U.S. history to be impeached by the House, exonerated in the Senate, and re-elected in a landslide.

It is a business and these attorneys profit . Won't be the first nor last of such instance .

Just a friendly reminder, that maybe you can consider a signed copy of Gander inscribed for the recipient as a Christmas gift.

And while we're talking about Christmas, the holidays and the spirit of giving.


this place that many of you call home ....

needs us to support it.

This place that is not perfect yet it is an anomaly when it comes to social media.

No place on the internet comes close.

Think about how good you'll feel about that five bucks a month that instead of going into your mouth goes into your brain.

Saul gives all of his energy and money to keep this place alive.

Time to pay it forward

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