Trump has been trying to coach CNN towards honesty for THIRTY years.
The look on his face at 0:58 is the best.

I have read all of Brian Cates articles but this one is right up there as one of his very best.

Xi is a hack. In his world, this is a great victory for China. He underestimates not just American power, but also Trump's genius.

And Xi doesn't seem to understand that everyone thinks the regime sucks. China is about as inspirational as a fart in an elevator.

Xi is single handedly destroying his own regime. He just doesn't get it.


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I agree. REX, I loved reading your posts. But I don't understand why you have presented the Q thing when you knew the admins would hate it. Other people have been booted out for it, and you knew that. I hope you can apologize to Saul and come back. It takes a strong person to apologize and not be caught up in ego.

More from a famous dad's kid...

@seanonolennon: "People complaining that @BorisJohnson got tested for Covid ahead of people who are not the Prime Minister. I mean, idunno, seems reasonable for him to cut the line since he’s running the entire fucking country. Just saying."

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I am still struggling to understand how in the ever ef the govt could just collectively shut us down and we are simply just doing it. Nothing feels right to me. I get I am a minority with this thought process but just not getting it . Just feels so odd . Trying to not wear a tinfoil hat but just so flipping nuts. Things are going great . Economy roaring and BOOM!!! I feel like In some weird way . The left won .. just this sick feeling I cannot shake.

@mrctv: "Nancy Pelosi admits that Democrats 'knew about' the forthcoming coronavirus outbreak, but chose to pursue their partisan impeachment regardless."

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I can breathe!

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. I slept until 1pm and woke up an hour ago to an extremely productive cough and NO problem getting oxygen into my lungs.

Shortness of breath scared the hell out of me yesterday. It's such a slow suffocating feeling. Breathing deeper and/or faster didn't feel like it helped and that induced something akin to mild claustrophobia.

Sore throat is worse, fever subsided a little, but being able to breathe normally is EVERYTHING!

So my friend is freaking out . Her brother lives in NYC. He just told hers New Yorker is dying every 3 minutes . How can this be accurate ?


To end on June 10th. Why June 10th? A Wednesday?

Republican primary date is June 9th.

These MF'ers never miss a beat.

Information provided by residents at the epicenter of the CCP virus in Wuhan, China, indicates that the real death toll there could be over 32,000, which is 12.7 times the official figure.

Medical specialists’ reports in the Lancet and other magazines revealed that Chinese authorities have been lying about the virus outbreak since day one. The real situation in Wuhan and the whole of China has been covered up.

"Remain in social distancing" better be a general recommendation like "wash your hands" or "don't cough on people's faces"...

For sure as I can be this country is NOT "staying in place" until the end of April.

No fucking way.

The remedy is proving to be way worse than the illness.

PLEASE get this article to Twitter heavyweights like Brian Cates, Jeff Carlson, Thomas, Tracy Beanz, Shem H, DawsonSField, Chaos Actual, Seth Levy, Rosie and all the other awesome patriots in our gang.


Rudy W. Giuliani

“Hydroxychloroquine has been shown to have a 100% effective rate treating COVID-19

Yet Democrat Gretchen Whitmer is threatening doctors who prescribe it

If Trump is for something—Democrats are against it

They’re okay with people dying if it means opposing Trump”


COVID-19 updates are avail on:

Maybe others. Mainstream media is having a hissy fit and won't show WH updates because President Trump's popularity is rising as a result.

@watspn1013 How the hell can it be legal for her to tell Drs how to treat patients? These Governors in Michigan and Nevada have no right to practice medicine without a license. Class action suits need to be started by the people for the people. I am horrified.

Here's where I get absolutely pissed.

I don't think there is ONE person who thinks we shouldn't take the Wuhan Sniffles seriously. That we shouldn't wash our hands or even protect the most vulnerable.

What people have a problem with is the absolute mass hysteria over this when we don't do the same for the flu or anything else that kills.

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