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Oh, Gosh!! Chills! AG Bill Barr on bagpipes, rocking out Scotland the Brave. Delightful. Thank you for sharing. Good, integrous people are so much more fascinating than the empty soy coalition.

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“It’s a very unusual situation to have opposition research like that, especially one that on its face had a number of clear mistakes and a somewhat jejune analysis,” Barr said. “And to use that to conduct counterintelligence against an American political campaign is a strange — would be a strange development."

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Am amused at a particular point of AG Barr's yesterday interview, aired today by Bill Hemmer (kudos). He sniffs at jejune analysis. I too... sniff at jejune analysis... after I looked up the definition. Love. Him

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Am so very very grateful to see the power of free citizens' votes, and the fact they walked in and voted so... despite propaganda media and polls.

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Agreed. And not just history. There is so much talk about democracy here in US, but we are a Constitutional Republic of states for a reason. We are not a straight democracy because the US was intentionally designed to NOT have mob rule.

1. Historical thread: Did the Jesuits assassinate Abraham Lincoln?

This is a thread on a subject that caught my interest when it was mentioned by @Debradelai in relation to another topic. I hope it doesn’t violate the rule against conspiracy theories. In his memoirs, a former Catholic priest, Charles Chiniquy (of whom more below) makes the shocking allegation that the Vatican caused or at least encouraged and funded the US Civil War and ordered the assassination of President Lincoln.

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A 17-year-old "social media influencer" was just murdered by a 21-year-old fellow influencer.

He killed her with a knife in his car and then posted the photos.

There was almost no reaction in the comments. Just "WTF" and "RIP."

YOUR reaction is normal. I've watched only one beheading video, just to prove that another one was fake.

Too many young people today are utterly abnormal in their reactions to suffering.

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He took a long time deciding to run. Perhaps he was given a deal by the DOJ.
If a gaffe like this happens again, then I’m convinced Biden is a Judas Goat for Trump.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic People are so afraid of what will be said that they've automatically gone in the mode of being a leftist.

Trump is right. If you hate this country then leave! Tlaib might’ve been born here, but her heart is in her parent's birthplace. Omar would rather shit on America than be thankful for the refuge.

The others are so anti-American, why don't they just denounce it and live in any other country?

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For a comment to be racist, it must be false.

Falsity is the key characteristic.

If the statement isn't false, it's not racist. It may be shocking, even offensive, but NOT racist.

Being lectured to by the likes of Omar and Tahlib on democracy, is akin to being lectured to by the Grand Wizard of the Klan on racial harmony.

Trump is absolutely correct to expose these people and shove their hypocrisy straight back down their throats. We need more of it.


Carrying an extended silent comedy seqence is almost a lost art. This is one example I can remember seeing that approached it and it was from the 90's. I would love to see more if they are out there:

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Go to my freezer, right now in fact, since you mentioned it. Reese's variety. Yum.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic ?

Was it a Klondike bar?

Oh, what would you do for a Klondike bar?

As a kid (9-12) I wasn't terrible, just determined not to be bored.
Occasionally I'd be caught doing something I'd SPECIFICALLY been told not to do...
My Aunt once slapped me so hard I went HORIZONTAL in mid air THEN fell to the ground
It happened like a Thunderbolt from Zeus. (I'd been engrossed in eating a stolen Ice Cream Bar).
She actually recoiled in shock at what she'd done, til I INSTANTLY popped up & said "I'm sorry Aunt (X) is the food almost ready?

@Lemonhead I have been traveling for work today, so I was late to this. Those comments were insane! People are getting educated while being entertained, because in the middle of all fo that, this is one of the messages that was communicated.

VibeHi on tw@tter today labeling the ICE agent who escorted VP Pence as is one for the social media books. Even young CJ Pearson begged for this woman's attention by tweeting that he was an illegal immigrant.


Yes, it worked. Thank you so much!

TW's insight is other worldly.

Newt Gingrich was on Hannity earlier predicting the RAT ticket will be Knee Pad aka Horizontal Harris & lying & delusional PowWow Warren. No dirty laundry there, ya think?

We can refer to them as the Twilight Zone of Liberal InsanityTicket!

The Washington Post @washingtonpost

Trump’s racist tweets were written in the White House, which slaves helped build

not a parody

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