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Our federal government was designed in 1787 to do this, and only this:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Boy, did we scope creep.

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@JM @DonnaLea
Agreed. And not just history. There is so much talk about democracy here in US, but we are a Constitutional Republic of states for a reason. We are not a straight democracy because the US was intentionally designed to NOT have mob rule.

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@cmclark63 @SandyisGettingSteamed @REX @ThomasWic @GenFlynn

Am so very very grateful to see the power of free citizens' votes, and the fact they walked in and voted so... despite propaganda media and polls.

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My post Quod handle is "Barr sniffs at jejune analysis", from a Bill Hemmer interview of AG Barr at the time I joined Quod.

Not changing, as it leads to my threads and main contacts here.

But for the named one, it was a poor the end.

In the four years of World War II, 300,000 American soldiers lost their lives, or 75,000 per year. In the last four years, the number of Americans poisoned by fentanyl, has approached that number. These poisons, deliberately designed to kill Americans and especially young Americans, are supplied by China and smuggled across our open southern border by Mexican drug cartels.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Gmajv @watch4thedrop @Debradelai

Exactly what I did. Copy everything. I did receive my last passport back, as it contains my 5 year Brazilian Visa. I have to show both when entering the country.

P.S. I also got the Drivers License sized version, too. That way I don't have to carry the regular one around.

@Gmajv @watch4thedrop @Debradelai

One of the things I learned was to send it "certified". They have to acknowledge and sign that what you sent them was received.

Bella's a sewing monster now. Power hungry, can't wait for something tear. Her "Kissy Missy" plushy is all better now. And Daddy's glowing.


I would have snatched my food from her hands and snatched my 8$ tip back and slammed the door in her face. What am ungrateful witch. I usually only tip 5 - 6 dollars when I order from dominoes which is a 5 minute drive from my home. Driver has always been thankful for the tips.

1 hour ago

The same people using food delivery services and providing food delivery services are trying to take my gas stove away from me because of Climate Change. Just think about that for a second.

Yes, there were hard arguments and very difficult conflicts among different factions, and the grounds I described here and many others.

But when we were attacked (which happened often), we came together, almost exclusively.

This is the first time since the inception of Israel that this cohesion seems to be under a real threat.

And THAT is the part that worries many (on both sides) the most, and justifiably so.

THIS is how complicated this issue is.

And I'll finish here.



I'd say that the truth is somewhere in between, as I believe many from both sides speak in bad faith.

But my impression, from listening to demonstrators and to a recent interview with Barak on one side, and to the supporters from the other, is that if I'm forced to choose, I'd go with the demonstrators.

Regardless of the side one individual takes, the division now is a danger.

Israeli society was, on the surface, rather unified (at least the Jewish part), in the very basics.


I forgot to say - the reform itself aims at changing how new judges are appointed, by giving the Government and Knesset coalition a much bigger role in the decisions.

The supporters of the reform say that this will break the SC hold over the other powers, thus improving the democracy.

The demonstrators see this move as a way to make the SC essentially subordinate to the government, giving the latter too much power, and thus destroying democracy.

It's hard to tell which is more right.


He keeps calling everyone who opposes him a leftist, leading to ridiculous situations.

Indeed, Lieberman replied with ``how unreal that is, that the man living in Caesarea (a very affluent town on the sea) calls the man living in Nokdim (in Judea and Samaria) a leftist''.

Now, Lieberman is the world's largest opportunist, lying effortlessly about everything, but on that account he was right.

That's not to say that everyone on the opposition talks in good faith, of course not.


This is quite the opposite of the American way, in which the freedoms of the individual are (or should be) sacred.

This can mean the banning of driving cars, and even using electricity, EVERY SATURDAY.

Many secular Jews worry about such things. But I'm a member of a Facebook group dealing with that issue, and I ended up mainly telling them that they're exaggerating and misinterpreting almost everything.

But the new Government put Avi Maoz in charge of new educational programs for kids.


I'm afraid that there were some behaviors of the SC that were problematic as well.

For example, we have our problem of illegal aliens. Some parts of southern Tel Aviv are occupied primarily by Sudanese and Eritrean people, some escaping the war or compulsory consciption in the latter, and some look for better life.

Many leftist organizations bring them here (sometimes against the law), and care for them.

It's quite an issue, with crimes being committed, rape, robbery, and others.


It is important to note that Bibi has another son, Avner, who stays away from political statements, and virtually no one in the media attacks. This is, indeed, to both Avner's and the media's credit.

But Yair did put out quite a lot of outrageous statements. Including a conspiracy theory meme of Ehud Barak and others being Soros puppets, controlled by Reptilians or something.

Whatever you do, if you're a Jew and your meme ends up being boosted by David Duke in the US, something is wrong.


Unlike Trump, who came as an outsider to politics, with a new message, Bibi ran on issues which HE COULD HAVE DEALT WITH in many rounds before. And didn't.

He keeps claiming that ``it's the left who prevented me from doing all this good for the citizens of Israel''. While it may be true on some, very specific issues, as a whole it's blatantly false.

Now, the opposition isn't good either, far from it. There is a severe crisis of lack of leadership on that side, in an unprecedented level.


Now, the vast majority on QV (me included) see the divison in the US as one side being very problematic, and even insane (the left/Dems), and another, which has some issues, but a decent part of which (Trump, DeSantis, Youngkin, and others) acting in good faith and for the interest of America.

It's easy to deduce, based on the analogy from before, that the situation here is the same.

I'm afraid the reality here is significantly more complicated. Both sides are characterized by bad faith.


There is also the issue of racism, which here is two-fold: Jews vs. Arabs, and inter-Jewish, Ashkenazi vs. Mizrahi.

We'll get to that part later.

This analogy, however, does not extend to other aspects, and sometimes it's the exact opposite.

This is what Lee Smith (and others) miss in their interpretations of the events.

One big difference, which has a significant role in how things play out here, is the difference in the election system.

You have one every 4 years, always.


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