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And again, let's not forget what has been bleeding obvious for years.


The most powerful person on earth. BY FAR.

He knows all and sees all.

We do not. Nor do his enemies.

Trump knows full well what the Dems have done. DNI Ratcliffe would have already briefed him.

Never forget the power a POTUS has, or the resources at his disposal.

Trump understands that what is happening now is far bigger than the 2020 election.

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Of course, Trump must win re-election.

To do that, Trump must conclusively prove that Biden & the Dems cheated in a huge way.

Contrary to the caricature the Dems paint, this idea that Trump is a desperate tyrant in the White House is a fiction, a fairytale, a LIE.

Let's be logical.

Trump would definitely not advance these allegations unless he ALREADY had evidence to prove them.

If Trump had no evidence, he would concede.

Unlike China Joe, Trump is a law and order President.

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For Trump, this isn't about winning the election, it's about saving America.

The election is a battle in a bigger war.

Understand that and you will have a far better grasp of Trump's strategy. And what is to follow.

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The American Republic is facing one of its most serious crises EVER.

Don't believe me?

Did you hear Newt Gingrich yesterday? He was FREAKING OUT.

Gingrich called it the worst scandal in his 62 years of political experience. A gang of crooks & extremist ideologues is trying to steal the Presidency.

Led by a crook compromised by the CCP in Beijing.

If they win, they won't give up power. It's doubtful America ever has a fair election again.

Trump knows this, as well.

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Trump has known the reality of things for a LONG time.

Before he was POTUS and even more so, since his inauguration.

Do you remember his first State of the Union?

'America will never be a socialist country'.

Don't be distracted.

Focus on the REAL war and the true battlefield, like Trump has been.

Could be wrong, but my prediction is that the cheating and fraud by the Democrats will be fully exposed.

That the true winner of this election will be inaugurated.

And it won't be Joe Biden.

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Iron Butterfly (@IronBut62203846) Tweeted:
@TweetWordz @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @kayleighmcenany As a proud Veteran of the Viet Nam era. The oath I took to defend the constitution and protect our country from enemies foreign or domestic, etc. Has NO expiration date, I’m ready to fight. God Bless POTUS and God Bless The United States of America 🇺🇸 twitter.com/IronBut62203846/st

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45🇺🇸 (@45F0RLIFE) Tweeted:
BOOM! 🚨🚨🚨

“Everything you’re seeing tonight is an illusion. There is no President Elect.” @gregkellyusa t.co/Kk2l81qj8s twitter.com/45F0RLIFE/status/1

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Just a reminder that the Dems pulled the late wave of votes off in 2018 as well. And they didn't have the cover story of COVID mail ins that year.

Trump and his electoral protection people at CSISA had 2 years to deconstruct how the Dems manufactured their Blue Wave.

All they needed was to catch them in the act and show the whole world the con artists' scam.


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I LOVE this photo. Kudos @VIPER

Well done @Debradelai @ThomasWic - both legends. You're making such a huge difference.

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COVID-19 July 02 USA infection by State

World Cases
Mild 99% Serious 1%

USA Daily Survival Rate = 96.0%

USA Total infection -2,779,953

7 states NY,NJ,IL,MA,CA,FL,TX=51%

35 States-98% equal to or greater Persons with No Infections

15 States- equal to or less 97.9%Persons No Infections
From worldometers.info/coronavirus

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A new extensive Hydroxychloroquine study conducted by Henry Ford Health System revealed hydroxychloroquine successfully lowered the death rate among hospitalized COVID-19 patients by a significant margin.


😎>> There has been a lot of concern & circumstantial evidence that the "official" numbers of CV19 cases & deaths have been significantly INFLATED. Dr Bukacek has been a practicing physician for decades & filled out death certificates for the past 30 yrs. She carefully takes us behind the scene about the significant latitude available for filling out death certificates even before CV19 showed up. Factor in explicit CDC guidelines & other factors, the bias is truly scary.

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🆘Watch what this Chinese Trump supporter has to say about Corona🦠

🔥Biochemical Warfare

✳️Watch & Listen Carefully!


😎 >> There is a lot to digest here, yet it comes from someone who lives in Italy via another person I have high regards for and a lot of the observations shared correlate with other publicly available info.

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