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So, I've been doing martial arts since I was 8. I started in Tae Kwon Do, but made it all the way to Brown Sr., one step away from black belt. But the school didn't do me any favors. They never told me in order to test for black, I had to know all the previous belt levels. I became fustrated and left. I was probably 12/13 years old.

We moved to another part of Maryland and I started up with another school. Again, I got one step before black belt when my social anxiety hit.

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@Debradelai @Jackie Eactly what you said Saul. The 'Combatting Climate Change' demand is straight out of the Leftist Union driven playbook. The Unions are pulling the same Leftist rhetoric Down here in Australia as well.

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They said Russia over and over again until idiots believed it. Now they are doubling down on calling him a racist and pretty soon all the idiots will believe it too. Neurolinguistic programming is crystal clear.

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Seriously. How do you get "conservative bias" out of "conservative media" unless you've programmed your site that way? Literally makes no sense.

Wow. I googled "conservative media" because I was curious to different outlets to see if I missed any, and this is the screen shot from google:

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Perfect. The Democrat media Complex is now publishing analysis describing the Justice Democrats as fringe....this is all due to Pres Trump focusing his twatter laser beam on them. Conservative Inc predicted doom & called Trump childish for commenting on the Justice Democrats. Reality, Trump is a stable genius playing 4D chess because Fringe Dems are being defended by Democrat presidential contenders. Ha.

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Last week, PayPal Founder Thiel urged an investigation of Google’s “seemingly treasonous acts,” in allowing its contracts with the DoD to lapse, in favor of working on projects with the Chinese Communist Party.

How many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated Google’s Deep Mind?
Does management consider itself thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence?
Is it because of Chinese infiltration that they will work with the Chinese military and not with the US?

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"demanded that Amazon ... do more to combat climate change and cut ties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement"

They are out of their minuscule minds.

Most are going back to the unemployment line. It's only a matter of time.

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Now, to be clear : I'm NOT wading into Seth Rich murder conspiracies.

I'm just pointing out that all these people pushing the 'muh DNC hack' narrative are connected.

And also, that all the right people appear to be VERY nervous about something that's about to emerge about Julian Assange, the DNC and Seth Rich.

We will learn the truth, soon enough.

The end.

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I am so tired of seeing the "SQUAD" on the cover of @FoxNews
The ugly four haters of Trump
Stop with the brown-ness already. They are only one face of a full-out snark squad of democrats who want socialism.

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Sines is VERY anxious to link 'muh Putin' to the Wikileaks DNC emails. And to back up Mueller.

Ditto, Kirschner. BTW here he is in full on adulation mode , to Rob Reiner's nutty anti-Trump site:

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Tech giants have really created a monster by giving their employees so much power.

Amazon protests erupt worldwide as employees use Prime Day to raise awareness about poor working conditions, inadequate pay and the e-commerce giant's links to ICE

Amazon employees across the US and Germany staged walk outs on Monday
They demanded that Amazon improve working environments, do more to combat climate change and cut ties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement

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: Latina border patrol agent pictured with Mike Pence at Texas detention center becomes viral sensation and hits back at critics who slammed her working at the migrant facility

The pretty officer gained nearly 23,000 Twitter followers in around 24 hours

But many people have been outraged at the inappropriate nickname for a guard at a detention center and incensed by her proud response to the overnight fame

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Kirschner was DC Homicide Deputy Chief of the Homicide Section for four years and Chief of the Homicide Section from 2004 – 2010. He retired from the DC USAO on June 1, 2018.

Kirshner & Sines would have run the Seth Rich case. Oh, who was their direct boss between 1990-1993 & then 1990-1998?

And still their great hero?

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Isikoff mentions a certain Deborah Sines, the DC homicide veteran assigned to the Rich murder, who of course agrees with Mueller that the DNC was hacked by them damned Ruskis.

Makes sense. Sines BFF, colleague on many cases and boss was a fellow called Glenn Kirshner, presently starring as a raving anti-Trump lunatic, on MSNBC.

Who is Glenn Kirshner?

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That's just FIVE solid reasons why this new report is 100% FICTION.

No doubt, there are many more reasons, too.

This garbage comes on top of a nonsensical Yahoo piece a few days ago by none other than inkshitter Michael Isikoff, that hilariously contradicts thus new CNN report, claiming the DNC emails were hacked by the Russian troll farm indicted by Mueller's SC.

Oh, about Robert Mueller:

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