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's support for global terrorism & obvious drive to obtain nuclear weapons fully justifies the U.S. administration's strong determination to restore all UN sanctions on the mullahs' regime.

My take sheds light on the "snapback" mechanism.

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's fake news apparatus, including their network of apologists/lobbyists, continuously claim U.S. sanctions are to blame for medicine shortages inside the country.

My take explains how Tehran's corrupt regime is to blame.


Hi my friend,
I had bookmarked one of your recent Twitter threads to read it today, only to see you were purged. I'm sorry about that.

If you have it published on any other platform, can you please send me a link. I'm trying to find it here or elsewhere to no avail. My net is quite slow these days.

Thanks in advance!

Abadan, SW
Long line for vegetable oil

Iran has the world's 2nd largest natural gas & 4th largest oil reserves. The money goes to:

-dictators like Assad
-terrorists like Hezbollah
-ballistic missiles
-a completely unnecessary nuclear program

A Belgian court is expected to sentence diplomat Assadollah Assadi on terrorism charges on Jan 22 following a trial where he became the first diplomat tried for terrorism in Europe, even though he is far from the first to have undertaken such acts.

In the latest World Bank estimate of the state of ’s economy, the statistics provided again show negative economic growth and the economy shrinking in the past three years.

Iran’s economy has shrunk by 16.5 percent over the past three years.

There were 4,482 recorded protests in 2020 with an average of 373 protests a month, according to sources affiliated with the Iranian Resistance.

Human Rights Monitor Annual Report 2020 – Torture and ill-treatment of prisoners

Torture is one of the most inhuman methods of extracting confession and imposing pressure on dissidents. This method has been systematically used in prisons during the rule of the mullahs’ regime.

's opaque judiciary is slated to execute a second champion wrestler after it engaged in the widely criticized wrongful hanging of the Greco-Roman wrestler in September for his role in protesting regime corruption.

There's nothing more self-humiliating for 's regime than unveiling a huge Qassem Soleimani effigie in the Golan Heights near the Israel-Syria border.

This is the regime in that governments in the West believe should be further appeased.

A Tehran court sentenced a man to 99 lashes for having a relationship outside of marriage. Ramin's sentence has been upheld by 's Supreme Court and has been issued for implementation.
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—Long line for cooking gas

Over 60 million of Iran's population of 84 million live in poverty. All the while, the regime continues to fund:

Assad—$15 bn/yr
Hezbollah—$700 mill/yr
Houthis—at least $360 mill/yr
Hamas—$360 mill/yr
Iraqi militias—$150 mill/yr

has the world's 2nd largest natural gas & 4th largest oil reserves. The money goes to:

-dictators like Assad
-terrorists like Hezbollah
-ballistic missiles
-a completely unnecessary nuclear program

New episode in 's nuclear extortion

If sanctions are not lifted Iran will expel inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency on February 21, says Ahmad Amirabadi, a member of the regime's parliament presidium.


For @HeshmatAlavi

You said:

"I would also appreciate it if you could breakdown the 1-2-3 events that Trump would have to process into a new administration for his second term come January 20, 2021."

First I'll explain the factors.

All indicators are that the pace and depth of dissent in appear to be increasing. Therefore, officials in Tehran may not be as optimistic as the rest of us about what lies ahead in 2021.

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