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's fake news apparatus, including their network of apologists/lobbyists, continuously claim U.S. sanctions are to blame for medicine shortages inside the country.

My take explains how Tehran's corrupt regime is to blame.

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Facing escalating domestic protests & unprecedented international isolation, 's regime is desperate to save face. Through this process, they will resort to whatever lie & propaganda necessary.

My latest piece explains.

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Dr. Yousefpour—Saqqez, W Iran
"I warned about COVID-19 a month ago. For this reason the authorities summoned me eight times. I have to appear in court for telling the truth... If you don't see me again, it's not because of being infected with coronavirus or a road accident."

April 3—Nasiriyah, southern Iraq
Locals are reportedly attacking checkpoints and various units of government security forces.

April 3—Nasiriyah, southern Iraq
Reports indicate locals have launched a demonstration and Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) units are opening fire on their ranks.

Your periodic reminder that the mullahs' leader has not approved even a dime of Iran's National Development Fund to fight the country's coronavirus crisis.

However, he immediately approved 200 million euros from this Fund for the terrorist IRGC Quds Force.

Iran's new official coronavirus stats
3,294 dead
53,183 cases

Opposition MEK: Over 16,100 dead

Report: COVID19 is spreading throughout various military bases & barracks across Iran. 50% of these sites are empty.

"... by mid-January, senior officials in the ministry had received letters from doctors warning about the problem in Qom, followed by similar warnings from Mashhad and other cities. 'But the ministry silenced everyone...'"

Iran knew that the country had coronavirus infections in Tehran as early in January, according to an Iranian opposition group -- a timeline far earlier than that given by regime officials.

Biden calls for sanctions relief for Iran during coronavirus pandemic

March 30-"There's a lot of speculation from my foreign policy team that they're in real trouble & that they're lying."

Danial Zin Alabedini was killed under torture in Miandoab Prison in western Iran yesterday. His father suffered a heart attack after seeing his tortured body. Alabedini was 17 when sentenced to death.

Read more:

Over 16,100 coronavirus deaths in 237 across Iran, via opposition MEK.

This is a 600 uptick from the previous day. The regime's official death toll is 3,160, less than a fifth of the real figure.

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Larijani Quarantined With Coronavirus

My take:
When senior officials—with exclusive access to medical supplies—are infected, the number of cases & deaths are far higher than official stats.

The late Dr. Yahya Vahidi, asleep & exhausted in the struggle against coronavirus in Iran.

Dr. Vahidi is, unfortunately, among the many physicians, nurses & medical staff members who have lost their lives in Iran as the regime refuses to provide adequate supplies & equipment.

US President Donald Trump on :
-We have good intelligence. Don't launch an attack.
-This response will be bigger if they do something.
-We don't want hostility. But if they are hostile to us, they're going to regret it like they've never regretted anything before.

The key here is that the U.S., Iraq, and Iran all know full well that Kata'ib Hezbollah's attacks on U.S. forces are de facto Iranian attacks.

"Iran Is Lying About Its Coronavirus Crisis"

False death tolls are just one way the regime refuses to address the crisis.

Tuyserkan, W Iran
Locals forced authorities to fill a mass grave prepared for COVID19 victims prior to authorities transferring dead bodies into the dig.

Does Tehran actually expect us to believe their numbers of 2,898 coronavirus deaths?

Opposition MEK:
At least 14,700 dead across 237 cities throughout Iran

Iran's new official coronavirus stats
3,036 dead
47,593 cases

Opposition MEK: Over 14,700 dead

Iranian MD
“We have yet to reach the peak in many parts of the country, including Tehran,... this virus will probably be with us for a year or two.”

Israeli warplanes target al-Shayrat airbase near Homs in western Syria. Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force have units stationed at this site.
No reports yet of casualties or damage assessment.

Over 14,700 dead across 237 cities of Iran over coronavirus, via opposition MEK.

Iranian doctor:
“In many parts of the country, including Tehran, we still haven’t reached the peak... this virus will probably stay with us for a year of two.”

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