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's support for global terrorism & obvious drive to obtain nuclear weapons fully justifies the U.S. administration's strong determination to restore all UN sanctions on the mullahs' regime.

My take sheds light on the "snapback" mechanism.

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's fake news apparatus, including their network of apologists/lobbyists, continuously claim U.S. sanctions are to blame for medicine shortages inside the country.

My take explains how Tehran's corrupt regime is to blame.

In a call for urgent action on June 15, 2018, Amnesty International said Zeinab Jalalian is being subjected to torture by blocking her access to medical care.

The genocidal regime murdered 's national hero Navid Afkari.
(Bottom row, first from right)

Now, we're all Navid.

International sports associations & distinguished athletes can push their elected representatives to shun 's officials, cancel their foreign visits & stop appeasing this genocidal regime.

"Protester Died Under Torture While in Custody, New Reports Indicate"

Relatives of dismissed the judiciary’s claims about him as “shameless lies”, saying he died of injuries received while in custody.

Sep 26—Takestan, NW
Bank Melli Intersection
Explosion at a gas station leaves three dead and more injured.

Iranian workers can’t afford to send their children to school

Over 60 million people live in poverty across

Yet the regime funds:

Assad—$15 bn/yr
Hezbollah—$700 mill/yr
Houthis—at least $360 mill/yr
Hamas—$360 mill/yr
Iraqi militias—$150 mill/yr

Shahin Naseri, the cellmate of who had testified in court about him being tortured, has been handed over to the state police intel units, according to an attorney involved in Navid Afkari’s legal case.

His life is in danger.

Video from

"My child doesn't have medicine!" this mother screams.

The Iranian people are suffering while the regime funds:

Assad—$15 billion/year
Hezbollah—$700 mn/yr
Houthis—at least $360 mn/yr
Hamas—$360 mn/yr
Iraqi militias—$150 mn/yr

(These are conservative numbers.)

A court in issued an inhuman ruling to separate a 2-year-old toddler from her Christian parents despite her “strong emotional bonds.”
The court ruled on Sep 23 that since the little girl was born Muslim she could not be adopted by a Christian couple.

While referring to the Iranian people’s economic & social hardships, ’s state media warn of the regime’s wrong policie, reflect the mullahs’ concern fear of the society’s restiveness, the regime’s int'l isolation & a looming uprising.

An Iranian court in southwestern took away the custody of the 2-year-old adopted daughter of an Iranian Christian couple. Maryam Falahi and Sam Khosravi adopted Lydia when she was just 3 months old. The Bushehr Court of Appeals said on September 22 that the child was born to Muslim parents and therefore a Christian family could not adopt her.

German officials imposed a ban on the sale of model aircraft engines to after a shipment ended up in drones used by the Houthis in Yemen to attack Saudi Arabia.
Dossier circulating in Europe suggests Houthi-Iran drone production is financed by Qatar.

In 1988 ’s rulers brutally executed potentially more than 30,000 political prisoners, including teenagers & pregnant women, the world kept silent. To this date, the UN has not formally investigated this horrific crime against humanity.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas appealed Friday to the UN to arrange an international conference early next year on the peace process, in the wake of two Gulf Arab states’ recognition of Israel.

The US and European countries must pressure the UN General Assembly and Security Council to take action on 's atrocious human rights record, writes Dr. Majid Rafizadeh.

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