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Newly obtained video
Shiraz, south-central
Protesters torched a number of traffic police cars and their station.

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As Iraqis are continuing their relentless protests, the regime in is deeply concerned about the future.

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's fake news apparatus, including their network of apologists/lobbyists, continuously claim U.S. sanctions are to blame for medicine shortages inside the country.

My take explains how Tehran's corrupt regime is to blame.

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Facing escalating domestic protests & unprecedented international isolation, 's regime is desperate to save face. Through this process, they will resort to whatever lie & propaganda necessary.

My latest piece explains.

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Nov 19
Tehran-Intense clashes & gunfire in Narmak district
Tehran-Banks burned in Sadeqiye district
Shahre Quds-All gas stations are burned
Eslamshahr is described as a "war zone", many people are armed & armed clashes are escalating

Nationwide Uprising Continues in Tehran, Other Cities Despite Ruthless Suppression

"The IRGC has brought in tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs) to suppress the people."

Iran internet shut down as regime fears expansion of protests triggered by fuel price hike

"The internet blockade comes as the regime prepares itself for a brutal crackdown on the protests."

is literally needed to save lives.

Newly obtained video
Nov 18 - Khorramshahr, SW
Scenes of security forces opening fire & imposing a heavy crackdown on protesters.

Newly obtained video
Nov 17 - Mahshahr, SW
IRGC & anti-riot unit members opening heavy fire on protesters. Reports indicate 17 people were killed and nearly 20 were injured.

Nov 19 - Shahriar, near Tehran,
Video shows protests continuing despite crackdown & internet shutdown. People are seen forcing security forces to flee the area.

Nov 19

Kermanshah (W Iran) - Protests & clashes continued; banks & administration buildings torched; bazaar closed; three police officers killed, numerous IRGC Basij members injured

Rasht (N Iran) - Rallies continue, protesters blocking roads

(File Photos)

Newly obtained video
Mariwan, W
Security forces are opening heavy fire on protesters.
Dozens are killed & injured.
Authorities have closed all roads leading to the city & directly firing at people. The city is literally in flames yet the uprising continues in full force.

Images of centers associated to the mullahs torched by protesters. The Iranian people have made it clear: We will topple this regime in its entirety.

Nov 19
-Security units firing on gatherings of 8 or more
-Clashes in Tehran's Sadeqiye & Tehranpars districts, 2 protesters killed
-6 banks torched in Tehran's Damavand district
Nov 18
-Many protesters killed in Mahshahr, including 2 women

(File Photo)

Nov 16 - Tabriz, NW
Newly obtained footage of the intense protests in this city.

Nov 19 - Karaj, west of Tehran,
Azad University students rallying and chanting, “Enough with promises! Our people are fed up!”

Nov 17 - Fardis, near Karaj, west of Tehran,
Mehdi Papi, 31, was shot and killed by the regime's security forces.

Iran’s internet blackout is setting the stage for the massacre of protesters

"... the regime is resorting to the mass killing of Iranian citizens after blocking internet access."

Reports indicate clashes continue in Tehran, Golshahr (Karaj) and other cities. Protesters are specifically targeting the regime's administrative buildings.

Shiraz, south-central
Latest images of administrative buildings burned by angry protesters.

Nov 19 - Behbahan, SW
Farzad Ansari, killed recently by the regime's forces, was buried today.

Shiraz, south-central
-Authorities have launched air patrols
-Reports indicate protesters are in control of many districts
-Many banks & police stations have been torched
-Many administrative buildings are under the people's control

Nov 18 - Baharestan,
Police command building & other offices of the security forces burned by protesters.

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