“I believe love is the answer, but I own a handgun just in case.”

- Sen Kennedy

The painting spent about eight years in a dusty art room so I tested it to see if I could bring in back to life... I think I can.

@NevadaJack @Wendy

Zuckie is a tiny little man-robot, isn't he? Hahaha! I guess it's cheaper to make them like that.


...and pissed. He's wondering where his powerful friends are. New Sheriff dude, new sheriff...😁


Still a tie of sorts. Asshole Ganz got two more seats than Netanyahu, but short of a majority.

Still he will be asked to form a government first. A cretin who supported the deal with Iran, wants to negotiate with terrorists and blames Israel for Hamas rocket attacks...go figure.

The balance is in the hands of Lieberman, who could push either over the needed 61.

A former ally of Likud who does not want religious parties in the coalition.

A royal mess leading to yet another election


Ann Coulter, idiot.

If Trump is a prototype of a president, that means he's the first in a production line of presidents.

In other words, we'll be damn lucky if he's a prototype.

She has no idea what she just said.

Her witticism maker crapped out.

I think Avenatti has met his match. His game playing is front and center in this case but he's not moving forward an inch.

Can't wait to watch this bastard being locked in a cell. For the remainder of his lifetime would be too light a sentence.


George Nader had the look of a sick pig.

It seems like the Special Counsel investigation carries the curse of the Hope Diamond


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.