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One of the reasons I looked at this was because I keep hearing people 'freaking out' over the coming magnetic pole flip of our planet.

While it WILL have some pretty disastrous effects, the planet will NOT flip over or start spinning backward.

You SHOULD educate yourself on the coming effects of the magnetic pole flip though. It may not happen in your life time, but you should be able to educate your kids about it, because it will happen in their life times.

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Lastly, here is a good resource for information about the 'pole flip'.

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What the Headlines WON'T say=entitled Shitbag stabs Mom to death because REASONS (Read:Demonic) then tries to pin it on his Aged & Ailing Father, Police arrive & see he's PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE of the killing & then encounter the Son who, armed, resists arrest & gets shot dead by 4 Officers.
RIP Valerie Ely.

Project Veritas: CNN Staff Demoralized by Conflict-Driven Ratings Bait, ‘We’re Totally Left-Leaning’

Elizabeth Warren Deletes Tweet Announcing Her DNA Test Results

Sandy Hook father awarded $450,000 in defamation suit against university professor

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@umad80 @watch4thedrop Me too. Women who like themselves do not find this offensive. It's funny. If we can't make fun of ourselves, we have lost our humanity.

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For those who think throwing a lot of money at a Dem is everything. Team Trump is battle-ready....

"Dems always have a fantasy of winning TX but someone ask Bob O'Rourke how that worked out. "

(Just ask Wendy "pink shoes" Davis....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

It's a little early to be dramatizing routine weather events, and it looks like the climatards got a head start with this year's first BOMB CYCLONE!!!!

Bomb Cyclone slams Northeast with heavy rain, winds as hundreds of thousands without power

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@redwhitebluedude Without femininity, women are just second-rate men. This requires masculinity to be demonized to level the playing field. It's all toxic.

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This is fun to watch...
London’s commuters have had it with Eco-Nazis who demand attention by climbing on top of the subways, bringing the trains to a halt.
The normal people “pelt them with rubbish and climb up and drag them off the train.

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@RPL @Cdubois @wziminer

The following should be posed to the political hacks voting against Our Donald's Syria policy.

Have any of the members of Congress gone out to Dover AFB to console & stand with the families waiting for the remains of their loved ones to be carried off the aircraft? Which members of Congress specifically, by name!

How many members of Congress & specifically, which ones by name, go out to Walter Reed to visit the wounded on a regular basis? If not, why not?

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Now I understand.

Like Hillary, he has Parkinson's disease, and they're overdosing him with Levodopa, which causes ocular dsykinesia--abnormal eye movements.

Levodopa and Parkinson's also cause dementia.

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How many walls has Congress spent money on, thousands of miles away from the US?

And nothing for one on our own border.

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There was a Turkish storyline on HBO series "Succession". Logan sends Roman off for financing.

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Don Surber:
The House voted 354-60 to condemn President Donald John Trump's decision not to get involved in a dispute between Turkey and Syria. If members were Syria-ous, they would have voted to declare war. Put up or shut up.

But 2 1/2 years earlier, these chicken hawks in Washington accused President Donald John Trump of trying to start World War III in Syria.

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Forgive if already posted:

James O'Keefe
‏ @JamesOKeefeIII

UNBELIEVABLE: Twitter is saying it is “Sensitive material” to show NEW video of @CNN Production Supervisor saying “The only way This Will Go Away is When (Trump) Dies. Hopefully Soon.”

COME ON @jack

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