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Kennan was one of our greatest diplomats and statesmen who played a major role in formulating U.S. foreign policy with the Soviet Union during the early stages of the Cold War. He was the policy architect of our successful containment of the Soviet Union.

He died in 2005, and is probably spinning in his grave. Here's an interview with him from 1998:

Foreign Affairs; Now a Word From X


Albright and Cohen are still alive today, and making statements like these:

Albright: "Ukraine is entitled to its sovereignty, no matter who its neighbors happen to be."

Cohen: "Putin is getting more nervous and more desperate."

So much for their analyses.

Maybe Bubba was distracted by the upcoming impeachment, or maybe he was just ill-advised - perhaps both. Regardless, he didn't bother to listen to the advice of George Kennan who was vehemently opposed to expanding NATO.


Case can be made that we're now witnessing the results of Bill Clinton's foreign policy mistakes.

On his watch, the US decided to expand NATO, regardless of advice to the contrary.

Senate Approves Expansion of NATO by Vote of 80 - 19; Clinton Pleased by Decision

Sandy Berger, Madeline Albright & William Cohen helped Bubba make the decision and get it through the Senate.

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Bad straggity (intentional) 😂, them being stupid but feeling bold, aerial bragging, ruh roh wrong road everybody back up, wtf... we're here they're not wth, fk'n electrical vehicles, or maybe the guy upfront called "Chinese Drill"... 🤣 apparently Kuwait doesn't ring a bell 🙄

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The EU is open to admitting Ukraine NOW?

Thec power of Putin to cut his own feet.

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Kakala educates us on the Ukraine-Russia situation! This is a literal quote from an interview! (audio clip at bottom of toot.)

"Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine."


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Done! While I was voting, I could hear people behind me getting their ballots. 3 out of 4 took a Republican ballot. I hope that was how the day was going. Praying for Texas!

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Knock off the ten up front, four in the back and enjoy the show!

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Happy Texas Voting Day (and Fat Tuesday 😜)
No line for me at my voting location! (Yay)

The stalled Russian column reminds me of what can happen when you line up your vehicles on the same road.

Didn't Vlad and his generals watch this unfold in '91?

Like Saul asked, Where's the Ukrainian resistance?

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If there really is Ukrainian resistance...How can these ducks sit in a row and still be there?

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Interesting, if true.

Attributed to a 'senior U.S. defense official:'

Russia's 40-mile convoy, advancing on Kyiv, remains where it did yesterday because of:

-Ukrainian resistance

-Fuel sustainment problems

-Running out of food

- Deliberate pause to regroup, rethink, and reevaluate.

I think Chadbourn, NC might be better off without a police chief.

Ex-police chief who faked own death after being charged with 70 felonies is arrested, officials say

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If this is a legitimate photo then the Russians will have a difficult time blacking out news from Ukraine.

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