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Liberators and Survivors: The First Moments

Comment below the video above:

By father was among those who liberated Buchenwald. I have a couple dozen photos he took. He told us that he took the pictures because he knew no one would believe what they found there. I need to find an organization that will preserve this precious evidence of what happened at Buchenwald.

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The Gleeification of our boys right here.
Where is the father?


Democrats tried to destroy Trump's life, his family, and everything he loves--now they want a favor.

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Trump releases his list for possible SCOTUS picks, and a week later RBG dies...?

Either Trump had some inside information or his timing is impeccable.

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Saw he's getting sued. Judge over a sketchy sounding case.The defense lawyer for the defendant was disbarred for some serious ish. But, the defendant got community service and his parter got time. Anyhoo, never liked the dude.

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The treatment of Kavanaugh and his family was so appalling and the behavior of the Democrats so vile and disgusting that I am sure the process will be streamlined and reduced to its essentials.

There is literally no time for the demonic theatre and infernal capers put on by the Democrats. The Dems will be busy elsewhere, destroying themselves in the streets

McConnell, Trump and Graham have had this planned. It is already evident in how it is being addressed tonight

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Im loving and laughing at the liberal meltdown over RBG's passing.

Over on FB, my friends believe it's the end of the world!


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In three hours we start recording Beard Blather.

We won't have a shortage of subjects today...

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Sebastian Gorka DrG
Are you ready guys?
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Another “sane” reaction to RBG’s death Face with tears of joy

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New York City is facing its worst economic crisis in 45 years. The unemployment rate is 20%. This seems like a logical priority....


New York will honor the life and legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a statue in Brooklyn, her birthplace.

This statue will serve as a physical reminder of Justice Ginsburg's monumental contributions to the America we know today and as an inspiration for all.

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His name is David Steinberg

When I met with President Trump about my own work on Omar just before he took the stage at his Minneapolis rally the following Oct, he expressed puzzlement over why she has proved immune from prosecution. The same thought was clearly on Trump’s mind last night.

... The ICE investigation was killed but the file survives somewhere in the bowels of the bureaucracy. With a little digging on his behalf, Trump might even be able to find it. ...

We might see both Justices Clarence Thomas and Stephen Breyer retiring very soon.

2020 Election is for ALL the marbles!!!


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One of the things I just learned this month about Harvard is that they have been anti-humanites since "General Education" of the 1950s or so. Our entire Supreme Court is composed of anti-humanite-educated pieces of crap. WE NEED TO STOP HIRING HARVARD GRADS (all of whom were taught and corrupted to some extent by anti-human teachings of Harvard).

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Yale or any of the universities that taught anti-humanism.

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Anti-humanism is what I call the despair of existence crap that was contained in the Harvard General Education teachings. I first learned of this this month when reading a piece about that stupid piece of crap "unabomber" from one of his almost-classmates.

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