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‪Appeals court clears way for Trump administration rule targeting Planned Parenthood‬

And here's the type of drone the Iranians shot down. RQ-4 Global Hawk.

This map clearly shows the drone's position when it was taken out.

Ansarollah (Houthis) are currently striking Jizan Airport (Saudi Arabia) with Kassef2K drones.

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Medic testifies he, not Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, responsible for ISIS fighter's death

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Greetings from beautiful East Tennessee. I finally decided to join and the servers went down. Hope it's not an omen.

I lurked here for a few months keeping up with Thomas, Rex, Saul, et al after not finding them on Twatter. I'm not much of a social media person - no FB, dirty bird, My Space (what's that?), but felt compelled to join this merry band of like minded individuals. One of the biggest reasons for joining is after reading Saul's posts about operating costs, I want to donate.

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@Lonestar @Judy @thinksolon
And compromise is what Trump specializes in. Like you, Lonestar, I've discarded the same labels. In light of those who were supposedly "conservative', but turns out they were anything but that, I've just come to think of anyone who supports the POTUS as an ally and those who don't as the enemy of my country.

Some of them have potential to reform themselves, many are just lost completely because they refuse to see what's really happening. Willfully blind.

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Sacramento Police Officer Killed in Ambush

Sacramento Police Officer Tara O'Sullivan, who was responding to a domestic violence incident, was killed Wednesday night after being ambushed by a gunman with a rifle who held off officers from inside a house for nearly eight hours before surrendering.

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Luke Rosiak @lukerosiak

NEW POST-SENTENCING STORY: A federal judge sentenced former Dem aide Jackson Cosko to four years in prison Wed. for anti-Repub hack, saying 'You were upset politically, perhaps you thought in today’s world it’s OK to lash out because of that but it’s not'

Then, he gave him some;

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@Lonestar Kerry and his cadre of former Obama official which lead straight back to Obama and his handlers. Who is funding all of these trips of all of these folks that go all over the world? We need to know! These are the ones that want war to break out before the election!

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"Understand ***what that rally in Orlando*** showed you starkly.

Any dumbass tech goon sitting in a cubicle somewhere in Silicon Valley chortling to himself "all Trump's support bleeds away if I shadowban Conservatives on Twitter!" is **deluding himself**."

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I have a good friend in Hong Kong who has had to deal with a lot worse things than having her account shadow banned or suspended, yet she and early two million people just pulled off a massive protest.

Twitter and Facebook are not going to stop Trump from being reelected.

Official Trump War Room

This year, more people than the entire population of Cleveland, Ohio, have been apprehended trying to cross our southern border.

Here's how Democrats responded when they were asked if illegal immigration is a major problem for our country.

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Brian Cates @drawandstrike
On his way to prison today....

Good but, he, they, will get a masters degree in lying, cheating,. the way most Democrat do when they get sent away. Example? OK:-)

Robert Creamer Visited Obama’s White House 340 Times -

“…45 of those meetings including President Obama.”


Robert Creamer, Worked on ObamaCare While in Prison

Way to go Oregon!

Oregon DHS hit by massive phishing attack, 645K accounts compromised

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