1. As predicted, the Democrats and their RINO friends mean to turn Citizen Trump's impeachment into a major spectacle.

This despicable show trial of a private citizen by an illegitimate oligarchy aka 'The Senate', is a first in US history.

Guilt or innocence is irrelevant to these vile scum. Even if Trump is acquitted, as is likely, the FakeNews attack machine will make it appear he should have been convicted.

It's the MO of the People of the Lie.


2. Of course, don't be surprised if they pull a stunt that ends up with blood being spilled and so-called Trump supporters being blamed.

And of course Trump convicted.

We already know the oligarchs are capable of very evil schemes to destroy people.

And they desperately need to make sure Trump never threatens them again.

Trump remains a threat. He is perhaps more dangerous out if office, than in it.

3. My sense is that Obama & Co's plan was to provoke violence on Jan 6 and then all the way to impeachment.

They wanted this sham impeachment of Trump to be drenched in conflict, violence and bloodshed.

Securing Trump's conviction.

It's the way illegitimate governments consolidate their power. It allows them to crack down on domestic enemies, as well as to 'save' the people.

They have tried EVERYTHING. But their plans have FAILED (no surprise, they are losers).

There has been no violence.

4. There are at least 74 MILLION furious and frustrated voters out there, many who are armed to the hilt, but they have MAINTAINED DISCIPLINE.

And respected the law.

This is testimony to the resilience, intelligence and patience of Trump fans. Turns out, years of being under assault have made them TOUGH.

Way, way tougher than the crowd supporting Biden & Co.

Also, we have become SMART. Trump's supporters are canny and understand when they're being played.

5. My view is that Biden & Co may be in real trouble.

They desperately wanted to use the window between Jan 6 and the impeachment sham, to consolidate their illegitimate power grab.

Their aim was to provoke enough violence and bloodshed by Trump's supporters, to secure not just Trump's removal as a threat - but also a widespread crackdown on the huge majority who support him.

Didn't work.

6. Instead, the crooks arrive at Feb 8 widely loathed and openly mocked.

Put simply, the population just hasn't bought their bullshit.

In fact, opposition is likely INCREASING.

Again, the sheer level of opposition is too difficult for Biden & Co and their FakeNews slave dogs, to overcome.

They arrive at the sham impeachment in pretty much the same situation they found themselves on Nov 2, 2020.

Weak, hated, corrupt and illegitimate.

I have no doubt that they will now double down on dumb.


7. The impeachment will be a travesty, of course.

BUT guess what?

Trump, the supreme strategist and showman, also has a say. And he will know everything I wrote in this thread is true.

He would have known months ago.

Of course, the criminals will crow about what a huge success the impeachment trial was.

8. Let them crow. How many will have the guts to walk down the street?

Not many.

They know 80 - 100 MILLION Americans are quietly watching their every move.

Impeachment will make Trump more popular than ever, whether he is found guilty nor not.

There is zero appetite for violence among genuine Trump fans and never has been.

Besides, it's not required.

Biden and his cronies are destroying themselves, after all.

We are patient, and will wait for their inevitable fall.

The end.


Agreed, but the threat of deplatforming from Twitter, Facebook, banks, corporates, all real. The control of information is happening before your very eyes. It’s ugly, and concerning. It’s not just the Biden/Harris regime. In fact, they are the just the anointed ones at the moment.

@nchia @REX

Freedom finds a way, because it is ingrained in our very being.

Just look where you are now.

It's just a matter of freeing yourself from the chains they're still trying to convince you to wear. There is a world outside of Twitter, FB, and YouTube.

They can try, and they will. But that spark in each of us will find a way.

@jrwinger @nchia

Yes but that doesn't affect the MAGA movement.

We are used to it.

Actually it increases support for Trump.

The Democrats just don't get that they are in the minority. They are experts in self delusion.

Remember they got hammered in tbe election. They are loathed.

@jrwinger @nchia @REX truth is I'm starting to block people on QV who spend their time posting links to youtube and twitter, especially when I see 3 or 4 posts in a row directing me to go to youtube for the fun of it.

@calamitysam @jrwinger @nchia @REX
If you’re willing to make one more exception, this video of an actual court proceeding is what would make the Dems impeachment scam more interesting:

@nchia @REX People are being fired from their jobs because they support Trump. Deplatforming outspoken conservatives, starting w/DJT, emboldened employers to silence opposing voices. I work for the fed’s (don’t hate me) and the gleeful snarky-ness of many “leaders” crowing how things are back to normal turns my stomach. They were not implementing many of the changes Trump wanted, they waited until the election. When Biden “won” Trump’s EO’s like schedule F employees were discarded.

@nchia @REX

But somehow, we are still getting information out there. These institutions are worthless without their customer. They like to pound their chest but I think we roar the loudest.
The pandemic lockdowns taught me that I really didn't need what I thought I needed.

@rosem @REX
I have no good or bad opinions on Gab. I think I've got and old account there. I just prefer it here. No bad feelings either way. Great for them.


And 50 Senate democrats will, in lock step, vote to convict along with a few Republican dopes.

It’s party first, you see. Party first and a few useful idiots. That’s why the democrats always move the ball forward.

@ReardenSteel @REX

Might not be that easy though.The Constitution stipulates that a two-thirds majority must vote for the measure to convict.It takes sixty-seven. It would take 17 Republicans joining all 50 Senate Democrats to convict Trump on the impeachment article, an outcome that is highly unlikely.The five Republicans who will probably vote to convict are Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska; Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

@Dawnz @REX

I don't think they will come close to a conviction.

The fugly five republicrats will give the press the "sense of legitimacy" needed to write "the disgraced 45th President" in the history books whenever they mention Trump.

@REX Now im hearing on the news that if they fail to impeach him they plan to "censure" him so that he wont be able to run in 2024.I wonder how many republicans will go along with that 🤔

@REX This thread is not only excellent but accurate! Trump supporters will not retaliate, like @REX said, we will continue to support our President! Our fight has always been about good versus evil and we are all on the side of the good. God hears our prayers and with God on our side we can't help but win this battle! Hold the line, Patriots!

We have patience while the Dems run around with hair on fire yelling Trump did it .. it’s his fault ... clown show.


We have profound patience ....the left will get their due punishment.

@REX MAGA principles don't weaken with their faux Russia collusion, faux impeachment 1.0 and 2.0, faux election results of legal votes only, and their other Marxists, Anarchists & Color Revolution tactics. It confirms and strengthens what we already knew..the corrupt politicians and their supporting agencies will sellout our country, citizenry and humanity to maintain power, control and wealth - at our expense and peril.

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