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A special New Year's gift, for the QV army to download.

And a special gift that I'm confident you may need to use A LOT this year.


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IMPORTANT : SpyGate pivots to ObamaGate.

Obama and his goons were illegally targeting and spying on innocent Americans for years.

Wait until we learn that the same names in the Obama administration connect these 29 dodgy FISAs together.

And who the targets are.

Greatest scandal in US history.

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@REX I do pray that you are wrong as well. We all trust Trump, and we must follow through.

6. Millions just won't vote. They'll just check out. That's what the Dems are relying on.

Right now, their take is that Trump is a warrior, but that DOJ and FBI are lame ducks. Their media has not been stopped.

Trump has the upper hand now, to be sure, but never underestimate leftist goons. They do know how to play dirty and win.

I pray that I am wrong.

The end.


I have faith in Trump. He's waiting for the right moment to strike.


Continued failure to round up and indict SpyGate, ObamaGate and the Clinton Crime Group will cost Trump dearly.

Just a fact.

4. I don't know.

Is it OK to doubt just a little?

Trump may have an indecisive streak in him.

Remember when he gave Clinton a chance? She spat in his face.

What happened to her?


What has happened to any of them?


I really hope that Trump's team hasn't fallen to the same hubris we say with Obama and Clinton.

3. May be wrong, but someone persuaded Trump to wait and calibrate SpyGate for the 2018 mid terms.

Then he changed his mind again. Now it's calibrated for 2020.

It has become a political weapon.

Many of us have said for a long time now, that a prime motivation to support Trump is the promise to nail Obama, Clinton and their goons.

NOTHING of any serious consequence has happened.

It worries me and it should worry you.

2. Perhaps the worst failure of all has been the decision to make SpyGate a political pawn.

I think Trump was ready to go in 2017, when he made a cryptic comment about the calm before the Storm.

If true, his instincts were correct. The issue transcends politics. It's ten worst scandal in US history.

Then he seems to have changed his mind.

1. Election 2020.

My personal take?

Right now, Trump could lose the election.

Note - not will, but COULD. Consider:

The nation is now divided on partisan lines. Whoever the left puts up (it could be Mickey Mouse) will get millions of votes. Guaranteed.

The Chinese Coronavirus attack has been quite effective. Many blame Trump. Don't doubt the power of 24/7 propaganda.

If Trump does lose, America is finished. Thats the reality.

Clinton and Obama WIN.

Finance Minister for Hesse (Frankfurt) in Germany and CDU (Merkel's) political heavy hitter Thomas Schaefer dead by suicide.

Remember, Frankfurt is the heart of German finance.

A tragedy, but given the intended focus on money laundering and corruption inn German banks right now, it can't just be a coincidence.

China has clearly corrupted the WHO.

Check out this SOB Aylward - yet another servile lapdog to Xi and his goons.

My hope is that of there's anything good that comes from this pandemic, it is the exposure and pariah status of the Chinese Communist Party.

Guess who was behind China joining the WTO?

If your answer was Slick Willy & Crooked, you guessed correct.

Wonder how much the crooks made from this deal. And the regime in Beijing, as well.

So check this out.

NBC's Andy Lack, who Trump HATES, was in 2015 made CEO of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. GOOD LORD.

From 2015 onwards, the Beijing regime became more and more entrenched in US media. Lack = corrupt, seditious Hack.

I'm now more convinced than ever that the hammer will come down on FakeNews, as well as Obama admin crooks

PLEASE get this article to Twitter heavyweights like Brian Cates, Jeff Carlson, Thomas, Tracy Beanz, Shem H, DawsonSField, Chaos Actual, Seth Levy, Rosie and all the other awesome patriots in our gang.


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2. Don't forget that CNN is owned by none other than A T & T, who also do a lot of business with the Chinese regime and (among other things) was one of the chief backers used by Xi to get Huawei into the US.

A T & T and Concast have the same majority shareholders, who are ALSO lapdogs to Xi & his goons.

And wait until you learn about their relationship with the Obama administration.

More soon.

The end.

1. More evidence of NBC's grovelling to the Chinese regime.

Owner of NBC? COMCAST. Sorry, Concast.

I have a bombshell new article coming (Saul has it now) that exposes Concast's (and it's shareholders) sedition with Xi and his crime gang, aka Chinese Communist Party.

When it's published, please consider getting it to everyone you know.

Another thing.


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Xi is the source of the panic.

See my latest column “What the Political Scene in China Says about the Coronavirus”

"The crisis inflated by the Beijing elite was the result of an ideological confrontation among the Chinese factions, which clashed over some of the nuances of Marxist dogma."

3.28 million reasons to make El Presidente Xi of the Chinese Communist Party PAY BIGLY.

Trump is VERY vindictive. The tin-pot dictator hack & his goons in Beijing are going to pay a MIGHTY price, for what they've done.

The best part? As their walls fall around them, Xi and his thugs will have no idea how it happened. That's the guaranteed result when you mess with Trump.

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