7. And they all knew it was utter trash.

THAT'S what Meadows is pointing at. And what the reporter in the article above doesn't grasp.

Now throw in comms between all these participants, proving it was all co-ordinated.

You starting to see the enormity of the scheme? The sheer number of participants who must have been in on it?

Obama could not NOT have been aware. All roads will lead to him. He's going down.

No wonder the Australians & UK don't want declassification to happen.

The end.

6. There was a DELIBERATE strategy by the Obama / Clinton conspirators to LEGITIMIZE the Steele Dossier, now being exposed as tittle-tattle and gossip.

IOW, total BS. So they needed to put lipstick on a pig.

ESPECIALLY if they wanted to use it for a Title I FISA.

McCain (GOP) / Reid (Dem) gave the trash Congressional legitimacy.

Steele (ex MI6) gave the trash IC (esp overseas) legitimacy.

And what will declass reveal?

The Australian & UK governments gave the trash ALLIES legitimacy.

5. BOTH the UK & Australian ambassadors remain in place TODAY.

Sir Kim Darroch (UK)
Joe Hockey (Australia)

I'm certain that's what Meadows was getting at. He WASN'T referring to sitting US ambassadors, although it wouldn't surprise me if some are involved (Michael McFaul being one, although he's no longer 'sitting'.)

It also wouldn't surprise me if other foreign ambassadors within the US, were involved.

There's a reason for that, which seems to have gone straight over the reporter's head.

4. And here we have an Australian FakeNews outlet disclosing that the Australian ambassador in DC relayed Downer's BS to Comey, McCabe & his crooks at the FBI.


3. George Papadopoulos tweeted this bombshell on 23 November, 2018.

NOTE the reference to the UK Embassy in DC. The strong implication is that he was being spied on from there, which could only happen with the knowledge of the UK Ambassador.


2. I found the interview.

It's the Hannity Posse. Sorry.

Go to 6.35. Meadows NEVER mentions US ambassadors. He very carefully mentions 'sitting ambassadors'.

It's a very important difference.


1. Yet another case of sloppy and/or misleading reporting, by the worst media class in history.

Headline :

'Mark Meadows: US ambassadors conspired with DOJ to take down Trump'

One problem - Meadows NEVER referenced 'US' ambassadors.


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Thread for @KirkWhisenant


I had one of the most moving experiences of my life in Japan in 1983.

My college Japanese class went to Sapporo for six months, and when we went to Kyoto, we got turned loose one night.

I ran off with a hot Hawaiian girl who later became a stunt woman.

Our plan was to drink our way across the city.

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@REX @Debradelai

I know this is been asked Before:
Is the witch in Trump’s witchhunt actually Hillary Clinton?

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@Debradelai @ThomasWic @REX @drawandstrike

Hey all you quods out there, this place is HOT tonight. So much good information flowing to the masses. Rex, Saul, Thomas and Brian are on fire. And to those on here I can’t mention here because of space continue what you’re doing too by adding a log to the fire. Where else can a person go for the latest but here. Nowhere!! Hey y’all we are family here with a common purpose MAGA. I feel like I have made some new friends for life. END OF RANT

3. Romney is very stupid.

It's obvious that he's the Congressional leader of an anti-Trump lobby. Romney's in bed with the lamentable Kristol and his 'Bull'wark crew.

What's really funny is how clever Mitt thinks he is.

'Little does that idiot Trump know that I got back inside, to bring him down. Once that's done, we will take over. I'm a genius!'

Too funny. Willard doesn't realize that he's being lured into a spider's web, woven by far more sophisticated players than he could ever imagine.

5. Their gigantic egos can't let them get past 7 November, 2016.

Unfortunately for them, that was a different world.

One that's never coming back.

But then again, Fake Mitt is as fake as his fake tan.

He's a phony.

Guys like Mittens prefer fake worlds, to real ones. Something Trump knows full well.

But Willard Mittens Romney doesn't. Yet.

The end.

4. Here's what Willard Mitt doesn't get:

Trump would have known about Willard's plan, before Willard even thought of it.

And Willard Mitt won't be aware of the spider's strike, until after it happens.

You'd think that these fools would have at least tried to learn more about Trump and his methods.

But no.

2. Mittens the moron knows full well what McCain did in 2016 & 2017.

McCain used his power to conspire with others to destroy an innocent citizen, Donald Trump.

McCain knew the Steele Dossier was garbage. He knew he was stamping it with legitimacy. And he fully expected Clinton would win the election.

Destruction of an innocent citizen and his family? Mittens' hero, John McCain, couldn't care less.

1. Willard Mitt Romney aka Mitt, another GOPe loser who still lives in a pre-Trump era.

You know, the one where FakeNews reigned, social media didn't exist and where politicians knew they could lie with impunity, to a sleeping population.

Mittens must think we are total idiots.

That's the only way you can interpret this bizarre tweet-veneration of the late John McCain:

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@REX one thing Trump was absolutely wrong about and that is that we would get tired of winning, absolutely am not tired of winning!

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@Debradelai @REX


And THAT is why Bongino et al , though annoying to Trump loyalists, are serving a needed purpose. 50% (probably more) now think Mueller is a "witch hunt." That number is rising, and Team Trump has a proven record of impeccable timing.

The "hapless, helpless, hopeless" Trump has been the most effective media-neutralizing ruse since Patton's First Army did NOT attack at Calais.

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With the added benefit of goading the collectivists into a false sense of security.

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The Deep Fried Steak crowd has never had a satisfactory answer for me when I point out that Rosenstein IGNORED both Holder and Lynch when they ordered him to not prosecute Obama's buddies.

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