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A special New Year's gift, for the QV army to download.

And a special gift that I'm confident you may need to use A LOT this year.


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We are watching a very well calibrated takedown of deep-rooted evil that has taken hold in American institutions.

It's a joy to behold, too.

The best part is that Trump, Barr, Wray, Durham and all the others - including General Flynn - are way smarter than the morons who thought they could destroy The Republic, for their own ends.

Obama, Clinton, Soros - they are all totally SCREWED. All that's left is riots, violence, hysteria.


Stay safe.


Crooked in the DOJ crosshairs (has been for years).

What a joy to watch these assholes worlds fall apart.

Their target now? Att Durham, one of the most respected prosecutors in the US.

Durham won't give 2 shits about what these weasels say. It will motivate him.

Notice how Biden, the Clintons and Weissman are all freaking out lately?

This is starting to look really bad for the bad guys. REALLY bad.

These clowns thought they could take out Trump? Oh, my.

Too funny.

2. Reports like this are great.

But to clean the streets, you need justice to shine.

Hunter needs to be frogmarched, with his accomplices.

Until then, chaos will continue.

And won't ever change.

Fingers crossed that Trump has a plan. I think he does.

The end

1. Senate Report on Hunter Biden/Burisma.

Eye-watering corruption. By Obama, Joe, Clinton and the usual gang.

It's a great read for us.


How far does this take us?

End of day, Hunter is a sleazebag. As is Joe.


What patriots want is INDICTMENTS.

It's not hard to understand.

Rush Limbaugh gets it.

100% agree. Skip the hearings.

The Democrats will use the opportunity to delay and smear.

Pascale Ferrier, ricin terrorist.

As Trump would say, 'she's a real beauty'.

Soon to be at a supermax for ever.

This leftist wackjob was so stupid, she thought Trump opened his own mail.

But I guess they are so dangerous because they are so stupid.

I doubt she did this alone. Let's see what happens.

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Part of the problem is that the media taught these people that Obama's victory signalled the arrival of the "Permanent Democratic Majority". What they didn't tell them is that such a thing doesn't exist, and that political winds constantly shift.

They also didn't tell them that Obama won largely in part by at least pretending to be a moderate, while also running against a (then historically unpopular) GOP.

We are all laughing at these insane libtards and let's face it, it IS funny.

But then again.

WHY are they insane?

They were lied to by evil people, who deliberately fed them poison.

Obama and Clinton, in particular.

These two have committed a disgusting crime against the American people.

Justice can never be restored until they pay a huge price.


There are a series of videos byJohn Spiropoulos about SpyGate on YT that I am respectfully asking everyone to share EVERYWHERE.

Twitter, email - do what you can to spread these around. Especially to libtards.

The videos are easy to understand, brief but informative.

John S YT account :

Remember, Trump is the master of strategic patience.

While the rest of the world panics, Trump waits.

And waits.

And waits some more.

And then he wins. Noticed that?

You will likely see exactly the same thing with this SCOTUS replacement.

Watch. He will wait.

And he will win.

Remarkable individual.

'The Comey Rule' is coming out on Sept 27, one day before the debate.

Can you believe they spent $100 million on this garbage?

Trump will of course use it to his advantage. Any bets that the first indictments will fall just before and after, between 25-29 September.

The liberal tears would be on a scale as have never seen.

That would be AWESOME.

Fingers crossed.

It would be hilarious if Trump took the Dems advice and increased SCOTUS by 3-4 more MAGA judges in his second term.

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If you want a clear picture of leftist insanity, check out the link below.

These are the modern totalitarians. They will sacrifice anything for their ideology of lies.

The only thing that constrains them from show trials and executions is their fear of the Feds. Plus, their cowardice.

If that goes away, they will reveal their true natures.

Be in no doubt. Nothing is beyond these people.

IMPORTANT - my contacts tell me that the Australian govt has been given notice of Att Durham's findings (btw there will be a report of some kind).

Can't say if this is related, but the web reveals that this Blaxland guy has been a Downer apologist, ever since the PapaD meeting became public.

He is ALSO a VERY experienced Aussie spook, with funding from Obama's DOD.

He was suddenly cut off by the Aussies yesterday. To me it's connected.

Make of it what you will.

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@REX @Debradelai

Blasphemy!!! I'm placing a hex on Rex for besmirching that beautiful pup! Draggin Tits WISHES she was this precious and loved.

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Oh man.

TWO women to choose from for SCOTUS.

Barrett or Lagoa? I suspect Barrett will get the nod. More experienced.

But who knows?

Either way, Trump has the Dems totally screwed.

They cannot block a woman. If they do, they will be hammered by independent voters.

CATCH - 22.

''After Kavanaugh, the rules have changed as far as I'm concerned.'' - Lindsay Graham.

Graham meant it, too.

That means no hearings, I suspect.

Suck it, libturds.

You sowed the wind. Now you reap it.

This is awesome. Man, there are some talented people out there.

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