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This is all you need to know:

The same people who falsely told you that Trump & Putin conspired to steal the 2016 election, are now falsely telling you that the 2020 election was 'clean' and a Biden landslide.

The same people who truthfully told you that the Democrats tried to rig the 2016 election with the Trump/Russia hoax, are now telling you that the Dems rigged the 2020 election and stole it from you.

Who do you believe? It's as simple a question as that.

You know my answer.

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A special New Year's gift, for the QV army to download.

And a special gift that I'm confident you may need to use A LOT this year.


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@REX @inverness01 And I’ll bet Trump intended it to go down that way!!! It shows the duplicity of MSM once again. And it gives more of a clean cover for Barr so he doesn’t appear to be a partisan henchman.


If I get any doomers saying crap like 'Durham will do nothing', 'this is all.for show', 'Biden will fire him on Day 1' etc etc etc as I am reading on twitter, you will be blocked and/or reported to General Saul for court martial & potential exile @Debradelai

This is a GOOD DEVELOPMENT. Durham may well issue indictments within weeks.

This is NOT a time to go weak at the knees.

We at QV are made of sterner stuff.

BY (humble) ORDER

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“including but not limited to Crossfire Hurricane and the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III,”

Up yours, Brennan.

AP misled you.

Don't trust these scum. Ever.

Don't read FakeNews. Ever.

Remember - the DOJ brings CRIMINAL indictments & prosecutions on FEDERAL charges.

Evidence is typically brought to DOJ by the FBI.

In this situation, the FBI appears to have been CUT OUT of the evidence gathering phase.

Powell is bringing CIVIL suits, as is Lin Wood.

ODNI Ratcliffe's report is coming.


HUGE : A G Barr appoints Durham as Special Counsel.

Remember - Biden is caught right up in this great crime.

I guess that puts to rest the 'Barr is a snake' smear.

No way that Barr would do this if he had it in for Trump.

So...3 DEEP breaths, folks.

And it's just as we thought.

FakeNews tried to divert attention away from this MASSIVE development.

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Also be EXTREMELY careful when reading FakeNews articles especially AP.

They are experts at outright lying, misrepresentation, taking comments out of context or leaving relevant material out, in order to push a narrative.

Unless you hear the COMPLETE interview with Barr, give the AP article very little weight.


Just in : A G Barr says that DOJ/DHS haven't found any evidence of programmed tech to skew vote results 'so far'.

That does not surprise me.

Especially given that Krebs/CISA appear to have been incompetent.

And just my take, but FBI/DOJ have been cut out of the loop here.

IMO it will be the ODNI Report that supplies any evidence that exists of foreign actors and tech manipulation.

This evidence is likely being compiled by US military intelligence.

7. To quote the great Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic -

It was Trump against the world.

The world never had a chance.

Watch, learn etc.

The end.

6. The greatest part is that Trump was always way smarter than his enemies.

No caricatures for Trump.

This is a man who understands reality.

That places him way ahead of FakeNews junkies like the fool Obama.

So now we watch what happens when adults take on children.

When cold, hard reality explodes fairy tales.

Pity it had to be this way, I guess.

But as the saying goes, cometh the man, cometh the hour.

5. Obama's children were spoonfed caricatures.

Obama wanted them INFANTILIZED.

Infantilization means submission. It gives very evil people CONTROL.

Trump blew that all up.

Trump wants everyone to understand the truth.

That's why America's enemies FEAR HIM.

4. Again, a child assumes that their view of the world is THE ONLY VIEW.

Normally adults gently manage that to make sure that over time, kids see that reality is more complex.

These times are different, sadly.

A large minority is about to have their entire understanding of reality turned upside down and inside out.

It's a tragedy.'s also necessary.

3. The problem they have is one that every child has had to deal with and process, in order to mature.

What is the problem?


Hate to be harsh to libtards, but lying doesn't work.

You can make up as much bullshit as you want, doesn't make it true.

Right now, many ignorant normies are feasting on FakeNews.

They aren't even asking questions about the election.

Unlike many, this doesn't bother me.

They will have to learn the hard way.

2. We are talking about perhaps the most ignorant, incurious group of people ever.

They are typically good at ONE THING. For example, they may have graduated top of class at say 'COMMUNICATIONS' which these days is apparently, 'journalism'.

They assume that being good at one thing means good at ALL things.

Again, ignorance & arrogance.

A TOXIC mix.

1. Let me present to you the view of many normies right now.

'Joe Biden whoever he is won. Orange Man Bad what will I buy next?'

That's about it.

These are the gullible cretins that FakeNews & the Democratic Party Crime Family prey on.

They are a MINORITY.

I can't be the only one finding this libtard 'no evidence of fraud' narrative absurd.

These people always lose because they just can't allow reality to flood into their blinkered, simplistic and caricaturist view of things.

In their world, Joe Biden is the savior of America. A new Obama, just DUMB.

It's absolutely astonishing.

But perhaps it isn't and we shouldn't be surprised.

What will they think when Biden's criminal house of cards comes tumbling down?

Who cares. I don't.

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If Biden and the Democrats are so convinced the elections were clean...why are they not demanding a full audit to permanently shut up orange man bad?

2. Let's assume that the Ratcliffe Report is a jaw dropping bombshell, proving with indisputable evidence that the election was rigged for Biden, with criminality between domestic crooks and foreign actors.

We would have the bizarre situation of a president-elect confirmed by the EC, who is only there because of an illegal election.

I assume that the the election & EC vote would need to be nullified. But I don't know HOW. SCOTUS? Congress? A Biden capitulation?

Any thoughts?

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