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CNN's Susan Hennessy (a low IQ FakeNews hack) calls Mollie Hemingway an 'intellectual lightweight'.

Tantrums and panic.

These leftist progressives have never been held to account. Now they're being exposed, 24/7 and they just can't cope.

The scary part is that Hennessey truly believes that she's not just morally, but intellectually superior not just to Hemingway, but to you, me and everyone else.

Their arrogance is and continues to be their undoing.

Lindsay Graham : FISA, FISA, FISA.

OK. But did anyone notice how Graham dodged Maria Bartiromo's question about why the Senate Intel Committee hasn't asked IG Horowitz to testify?

IMO it's because Graham knows it risks exposing GOPe malfeasance in SpyGate. Never forget, this was a bi-partisan operation that included GOPe Reps & Senators.

It's a disgrace that Graham is playing games to dodging scrutiny.

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Dems never met a stable genius before Trump. Every "genius" they know is delusional in one form, fashion, or another of something else. Trump is an original. Dems are accustomed to fakes.

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Well, the important thing is that she earned the praise and applause of the leftist echo chamber.

That’s all that matters with leftist morons.

They get to feel important chasing after shiny objects the President throws out there.

It’s like throwing a dog a bone. It never fails the dog chases after it.

Meanwhile, Trump takes care of important business as leftist spend day after day doing the same thing over and over again.

What did Albert Einstein say about insanity?

Of course, she writes for The Guardian. What a rag that is.

Watch what happens.

Trump will decimate the Dems in 2020, the US economy will continue to soar, SpyGate is going to break and even after his landslide, this reporter will STILL think Trump's an imbecile.

That's how detached from reality they are.

We get to witness their descent into confusion and failure, 24/7.

Happy Days.

The end.

Remember, all that matters to these leftist progressives is confirming their (delusional) intellectual and moral superiority.

As long as they can do that, they are distracted from everything else. They are obsessed with their own superiority.

Trump knows this. By projecting 'The Donald' caricature, he distracts & lures them into underestimating his brilliance.

They truly believe that Trump is an imbecile, criminal and idiot. Because Trump wants them to. He owns them and they don't know it!

Too funny.

'..the process of reporting about this president can mask and normalise his full and alarming incoherence.'

This time it's a leftist Australian FakeNews reporter who just doesn't get it. And doesn't she regard herself as SO important.

Trump loathes 99.9% of the press and has NO respect for them. FakeNews is a tool, no more.

While they obsess about 'The Donald' in their echo chamber, the real DJT gets on with business.

And we get to have a laugh.

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5. They're gaslighters who LOVE setting partisans on each other, for laughs.

We are all still trying to work them out. But if you called one a white supremacist, he's just laugh at you. Why?

The whole point of these new mass killers is that they have no beliefs. Nihilism drives everything they do.

Seems to me that we need to THINK far more effectively than we are now. 'White supremacist'? An easy label, but it won't stop these new killers, who have weaponized nihilism, for kicks.

The end.

4. John Walker Lindh was an islamic terrorist because he believed in the establishment of a caliphate, based on the supremacy of islamic ideology.

An islamic supremacist, if you will.

I've no doubt he still believes it, as well.

His skin color had nothing to do with it.

As @ThomasWic has pointed out, these new killers are a brand new type. Trolls, whose nihilism has led them to a point where they want to be the star of their own blood-drenched spectacle.

3. Again, I may be wrong.

But to be a white supremacist terrorist, doesn't the perp have to at least declare that his or her act of terror is specifically aimed at setting up a caliphate style apartheid state?

Or at least manifest his belief that white people are supreme?

If they DON'T do that, how the hell can they be labelled 'white supremacist' terrorists?

This is REALLY important. Playing politics with lazy & wrong labels means that we can't ID the ACTUAL killers, ahead of time.

2. I'm not saying it isn't real and don't want to second guess DHS, but I have never come across a white supremacist in my life.

Let alone one who advocates mass killing and murder.

An insane, random white guy who kills muslims and rants about immigration (Christchurch) isn't a white supremacist.

A bigot and loon, yes. But there's no call for an apartheid style system.

Ditto, El Paso. Again, the psycho never called for the establishment of a system based on white supremacy.

1. Let me get this straight.

We're supposed to believe that 'white supremacists' are a massive domestic terror threat.

But here's a quick question: do any of you know anyone who has white supremacist views?

By that, I mean someone who believes that the caucasian race - in its various forms - is supreme to all other races and who advocates for a political & social system based on that supremacy.

Do you guys know anyone like that?

Chris Hayes from MSLSD losing his mind as the story collapses around him.

This is one of Trump's best ever FakeNews stings. Biden is now THE story.


ANOTHER Trump takedown incoming.

And so many, many liberal tears.

They never learn, do they?

Australian PM Morison is clearly a patriot.

The screeching from leftists in replies is as delusional and hilarious as you'd expect. Dear me. Their ignorance is profound.

My hope is that SpyGate will break in an unusual manner. An admission and apology from an ally would be one scenario, that couldn't be ignored.

Let's see what happens.

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Press secretary statement on declassification!
"At the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency, the President has directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to provide for the immediate declassification of the following materials:

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Victor Davis Hanson: Trump wages war on progressive culture – Dems respond with Trump Derangement Syndrome

In a way, the left-wing Democratic presidential candidates understand Trump best. If he wins his one-man crusade to stop the progressive project, they are finished, and their own party will make the necessary adjustments and then sheepishly drift back toward the center.

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It astonishes me how anyone could think that a US President isn't just doing his job by

(i) giving a foreign leader a 'heads up' about an issue that impacts the relations of that nation (Ukraine) with the US

(ii) actively trying to protect US national security interests, in doing (i), plus

(iii) helping an ally.

How is that in any universe a bad thing? Then again, we are talking about lefturds & FakeNews, I suppose.

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