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I'm positive that the GCC controls al-Qaeda in Syria (HTS).

Al-Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula (AQAP) is a different organization, but they've taken massive hits in Yemen.

One raid killed over 200.

Trump listens to the GCC, but Europe doesn't.

I wouldn't want to live in Europe right now.

If it's revealed that Nellie Ohr's dossier made it to the FISA application and that they didn't disclose to the FISC her identity, link to Fusion GPS and to Bruce Ohr himself/DOJ, oh man.

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Tweet from Justice Department:

Statement by Attorney General William P. Barr on President Donald J. Trump's Intent to Nominate Jeffrey A. Rosen As Deputy Attorney General of the United States

John Solomon STRONG HINT : unknown 3rd dossier about to be exposed and written by Nellie Ohr. Good Lord.

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Trump administration says it will cancel more than $900 million in federal grants earmarked for California high-speed rail

Another bombshell article by Jeff Carlson.

This time it's the Trisha Anderson transcript. Holy moly, what a snake she is.

Lots of takeaways, including confirmation from Anderson that the FISA on Carter Page was retroactive and also had came down from the likes of Yates, rather than up thru the normal FBI vetting procedure.

Sone of these people are going away for a LONG time.

Interesting : ISIS leader survives assassination attempt (from ISIS soldiers). Trump has pulverized ISIS, as promised. Reduced to a 1km strip in Syria, they're almost finished.

I guess that means Al-Q will now regain control of the jihadi agenda, but you have to wonder for how long, given their ammo and $ will run out.

Europe will see a surge of jihadi activity from the diaspora of ISIS soldiers. Big trouble incoming.

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Thread on righteous anger.

S. E. Cupp said it's "gross" that Trump supporters are celebrating the exposure of the Jussie Smollett hoax.

Well, I haven't even BEGUN to celebrate.

As a Trump supporter, I have every right to celebrate the demolition of a lunatic who had the world on his side and who made the world step on its own willy and do a pratfall.

Let's go back to World War One.

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Holy crap., @ThomasWic, MASSIVE COORDINATED MEDIA ROLLOUT today targeting Gen. Flynn supposedly as part of a cabal of US generals secretly negotiating to hand US nuclear tech to Saudi Arabia!

Then you read past the sexy headlines and it's all about nuclear power plants everybody wants to build there.

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Tweet from ABC News:

Feds investigating whether Jussie Smollett played a role in sending threatening letter addressed to him at "Empire’s" Chicago studio prior to alleged attack, two federal officials confirm to @ABC News.

5. But Trump has also indicated there are tapes of his discussions with Comey.

Tapes he didn't make. If these tapes exist, I wonder who made them?

Rod Rosenstein comes to mind.

The end.

4. I bet Rod Rosenstein was at that meeting, recording everything.

Or that he got someone inside to do it.

Ditto, he was recording McCabe on 16 May.

We already know that Trump has the texts between the key DOJ/FBI conspirators. They're the subject of Trump's declass order, quote:

'publicly release all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, without redaction, of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr.'

3. The reason why I came across this coincidence is because I'm certain Rosenstein was taping asshole like McCabe and others involved in the coup.

Remember this bombshell ? 'first we F Flynn, then we F Trump' ?

'Mere days before Gen. Michael Flynn (resigned)... FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe gathered more than a dozen of his top FBI disciples to plot how to ruin Flynn’s ... political career and manufacture evidence to derail ...Trump, according to FBI sources.'

2. Quote:

'In a May, 16, 2017 meeting at a secure facility at the Justice Department — one week after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey — Rosenstein was arguing with Andrew McCabe, then the acting director of the FBI, about the president, according to a senior Justice Department official.'

1. Well here's a weird coincidence.

Remember the meeting where McCabe says Rosenstein would wear a wire, to record POTUS Trump, as part of a 25th amendment coup?

It happened on 16 MAY 2017.

The SAME DAY Rosenstein, Mueller and Trump apparently met, to discuss Mueller's 'FBI Director' role (yeah right).

I've never thought Elizabeth Warren was implicated in SoyGate, but her unhinged comments in recent days suggests a woman who may have something to hide.

My general rule is that the more deranged and unhinged public figures are, the more likely that they were involved. For example, Brennan and Kristol etc

I might add Warren to the list now.

LOL Maggie Haberman & Michael Schmidt of NYT, in full panic mode.

No named sources, no credible evidence, just FURIOUS NOISE. Summary in 3 words : 'Orange Man Bad'. Pathetic.

Article posted as a fascinating insight into propaganda. These people are desperate now and are throwing out 'Hail Mary's' to their deranged cult.

'ODNI aren't giving unmasking evidence to Congress' - shock! horror!

This conspiracy nonsense is silly.

The issue is WHY would the unmasking requests be kept from Congress? Because they'd fall into the hands of corrupt Dem/GOPe swamp critters, that's why!

Disappointing reporting by Carter.

Just watched that joke McCabe interview again.

What strikes me (in addition to the melodrama and lies) is how dumb McCabe's story is. If you believe McCabe, Rosenstein - knowing full well that everyone is being surveilled etc - decides to join the conspiracy, ruin his career and go to jail.

And also, Trump was secretly conspiring with Putin, but openly drawing attention to it, which would have compromised it.

Sure Andy, you go with that. What an idiot.

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