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When you add Nunes 8 criminal referrals to the apparent 'several' (at least 2) criminal referrals in this upcoming IG Report, it's looking like quite a few Obama crooks are going down very soon.

And that's not even including the Durham probe, which is likely to nail multiple more seditious scumbags.

A reckoning is coming.

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It's astonishing.

This weakness impacts everything. It's the reason why so many Trump "supporters" have daily panic attacks.


No. You're just another weak-minded American.

This person needs to be locked up forever.

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@REX @Sethjlevy

Trump and whoever his team is are strategy geniuses... the Dems are up sh*+s creek without a paddle. Thomas Wictor speaks of barium meals... the fake whistle blower CIA blowhard... ate that one hook line and sinker.

It makes perfect sense but take it from me, it takes a mountain of lonely, unpaid work to dot connect like Levy has here.

Put simply, Adam Schiff is guilty of seditious conspiracy and IMO will be jailed for life.

Only Trump could have devised a revenge against Schiff of this quality. Plus, the trap will reel in all the key Obama and Clinton rats, involved in Ukraine.

Adam Schiff will bring down the Democratic establishment. Not DJT.

But Trump engineered it. Genius

The end.

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@drawandstrike @DuaneCates
This is a clip from the Oprah Winfrey show aired in 2009 giving a glimpse on his daily routine before running for president.

People who think Trump is dumb are idiots themselves. They got hung up by all the idiotic propaganda that has been hurled around in regards to fear mongering.

The Ukraine Trap.

This is an absolutely outstanding article by Seth Levy, a fine thinker on twitter who goes by the handle 'The Reckoning' @Sethjlevy

Levy has correctly identified Schiff's clownshow as a Trump trap. The trigger? John Bolton.

For some reason our little corner of social media is able to understand what's going on in a way that far more powerful and wealthy institutions can't.

A MUST READ (and kudos to Levy, I think he has nailed it here).

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@Dogstar_K9 @REX

He already tweeted his support for Sessions and lamented how hard he was on him as AG.

Oh course we know they had a plan all along now.

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The return of Jeff Sessions is a sign that things are about to get very real for the enemies of the Republic. And not in a good way for them, either.

My prediction? Sessions will be revealed as a hero by the time the elections come around. By then, his role in taking down these seditious bastards will be crystal clear.

And if the lefturds think Sessions return is bad, just wait until Trump appoints Gen Flynn to Chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff (or equivalent).

DisneyBoy Zaid gets triggered, posts imbecilic tweet, gets owned (again) BIGLY.

You reap what you sow, merkin man.

As for me ? I'm enjoying the show.

@SidneyPowell brilliant legal representation of @GenFlynn has been a strategic masterclass in how to deal with rogue DOJ cops.

This remarkable fudge by Van Grack reeks of desperation. It is also an indictment on the dodgy Covington crew who represented the General. If they're not rats themselves, they are truly crap attorneys.

Von Crack and his team of DOJ duds are panicking. Judge Sullivan is going to deliver the almighty anvil of justice on them, is my feeling.

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Remember that. February, 2018, if memory serves me.

Zaid, alas, is a boy among men and a cat turd among boys. He's only a man in his wet dreams.

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Shadenfreude is awesome ain't it.

How great it is to see the coward Mark E Zaid getting a good kicking today. No one deserves it more.

The pathetic weasel led a twitter mob against me back in 2018, boasting about how he could order his connections inside US intel to unmask me.

LOL what a loser.

All because he wanted to show off to Asha Rangappa, the CNN 'comey homey' bimbo.

Zaid is a boy among men and a man among boys, now facing the end of his career.

Suddenly - Schiff & Co launch Ukrainegate.

Thy had it in store and thought that it would distract from the IG Reportm

Then the IG didn't come out, forcing the Dems to play their hand. Uh oh.

My hunch is that Ukraine Gate is the last Dem move. After this, they're done.

THEN the IG Report drops. In 2-3 weeks, IMO.

In the meantime, the patriots aren't going to give the Dems a heads up. They want the Dems confused, tired and worried.

The IG will appear with no warning. A surprise attack.

Look, they need to make sure that the Dems and FakeNews have run out of ammo, before they drop the IG Report.

Those with sharp eyes would have seen that this latest Schiff 'whistleblower' clownshow, started when word was last out that the IG Report was 'imminent'.


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@REX @ThomasWic @drawandstrike This Friday is my birthday.
Trump elected on my birthday in 2016.
So, it’s only fitting and proper that the release is in 2 days.
Can I get an Amen!!

My take : the IG Report is ready to go, but the patriots want to confuse the enemy about when it will be released, so they're throwing out different dates.

This allows the patriots to release the report at a time of their choosing, giving them maximum suprise.

This is a classic strategy we have seen before - a 'real' leak of FakeNews @ThomasWic @drawandstrike

Never forget this diagram, especially in light of the confirmation today that ABC spiked Epstein's (and his gang's) paedophilia and sexual abuse.

FakeNews is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the DNC. Obama and Rhodes, the American Goebbels, destroyed journalism.

They truly are the enemy of the people.

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The NYC Police Commissioner resigned shortly after the Veritas tweet.

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