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I'm reading this BS article as UK spooks in panic, trying to reel in their government, as insurance.

It won't work.

The UK government knows that Trump knows EVERYTHING.There's nothing they can do now. And there's nothing to gain anymore, by aggravating Trump.

IMO, Westminster cut off the UK spook losers named in this article, long ago.

It doesn't matter if they still have a job.

They're on their own.

And struggling.

All this lame CYA attempt confirms is that the UK government, as well as their intelligence agencies, are fully implicated in SpyGate.

We can now dispel the idea that it was a group of ex-spooks, gone rogue. Also, it's difficult to believe that PM May wasn't aware.

Will be interesting to see how Trump reacts to this BS.

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@REX First the pawns will be off the board... then the knights and bishops... leaving the king and queen exposed and naked... I don’t care how long they remain in check till checkmate.

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Quite a few myths have been spread, about HAM radio signals being ñimpossible to intercept.

Total BS. All radio spectrum signals have been recorded and stored by US intelligence since at least the 1950s.

That includes amateur radio.

Ohr had a callsign and FCC license, so any communications she made using that device would be easy to find.

NSA has everything. EVERYTHING.

None of these people ever thought Trump would win, so they communicated freely assuming it wouldn't matter.

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@REX @knotreally

The reason it was tough to record was it waved in and out depending on the ionosphere and the easiest example to equate it to are the Auroras or northern lights. That is why every HF communications site also had a solar observatory to keep a constant eye on solar storms. That was out visual warning that we had to drop the operating frequencies to the bottom of the spectrum. Even at that, the ability to keep comms was limited.

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@Dawnz @Debradelai

Thus you know the majority of us are very humble about what we did and don't look for, or worse, expect.

You used the magic word;


is all we could ask.

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@REX @knotreally

You are entirely correct, 100% and I have made this point here and at the twatter farm. I worked in the Defense Communications Agency as a crypto specialist. Ham was the toughest and easiest because it bounced all over the atmosphere. In Iran, we had a CIA listening post right in our communications receivers site.

She picked the HAM excuse because she knew nobody would look to challenge her assertion of the ancient technology image, when in fact terrorist used it.

BREAKING : BOTH Krassenstein brothers GONE from twitter.

My POV? they're morons, but they have 1A rights, just like anyone else. I don't support their voices being censored, unless there's some criminality involved, which in their case wouldn't surprise me.

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@knotreally @robbakas

1. Great point.

Something Saul @Debradelai , Thomas @ThomasWic , Brian @drawandstrike and many others have been thinking about for 2+ years!

Trump thinks BIG. He will settle for no less than a thorough clean out and then fundamental realignment of the US state.

One that's only just starting.

However he will balance that against Sun Tzu's warning, that true victory can only be achieved if the enemy's camp is taken intact.

3. It's going to be incredible to learn the whole truth, once it's revealed.

One things for sure. A lot of these crooks are in full panic. They've been lying to Congress to cover up their role in what went on.

Including Nellie Hauke Ohr, lover of The Kremlin.

The end.

2. We also know that Ohr is a Russian speaking, Moscow loving, Stalin apologist.

Who hated Trump.

Putin's top people would see her as an EASY MARK. Someone to feed misinformation to, via a ham radio and other means.

Misinformation that Fusion GPS could then use to create 'dossiers' , that MI6 spook Steele would stamp with his name, to give the dirt legitimacy.

I'm beginning to think that Putin's crowd were working with Fusion GPS, with Brennan's blessing.

That would be off the charts.

1. Question : was Nellie Hauke Ohr the go-between with Putin's agents, via her ham radio?

Given the revelation from Kavalec memo of 4 Putin agents being sources of (mis) information for the Steele dossiers, she may well have been.

Someone in Congress suspects so.

"Have you ever communicated with anyone in Russia using your Ham radio?" Ohr was asked by one GOP investigator in her October 19, 2018 interview.

'No' she replied.

We know Ohr is a liar. She's been referred to DOJ for perjury.

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@Davel495 @REX

Combine that with how the Brits are in total disarray on the Brexit fail with May and the Parliament. And Nigel Farange's upstart Brexit Party dominating the EU elections next week for the Brits.

That will setup a final death knell for the twit May and a complete upheaval in England's political landscape as Brexit Party was almost there in polls this past week.

Divine Providence at play.

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@REX This win for Conservative thinking people here in Australia and indeed, around the world shows to All the doubters that SOMETHING IS HAPPENING.
Since Brexit and Trumps election, looking on a worldwide 40,000 foot View, skin, hair and shit have really been flying hell, west and crooked.

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Australia has its turn at an amazing upset.

Ron Nehring
‏Verified account @RonNehring

Remember election night 2016 when all the commentators were in disbelief when Hillary lost the unlosable election?

That’s what’s happening tonight in Australia as center right @LiberalAus appears on track to win incredible upset.

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6. IMO, the US & Australia have been sharing intelligence on SpyGate since Morrison came to power.

Morrison will know everyone involved downunder. It's likely all have been removed from their positions, including any plotters at ASIO or ASIS, the FBI/CIA equivalents.

Visits by conspirators, such as James Clapper, will have been given top priority NATSEC status. Every move that slimeball made in Australia, every meeting, every communication will have been surveilled and handed over to the US.

5. In Dec 2018 at the G20, Trump praised Morrison publicly. That's very unusual, as we know.

These words from Trump were interesting:

'I know you’ve done a fantastic job in a very short period of time.'

Consider them in context of my toots above. I think Trump trusts Morrison and sees a talent.

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I remember the thread. An Aussie tipped you about the IC purge that began at that time.
Well played.

7. Once all is revealed with declassification, I'm guessing Morrison will need to address their Congress, as well as the nation, to explain what happened.

I'm pretty sure Alexander Downer is a VERY nervous man, right now.

POTUS Trump will have Morrison's back, you can guarantee it.

Anyway, my objective was to explain why the victory of PM Morrison is a significant event. And a great outcome, not just for Australians, either.

The alternative would have been unthinkable.

The end.

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