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My hubby and I are a team. He 'subjects' himself to MSM commercial broadcast news and I almost never watch it , instead choosing to dig "outside of the box" and hang out with y'all instead.

Some days our conversations start with him asking "did you hear that ..." and I politely wait for him to tell me even though I most likely already know.

FYI - That's one of the ways to stay happily married.

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Remember, all that matters to these leftist progressives is confirming their (delusional) intellectual and moral superiority.

As long as they can do that, they are distracted from everything else. They are obsessed with their own superiority.

Trump knows this. By projecting 'The Donald' caricature, he distracts & lures them into underestimating his brilliance.

They truly believe that Trump is an imbecile, criminal and idiot. Because Trump wants them to. He owns them and they don't know it!

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1. Let me get this straight.

We're supposed to believe that 'white supremacists' are a massive domestic terror threat.

But here's a quick question: do any of you know anyone who has white supremacist views?

By that, I mean someone who believes that the caucasian race - in its various forms - is supreme to all other races and who advocates for a political & social system based on that supremacy.

Do you guys know anyone like that?

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I absolutely love being right.

I've said for a long time that al-Qaeda in Syria--now known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS)--is actually commandos from the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Listen to THIS:

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"These children have been traumatized and lied to bout anthropogenic global warming since they were born. They are the first generation to be taught to ignore actual science and scientific method. To ignore the falsified temperatures and faulty models... It’s child abuse."

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"I could watch this 100 times!

CNN Headline: “Democrat Stronghold in Minnesota turning to Trump.”"

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The Federalist:
“Democrats’ very public reprimand of Sinema is not about addressing dissatisfaction among the electorate. It’s about shaming someone for not prioritizing uniformity over the interests of voters.”
by Stephen Green

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Wow, 75 people?! That's a BetaTard rally on a good day!

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Australian PM Morison is clearly a patriot.

The screeching from leftists in replies is as delusional and hilarious as you'd expect. Dear me. Their ignorance is profound.

My hope is that SpyGate will break in an unusual manner. An admission and apology from an ally would be one scenario, that couldn't be ignored.

Let's see what happens.

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Let's see.


Trump wants to expose the Obama/DNC corruption in Ukraine.


An ODNI spook, pretending to be a whistleblower, 'leaks' Ukraine story to a desperate Adam Schiff. Hook : Trump on phone with Ukrainians (100% legal).

Schiff takes the bait and runs to FakeNews, leaking classified information along the way.

Bingo : Ukraine / Obama corruption is exposed, plus Schiff is busted for leaking classified information.

Schiff got played.

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With the speed at which the 'whistleblower' thing is backfiring so hard it's about to knock the fuck out of Biden, I'm just about certain that we're seeing a @ThomasWic style Judas Goat in action.

As Trump said, he wouldn't say anything illegal or dumb on a call he knows for a fact dozens of people will listen to and see. Yet there's a whistleblower report about a call regarding apparently Biden's abuse of power in Ukraine.

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I just read something on QV that gave me pause. We all know people, family, friends, etc. (some are here in QV) who have been ground down at times in life. People for whom life turned them almost into dust. Immeasurable suffering. Mind. Body. Soul. With pains most of us will never experience. But these people, these very special people, go through the fire and come out like diamonds. Not embittered. Not mean spirited. To those people, I'm *most* grateful. They give strength when life "fails".

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With Gamal Sadat, son of Anwar Sadat, at a meeting in the Gold Institute for International Strategy about an hour ago.

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Doesn't everybody put pancakes in their pockets?

I love how the press digs up retarded fairy tales that don't mean anything, and the believers of retarded fairy tales glom onto them.

"See? He stole pancakes!"

I want to see a picture of the Scottish crone who's still bitching about pancakes after half a century.

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