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When it gets boiled down to its most basic essence, it is always about money and power.

That's it ... and in their evil minds, more control means they get more of both.

They have already deemed individuals unnecessary, & when that happens, individual lives become disposable.

But we have hope & we see them for who they are. Although they disdain the individual, there is still fear in them of us. It is mightily palatable.

Have a great day! ❤️

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A bit of reading to go along with the morning coffee....

"To Fight Back, Question Everything" - By J.B. Shurk

" ... Then I take a quick look at Facebook or Twitter and remember that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. For every person interested in gold, there seem to be a thousand just fine with pyrite. And that lack of discernment is crucial to producing a society surrounded by answers yet in possession of few ..."

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I now have filters ... it's the only way I could figure out how to handle the onslaught.

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That's all the lists I've made as that's all the room I have on my screen 😂

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@Itbj2 - In general, most try to follow the here because there's no point in getting upset about all the gaslighting at the moment.

Does it suck hearing the media & tell blatant lies? Well sure. That's part of being a human with a conscience.

But letting it get to you only puts your own life out of balance ... Which is why disengaging from the MSM & Gloom pimps is a healthy act of self preservation.

Give things time to shake out. Trump knows what he is doing.


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My hubby and I are a team. He 'subjects' himself to MSM commercial broadcast news and I almost never watch it , instead choosing to dig "outside of the box" and hang out with y'all instead.

Some days our conversations start with him asking "did you hear that ..." and I politely wait for him to tell me even though I most likely already know.

FYI - That's one of the ways to stay happily married.

Britain’s intolerable Coercive Acts, passed in response to the Boston Tea Party, led to a chain of events that ignited the Revolution. The First Continental Congress was formed, which recommended all colonists stockpile weapons and ammunition. This led to General Gage being ordered to seize rebel supplies and the war started in Concord in April, 1775.
(Thank you, Jack Manning for this essay)

An important weapon in the Biden Administration’s quest to completely destabilize America’s borders has been the talking point that its immigration policies are designed to help the less fortunate of the world, children in particular. It has proven to be an effective shield against those who would question the wisdom of importing the world’s poverty problem en masse.

A new group has been created for Jews who are against the extremist agenda of George Soros, a leftist who is infamous for his anti-law enforcement influence on American politics.

Led by senior Newsweek editor Josh Hammer and Missouri attorney general candidate Will Scharf, Jews Against Soros pledges to "fight back against the common left-wing smear that opposition to Soros and his sprawling network of political organizations is antisemitic."

Reading the news tonight, it is full of transgenders claiming their rights are trampled, while promoting trans surgery for minors, racists making speeches claiming racists do not belong in society, and haters speaking in hateful terms about the so-called haters they hate. It just shows how much hatred there is in the virtue signaling, snobbily superior, disrespectful, entitled youth who want everyone not like them off the face of the Earth. To Hell with them too.

O’Boyle was everything you would want in an agent: He’d served in the 101st Airborne, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was a police officer before he became a special agent. He got high reviews, he was selected for the FBI SWAT team, and he molded a stellar reputation and career. Then came the smear against him. He said that that wasn’t going to stop him. After all, he said, he didn’t swear an oath to the FBI, “I swore an oath to the Constitution.”

This fall in Ohio, conservatives are at risk of losing a significant battle in the culture war. Unfortunately, very few on the right outside the state seem to sense the danger.

You can hardly blame most people for not noticing. By all appearances, the woke left has been on the retreat as of late. Poll after poll has shown that the GOP’s new focus on parental rights and protecting children from gender ideology is extraordinarily popular.

"On Campus Voting

May 3, 2023

Our work regarding the investigation into campus voting continues, this is a huge story as you will see as we progress. The money and control the left have in regard to on campus voting is somewhat overwhelming. We will be updating this story often as we go forward with our WVA investigation. There are other folks working on this story in other states."


@DC_Draino: "🚨BREAKING🚨

Trump accuser Jean Carroll admits on CNN this morning she *helped* New York Dems pass the new law in 2022 that extended statute of limitations for sexual assault civil lawsuits beyond 20 years, which allowed her to sue Trump in a 1 year window

Her lawyer says they filed their lawsuit at midnight on opening day of the 1 year timeframe [...]

Happy Hump Day QV! 😂

"Hi, your appear to be trying to be a functional adult, do you need help with that?"

During a contentious Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, Republicans shot down their Democrat colleagues’ efforts to intimidate and delegitimize the Supreme Court.

The Democrat-led “Supreme Court Ethics Reform” hearing was held amid a partisan media campaign accusing conservative justices of ethics violations and conflicts of interest.

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