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So Trump's preparations in the US were actually the LEAST of the work he did to become president.

He made preparations all over the world.


By himself, Trump outwitted all his opponents, foreign and domestic.

He practiced for fifty years, and then he hired himself as president.

And that means all is well.


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You never know what he has up his sleeve. He has contingencies if things play out in a particular way.

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The Democrats better hope this does not boomerang back at them.

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“With around 10,000 people expected to make the trip, there will be minimal parking in the borough. Most are expected to travel to the Lycoming Mall and take a shuttle into the borough.”

Thousands Gather for Trump Rally in Lycoming County – WNEP.com

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Thank you, Thomas. another great thread. Coming from my favorite stable thinker! You always reaffirm my faith. 💗

Mehta said he would not stay his ruling pending appeal, despite the risk of permanently compromising Trump's private financial information, in part because of the public's strong interest in Democrats obtaining the records. That means the subpoena will take effect within 7 days unless it is stayed by another court on appeal.

Federal judge sides with House Democrats over subpoena for Trump’s financial records.The subpoena seeks access to a slew of Trump financial documents dating back to 2011, including personal records and records of various affiliated business and entities


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The IC never contacted Kim Jong-un.

Trump did.

When he was head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo secretly went to Pyongyang and installed some form of video communication that allows Trump and Kim to speak directly.

And Trump learned Korean so that he could address the ruler of North Korea, whomever that person would be.

I'm positive that Trump had contacted Kim when Kim was in Switzerland.

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There's an analog to the expanding Spygate conspiracy.

We're seeing that Spygate is much bigger than we thought.

But so is Trump's operation to change the world.

Trump created networks that dwarf those of the American Intelligence Community.

The IC isn't talking to Khalifa Haftar, for example.

Trump is.

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Trump can make a deal with ANYBODY.

He spent fifty years preparing.

The hardest lesson for me to learn was that the world is addicted to what the historian Barbara Tuchman called folly.

Tuchman defined folly as making decisions that you KNOW ARE STUPID, but going ahead and making them anyway.

History is full of folly.

Only Trump and his allies have broken the cycle of folly-failure-folly-failure.

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Currently Haftar is engaged in an offensive on Tripoli.

Trump recently spoke to him by phone, that made the world angry.


Clearly Trump is trying to make a deal to stop the current Libyan civil war.

The UN is useless, and the press is dishonest. All the old ways of doing things are obsolete.


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Now Libya.

Obama overthrew Gaddafi and left Libya in chaos. It now has two governments.

The UN recognizes the Government of National Accord in Tripoli, while the Libyan House of Representatives in Tobruk is ALSO seen as a legitimate body.

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar--an American citizen--commands the Tobruk armed forces, the Libyan National Army.

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Outside forces have fired on both the protestors and the military in an effort to force a violent crackdown, but the army has not fallen into the trap.

Sudan was a disaster. I thought it was hopeless.

As of this moment, things are going extremely well. If a deal is struck between the army and the protestors, it means that the danger has passed.

Did you see the word I used?


Who is the best deal maker on earth?

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Why would Trump take his eye off of his holdings?

To golf?


He was working on influencing the politics of every other country on earth.

Trump knew that it wasn't enough to change the US alone.

The WORLD had to change.

How long before they try this crap here?
‘France Does Not Belong to the French Everyone has a right to be here!” one person could be heard yelling into a loudspeaker ’: Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants Storm French Airport.The protest was received as a possible sign of things to come in America by many observers.

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Thank God. I continue to pray for the people of Sudan and their freedom. 💗❤🙏

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