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The only thing worse than Chris Wallace is that piece of crap John Roberts who didn’t like when the President praised him and ran back to MSLSD Kristin “thunder thighs” and the other sleazebags like Kaitlin Collins and apologized for being praised by the president at a press conference.

Total wuss.

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@CancerousToeJam @SusanInVA

It's truly as simple as what I wrote.

They wanted so badly for something to be true that they fell for it.

And now that they've invested so much in their narrative, they can't ever stop.

Trump is in total control.

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@ThomasWic @Pjlxyz @SusanInVA
Emotional Investment.

As I've said before, the Road to HELL isn't paved with Good Intentions.

That's completely wrong.

It's paved with EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT in the WRONG Things.

Their intentions were ALWAYS bad & now every ACTUAL American knows it.

Sara A. Carter
Adam Schiff: We Need to Take Defensive Steps Against This President ||

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This is a really big development: Sen Lindsay Graham, chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee w oversight of DOJ, is requesting that the Justice Dept formally investigate the Biden family’s actions in - is in deep trouble.

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From @HaroldFinch

Extradite him to the US. Try him for the hijacking & the murder if Robert Stetham and put him to death. We’ve waited too long for justice.

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So I was just on the twatter lurking around, and saw a person I have been following since I got on the bird, because we both fight Jew-hate there, and I really like her. She was a life-long Dem who had supported Hillary in the last election and was very upset when Trump won. Today, she was having a conversation with someone else I follow (also Dem) and they were both saying how they can no longer vote for one because their policies are insane. Major, unexpected progress is happening. Yay.

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Paraphrasing Rudy Giuliani's Fox News Sunday appearance this morning:

"The Vice President is going to China to represent us, and his son is going to China with him on Air Force Two to represent the Biden family. How long is the flight to China? 15, 16 _hours?_ And you're telling me Joe Biden never discussed what his son was doing, either on the way or coming back? And within a few days after he returns, Hunter Biden gets _a billion dollars?"_


(H/T @politicalwilli )

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They lie and we now know it! Three sets of books...come on!

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"Researchers at the Brookings Institute estimated that China had inflated its GDP growth rate by close to 2 percent every year between 2008-2016. So in reality, China hasn't seen a 6 percent growth rate for nearly a decade (someone should send a copy of this to Premier Li). Moreover, the actual size of the Chinese economy was an estimated $10.9 trillion, 18 percent lower than the officially stated $13.4 trillion, as of 2018."


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First John Kerry states the obvious that 's regime is responsible for the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities.

Then he shows his true colors by rushing to the support of Tehran's mullahs & their 40-year long support for terrorism.

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I'm from a 'small' community.
Worked at a Fed Agency.
- - -
Between 1996 and 2004 (not Obama's term) . .. . . all conservatives were systematically discharged on made-up charges of either Sexual Harassment . . . or insubordination.

The liberal leftists agenda to overrun the Federal Agencies with environmental extremists was in full-force then. . .. IT's WORSE Now. .
I lost a lot of good golfing buddies as a result / / / from other Agencies, as well . same reasons

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Tony Heller has released a video today to put some images in your head to show you about the climate change idiocy I described in my thread last night.

A Century Of Climate Crisis

15 minute investment


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She opens every lecture by saying that she can't be questioned because she's autistic.

At that point, I would tell her, "Then you're wasting my time. If I'm not allowed to question you, I'm not going to listen. Goodbye."

Then I'd get up and walk out.

I think surstromming is what happened to her.


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This is why Trump is so necessary.

The US meddled in British affairs at the behest of an American aircraft manufacturer, and in the end, everybody in both countries got screwed.

The British never came up with another design as advanced as the TSR-2. IF THAT AIRCRAFT HAD GONE INTO SERVICE, we'd be decades ahead of where we are now.

Leftism destroys ALL PROGRESS.

That's why leftists can never be given political power.

All they do is destroy.


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STUNNING and incredibly beautiful rendition of this song. Happy Sunday evening, everyone. 🙏🏼


Investigators found out that Paz was being detained at an ICE facility in Houston and was set to be deported back to Honduras. The state charge of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child nullified that deportation and he’s set to be extradited back to San Antonio. 😡

4) In an interview with media outlet Hromadske, Prystaiko said Ukraine was an independent state and would not take sides in U.S. politics even if “in theory” the country was in a position to do so. He added that Kiev appreciated the assistance it received from Washington.

3) 5) Within hours the unthinking parrots in the liberal media backtrack, retract, clarify or update their smear
6.) Media look like complete asses
7.) Back to Step One

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