MSNBC's Joy Reid is offended by Thanksgiving
First Obama was trying to end people saying Merry Christmas and now we are supposed to be offended by Thanksgiving.
In the wacky snowflake PC world liberals live in they would ruin everything! Shameful!

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Biden, who has probably never done an honest day's work in his sad, pathetic life is crying for Trump's tax returns.
Joe, Trump's tax returns will only make us like him more, and you less.

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Eric Ciaramella, the alleged Ukraine whistleblower, was long suspected of deliberately attempting to damage President Trump's foreign policy from the inside and had access to policy information far beyond his regional expertise, according to former National Security Council officials.

Ciaramella, 33, a career CIA analyst, was Ukraine director on the NSC toward the end of the Obama administration...

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There was a silence all around the throne,
Where the saints had often trod.
As the soldier waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God.

'Step forward now, you soldier,
You've borne your burdens well.
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell.'

Author Unknown~

Adam Schiff Went on TV and Told This Giant Lie That Immediately Blew Up in His Face.House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff stepped on a giant political landmine.Democrats thought they had just won their most significant victory in their impeachment witch hunt against President Donald Trump.But then Adam Schiff went on TV and told this giant lie that immediately blew up in his face

Texas is COLD!!!!!
Weather report saying its going to get down to -wait for it... -34
Time to dig out the Northface,the Yak wool sweater,boots and gloves...or just say hell with it and stay inside 😂

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"Flynn was only the first casualty in a chain of events initiated by the forty-fourth president of the United States. The plot was only just getting off the ground."

Lee Smith, The Plot Against the President.

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Socialist Ocasio-Cortez on politicians falling short: “Feels like rejection. Feels like heartbreak. Feels like betrayal. Feels like I never want to love again. You know what happens when you say, ‘I never want to love again’? Your heart gets black...angry”

Complete insanity.

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Samuel Blair Ross. Sam.

Oct 20, 1920 - Nov 15, 2009

B-29 tail gunner. Shot down in Yugoslavia in 1943. Only survivor. Rescued by partisans, badly wounded.

Never spoke about it. Never complained.

Became a lawyer with GI bill, UM, and died the oldest active member of the FL bar.

My Brother, Sam.

The don't make better men.

Carl Rowe: UVA (University of Va) faces backlash for cancelling 21-gun salute.A 21 gun salute is to celebrate veterans. It has nothing to do with gun violence. SMH

Lou Dobbs
Resistance from Within.
questions why Lt. Col. Vindman is still detailed to the National Security Council after testifying against Trump.

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Because I knew you men would have to peek
👀 😆
Gets the word out quicker 😉

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We MUST reopen state and federal mental hospitals, and we MUST allow for long-term, or PERMANENT involuntary commitment.


We simply learn to live with homicidal maniacs in our midst.


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a life long psych nurse...we tried to tell them this would be the result, as we sat in the meetings w the feds on the placement of our severely mentally ill. Many communities have personality disorders/mentally ill members that escape any type of evaluation bc of our new social mores. It’s racist. Started my career in ‘79 n we were already phasing out the ‘bughousers’ (untrained workers before a license was required)

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The rest of the Geebos on stage said illegals would have the ability to buy insurance through a "public option."

Which Medicare-For-All would do away with.

Please excuse me while I try to not have an aneurysm.

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Politifact is fucking insane.

They're actually trying to tell us that these candidates raising their hand about giving illegals medical care, aren't giving "FREE" medical care.

How so? It boils down to illegals paying sales tax and PAYROLL TAXES. LMFAO.

So, they're paying into the system and not getting "free" healthcare.


To top it all off, Politifact clenches their buttholes over illegals paying "unconstitutional" taxes!


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