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Steal an apple, and you’re a thief.

Steal a kingdom, and you’re a statesman.

- Jafar (Aladdin 2019)

Me browsing my Twitter timeline post Musk takeover.

"Why is this person in my feed?"

Clicks on Profile.

"Oh, I follow this person."


"Why did I follow this person?"


Commiserations and Congrats.

There is an exception to “Money can’t buy happiness”.

25 April 2022

Happy New Year, @EngOnDemand !!

Aren’t you happy you’re in Florida?

Happy New Year, @ThomasWic !!

May 2022 answer more questions and satiate the mind.

Reminds me someone... 🤔

Can't put my finger on it! 😜


Truth Social

Truth... Social...

Wait, isn't that just Social Quodverum, in English?? 👀

TBH, I struggle with filing in real life too.


A generation that grew up with Google is forcing professors to rethink their lesson plans

"the concept of file folders and directories, essential to previous generations’ understanding of computers, is gibberish to many modern students."

I'm kinda surprised this is "news", considering the data coming out of Israel.


What's the oldest coin, and what is the oldest American coin in your collection?

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.