#1 - anyone who says Trump wasn't hard on Putin is a fool.or a list. I've given you the evidence above, please use it.

#2 - all that Trump did can be repeated. Which America's enemies in Putin & Xi know full well.

Oh, a 3rd point - while these are times of despair, taking on these men and beating them CAN be done.

POTUS Trump showed us the way. Leaders of his caliber are difficult to replace, but they're out there.

As is POTUS Trump himself.

The end.

The Biden administration said Wednesday that its plan to fund crack "smoking kits" will not include glass pipes.

"We will not allow this administration to continue lying to the American people," she said.

In addition to smoking kits, the grant provides funds for syringes, fentanyl strips, vaccinations, disease screenings, and condoms. Funding for the program is provided through the Democrats' 2021 pandemic relief plan, the American Rescue Plan.


Melbourne Australia. The city that endured the longest lockdowns in the world. youtu.be/Zn73w-vyJ3o

Bookshops inundated with requests for Bibles after this Rally. Decided to give the Bibles to anyone for free. ❤️



You can't make this up.

President Biden's pick for the Comptroller of the Currency--a key Treasury post--is a Soviet-born Marxist.

Saule Omarova wants to nationalize all banks.

And she refuses to disclose her Moscow State University thesis on Marxism.



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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.