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I have an anecdote for you.

"But We Wanted Her"

I have a friend who is genuinely leftist. He doesn't believe in God. He's very set in his ways. He is also pro-choice.

One day, the subject came up while we were waiting for a flight. Of course he spouted all of the usual narratives:

* A woman can do whatever she wants to her own body.
* It's not a life until it's born
* It's just a clump of cells

To be completely blunt, the person in the audio recording is calling these women back to serve the men sexually, and get pregnant to "rebuild Ukraine" and redeem themselves in this way.

That is exactly what these 10 women understand from that message.

The disturbing part is that I feel like most of eastern Europe is ever doomed to fascism, communism, and every other totalitarian nastiness because the have NO GRASP on individuality.

It's bizarre.

Zelensky said, "Women of Ukraine that have fled to other countries are traitors to Ukraine. You must return home to redeem yourselves. There are men that need women. It is your duty to your country to help rebuild the country with these men."

Let me be clear here: NO ONE can prove this is Zelensky saying this. There is no video, it's just audio.

But 10 of these women took it seriously enough that they wan to go home and do the duty they've been called to do.

The disturbing part is that most of the women believe what they read and see - in spite of what they hear and read here in the US. Most of the women over the age of 25 question a lot of it. Almost all of the women 25 and younger blindly believe it all.

Why do they want to go back immediately?

Zelensky made an announcement that was distributed over Telegram. I'll paraphrase it in the next toot.

Over the past few months we've been helping quite a number of Ukrainian women enter the United States from Poland. These women range in age from 18 to 31. There are 18 women, in total. Seven of them are 26 and over.

Out of those 18, 10 of them want to go back to Ukraine immediately.

The reason why is disturbing.

All of these women keep tabs on what's going on in Ukraine via the Telegram app. Most of it is clearly bullshit. Clearly fake numbers of Russian casualties Obviously fake videos, etc.

Take what I'm going to say with a grain of salt. Mostly because I can't verify the veracity of I heard - through a translator.

For those that aren't familiar with my circle of friends, I'll give a brief background.

Alejandria is one of my best friends. She used to frequent SQV, but now focuses on local politics, in person.

Alina is my significant other. She is from Ukraine. She happened to be in Ukraine when the invasion began, and fled into Poland with some of her family.

When someone becomes constipated they'll strain, and strain to go to the bathroom. The stool is so dry that it can be extremely difficult to pass. It's also extremely difficult for whatever portion of the turd you managed to push out. i.e. you're left with a turd that is crowning.


Having worked in a hospital, she noticed that Biden walks like he always has a turd crowning. That peculiar shuffle one does when they're not sure what's going to happen with...


For those of you that know/remember Alejandria... there's a story you can make her tell that always gets her laughing. She never finishes the story without a few breaks.

It's the story of "Everturd."

It's not really *that* funny. I'm going to tell it anyway.

Trump declassified the documents, and someone has them (does he?). Now that these documents were taken by the FBI it's an "ongoing investigation" and can't be released.

According to Kash Patel.

The fact that this is plausible tells you how scary things really are. They have 7 ways from Sunday to fuck you, and every American.

Black holes piss me off too.

Especially the one Joe Biden tries to use as a brain.

You can easily demonstrate the meaning of a promise from a politician, especially a Democrat.

Wait for a nice breezy day.

Bend at a 45 degree angle.


Now try to find it.

Oh, and don't get me started on dark energy...

The point is simply this:

Have you prepared your mind?

In art - movies, books, song - people often express the depths of depravity from imagination. Within that is a glimpse into the darkness that each person possesses. Most would never try to reproduce that darkness and unleash it on those around them. Most, in fact, try to push those thoughts down.

But somewhere out there there are people that just go ahead and do whatever they dream.

It only takes a few, and a few more to carry the torch.

On the left, their denial is more emotional and guttural. They can believe that these evil things have happened, just not committed by their side. Their denial is strongly influenced by their tribalism. They need the attachment to their hierarchy of groups.

But some will see the evil for what it is, which will pit them against their own. The same will happen for conservatives, but not always because "their favorite guy" was among the evildoers.

The lines will be drawn where you didn't expect.

Denial is a powerful human trait to cope with egregiously evil occurrences. Two people who were in agreement - regardless of whether they're left or right - will not be able to accept what has occurred.

Conservatives tend to suffer from this denial for a unique reason: They don't think in these evil ways, and they don't know anyone that does. Therefore, it's very hard to accept the depths that some people have gone to for their ends.

Just think.

I believe that someday everything will be revealed, from Woodrow Wilson to Biden, and for every congress in-between.

The depths of their depravity offend us now but you must know they let us see only the very surface - that which bubbles up to the top.

The rest will build common ground where there was none, and put up barriers where there was common ground. The first inclination is that these revelations would prompt profound unity.

That isn't human nature. Not at all.

Anyway. I'm guessing we're going to get a 100km diameter ring accelerator out of this one. So scientists can use millions of tons of copper, steel, and some other pretty exotic materials.

All in hopes that out of thousands, and thousands of collisions they *might* just catch a glimpse of this heretofore unproven particle.

Why does this bother me? Cost, mostly.

Oh, and the fact that I really don't give a shit as long as shit keeps spinning the way it should.

The vinyl is the dark matter, and the 10,000 holes are the stars. They're all kept evenly spaced - hence, all rotating around at the same "RPM" as the hub.

Cool story, huh?

Well, until you throw in solar systems and stuff.

This "dark matter" is clearly quite viscous, yet has had very little influence on the orbits of our planets. Yeah, I even followed up on various explanations for this peculiarity.

The best answer is "we just don't know." Followed by, "we need more money!!!1!11!!!one!!"

At present there is an estimate that 95% of all of the matter in the universe is dark matter. What is dark matter?

It's invisible. It doesn't interfere with photons. It's called "dark" not because of color, but because it's lurking, hiding, and thus far invisible.

What does this have to do with galaxies? Well, let me tell ya. Remember the vinyl record example? Yep. That's the whole explanation right there.

Punch 10,000 holes in a record. Now spin the record.

BAM! Galaxy!

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