I haven’t been able to load the latest VIP room, and I know that I am Quad on steroids or something. But I can’t figure out if it’s my wireless or some thing else.


I’m using the Odysee app on my phone, which has worked until now and has the advantage of continuing to play while i am in another app.



have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and/or browser?



I have not. The rest of the videos play correctly. Only the subscription VIP video doesn’t play: when I tap it to load, it comes up looking normal with the ‘play’ arrow on the screen, but that vanishes in about a second and doesn’t come back. A small ‘loading’ symbol circles. It never does load or become playable.

It *does* now load if I log in via safari, which is acceptable but not ideal: you can’t use any other tabs and keep listening simultaneously.

I have the same experience on my MAC using Safari, yet worked normal on my iPad (also using Safari).

Every thing else plays normal on my MAC, (QuodMeet, BB, Yapping). Not so with VIP.


Perhaps Saul may help you with your problem.

Hope everything works out for the best.



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