Yesterday I wrote an apology to my neighbor for damaging his lawn, and offering to take whatever steps he deems appropriate to repair it. Honestly, it should repair itself (grow back) in a couple of weeks, but his is very house proud and I don’t want to suggest he “just wait it out”.

Also spent time burning the dogwood stump. Got…1/4 of it gone, maybe. The wood is horribly wet from a winter of soaking up rain on the cut surface. This will take time.

Also burned all the hair off my arm.

I know how unspeakably lucky I am that it was not worse.

I discovered today that in a moment of crisis, my brain tells me the right thing to do. Pity it didn’t insist on the right thing earlier.

I caught my pants on fire with gasoline while trying to burn out a stump. I also burned part of the neighbor’s lawn. He may yet get angry about that.

I tried to slap the flames out and it didn’t work. So brain supplied: stop, drop and roll. I did. It worked after a roll or two. Pants are damaged. Legs are not.

Yes, it was stupid. No, will never repeat.

Your daily dose of unbearable cuteness. The tiny delicate Yorkie is 18 years old and has no eyes or teeth. What a dear sweet calm girl she was! Also: Pom Butt.

Never fails. Went to Costco last evening. Brought home a bottle of MCT oil for my morning coffee. Left it on the cutting board. Evidently it was in someone’s way, because this morning it is nowhere to be found. And I mean, nowhere.

I have been reading a series on Amazon ($12/mo all the enrolled kindle books you can read) that is like stealth conservatism.

The series is “The Girl In The Box”. It’s urban fantasy set in the modern day, with a lot of ancient mythology woven throughout. But the main character keeps running up against globalists and collectivists, and debating/fighting them. It’s glorious. And well written. I’m now reading book 54!

Only twelve days shy of a year strike-free, a truck hit the Kirkland Truck Eating Bridge westbound. But we are having a party on Sunday anyway. What the heck.

There will be cake, a drawing for a mini banner (shown), bumper stickers…now if only the city doesn’t ding me for a non-permitted gathering! 😂

I’ve decided I’m a mysogenus.

I don’t believe in invented genders.

Woke up to snow. Three separate times in one winter is very unusual for Seattle!

This little dog is a bichon - his owner wants him long and fluffy but after a certain length it became matted. And once that starts it usually gets bad fast. It was bad. :(. I salvaged what I could. She still didn’t truly believe I couldn’t brush it out even though I showed her a chunk of white felt I had removed from his back. His head is out of proportion to his body now. Maybe she will find another groomer. 🙏

Look, a cute fluffy dog!

Now that I have your attention…if you love and value SQV, but you’re not offering financial support yet, please do! This place costs real money to run and Saul can’t and shouldn’t shoulder it alone. If you are chipping in? Ginger sends you a great big kiss. 🥰

I’m 56 and post-menopausal. I’ve tried everything under the Sun. And lost weight. And gained it all back plus. So I have trust issues. But this is different
(I hope) because it includes a piece of the puzzle I had been missing until now: insulin.

My doctor convinced me to begin intermittent fasting with low carb eating.

Since 1/21 I have lost weight 12 lbs. my pants are loose. I swear I’ve lost a bra size. And I’m sleeping much better.

I still don’t trust it. But I’m almost starting to believe it might be real.

I want to thank whoever it was who suggested Glerup wool slippers. I found a pair on eBay for $30 and have never been happier with a pair of slippers.

For the first time since we moved into this house in 1997, I heard a rat chewing in the wall near the pantry. Went under the house in the crawlspace. Found a single rat in a snap trap, long dead. Turned a light on under there.

I have tried snap traps, the Ratinator, Dunk the Rat drop trap, Rat-X bait….nothing is working and I can’t risk poison where my dogs can get to it. And if they can, they absolutely will.

Hate this.

Poke bowl on spiralized zucchini instead of rice. Remarkably good.

Low carb too. My doc should be proud.

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