@baldilocks I saw your tweet about your fridge. Do you know what actually broke? If the fan that blows across the coils stopped working, you may be able to pull the broken component out to get the part number , and put a small box fan behind the fridge on the floor to blow across the coils for now. Then order a replacement part. They tend to be modular - clip out, remove a few screws. Replace in reverse. I have done this, so it may possibly work.

I will never understand the compulsion to describe a woman one doesn’t like, by a slur for female genitalia. It always makes me want to say, “So *that’s* what you really think of us, huh?”

Shoulder bandages off. Incisions look good, dry. Laparoscopic surgery is amazing in what can be done with tiny incisions. Showered. Now back to the ice for a bit.

Out of surgery and heading home. No injury to the bicep tendon despite what the mri showed, but there was a bone spur causing irritation to same, and rotator cuff damage. Fixed.

I’m pretty sure Charlie the (Black) dog has lost more weight. Oliver seems to also. Please ignore the clutter. My life is chaos.

Surgery time tomorrow is moved up to noon. I’m glad.

I've been thinking recently about how, recently, something that was just fine even for hundreds of years is suddenly denounced as racist (see: White House, Betsy Ross flag). And people who have NEVER mentioned it before are suddenly ALL IN on this.

And of course, the MAGA hats being racist because....they're racist. Or something.

What sociological effect causes this? What madness of crowds? And why are no other opinions or interpretations allowed?

Legal beagles, I have a question about Pelosi's advice to those with deportation orders who are holing up in their houses or apartments, that they police cannot enter w/o a signed order from a judge.

Isn't that what the deporation order *is*? Or is a separate one needed to force entrance to the residence? Obviously, they won't be very happy holed up forever, but non-named people could surely bring in food and pay the rent.

Does sanctuary apply even in cases like this?

Snuck a piece of "trailing raspberry" (rubus calycinoides) from the planter in front of Safeway. Just enough to root and grow, I mean, not the whole plant. They produce quite a wonderful fruit that looks like a raspberry (but isn't). They're related to roses, actually.

@Smitty73 Absolutely. People can LIE on the census form if it has a citizenship question, or not turn the form in.

But a survey of GOVERNMENT RECORDS will be far more accurate.

How do I know this?

Because in 2007 I was on food stamps for 6 months.

You know what's odd? Every time I see a picture of Epstein, I keep thinking how much he looks like President Obama.

So the other day Rex posted a link to a story about how nobody knows to Epstein is. And I thought, maybe he and President Obama were separated at birth.

No, I am not serious. But I do think they have a similar look about their faces.

And the silly little ingrate BIT me when I was moving her into the safer, separate kennel.

Chickens. I tell ya.

What I *ought* to buy is some Blu-Kote spray, an antiseptic that renders the wound invisible to chickens (because they don't react to blue. But I want something today so it'll likely be human grade and clear.

Little brown hen update:

The other three have beaten her up brutally. She has an open sore on her wing. So, she's separated from them in a kennel where they can all see each other. She has food and water - I don't think she's eaten much for several days. This is really awful. I thought they'd have reconciled by now. :(

I have a cup of coffee. The cream floating on the top is exactly the same color as the interior of the cup, so...

Thinking it was empty but for a last few drops, I...poured it down my front.

Do not recommend.

Trader Joe's crispbreads are the BEST. Munch munch munch. Eat with slivers of fancy cheese.

So this where all the cool kids are. Sorry I'm late.

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