Two birds to lighten your day. One is a chicken that anticipates the arrival of the food-bringing human. One is an Apteryx, a wingless bird with hairy feathers.

And I am sad and self-critical and angry and itchy. :(

Wouldn't it have SOME response to topical Benadryl if it is allergic in nature??

He had decided what the lesion was before he even looked at it.

He says it's a topical allergic reaction. He took a sample for culture, at least. He prescribe a topical antibiotic which you can't buy OTC.

24 hours later, I see no difference at all. No response.

And I feel awful about the appointment. By the end of it, I felt beaten down and was only saying what he wanted to hear.

I won't be getting appts with him again, but this thing on my hand is driving me mad. :(

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a lesion on my hand that has been getting bigger, knobbly, ITCHY as hell, and which has failed to respond to OTC antibiotics, antifungals, benadryl cream, or hydrocortizone.

The doctor and I don't click. We haven't, for 22 years. But he was the one who had an available appointment. Big mistake.

He came in defensive and basically said he knows I won't listen to him and probably just want antibiotics but would I just listen before he prescribes them.

This post appeared on my local community Facebook page, which is a closed group. This woman works at Evergreen Hospital, in the epicenter of the Washington State outbreak.

They are already exhausted.

I got my first tattoo. I probably won’t get any more, but this speaks to me.

I’ve been ramping up with a cold today. Today is better and worse: fever and a little achey, but not so much the nose. So glad it’s mid-winter break at the kid’s homeschool co-op. Otherwise I’d be huddled in my van, keeping my germs to myself for 5 hours today.

If someone wanted to contact AG Barr Regarding known child trafficking, how would you reach him. Because my friend knows stuff. The county she lives in is as corrupt as anything you ever heard of.

I have spent the last several hours with my friend whose house burned down a year ago October. Everything on her property looks like it’s held together with bailing wire and zip ties. Everything is so filthy. She doesn’t have the wherewithal to improve her situation, and I am tapped out too.

I really wanted Trump to testify at the Senate trial. :(

A leftist friend is regaling me with all the ways we are screwed because Trump dismantled an infectious disease management program in 2018.

I assume it’s true that this happened, but I wonder what the reasons were. Trump doesn’t do things for no reason. Corruption? Ineffectiveness?

Daughter's class saga continues.

The teacher, who had promised he was going to now reduce their homework load to "normal", has kept it at impossible level. The cohort is meeting with the woman in charge of the program AGAIN.

They all want to drop the class, but they can't take the NEXT class without this one.

This reflects very badly on the institution. And it's hurting these 6 students.

Meanwhile I have handed daughter off to my husband, who is better at handling distressed children than I am. They are talking now. She is no longer crying. She is so tired that her voice sounds like a little girl, slurring and exhausted.

"Have some real life, you arrogant idiot. 5 of the people in this class are adult men coming back to update their careers. They know "real life". The other one is my daughter, who you are casually breaking as though she has no value and nothing to offer unless she fits your goddamned box."

I heard a sound outside. went to investigate. Daughter, 20, is sobbing raggedly in the study shed because she is exhausted and can't understand her homework. The #$(*&% online-class teacher deliberately overloaded the class in week 1 "so the only choice they had was to talk to him". So they talked to him. And he basically flexed his superiority at them. Wanted to "give them a taste of real life."

I want to punch him in the head.

Gee, I thought it was clever. PolDec. Political Deception.

Mind you, even as I understand that it's necessary to achieve the end, I really am not wild about the idea that our politicians need to lie to get where they want to go. Isn't that what they've done all along? Lie, and do their own thing anyway? So now, President Trump *has* to do it, and what he's doing is good. But it's a hard sell as an argument.

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