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Just in case anybody wants to make a mask for themselves or for others, I have made a step-by-step thread on Twatter, with pictures. This can be done by hand if you don't have a sewing machine, just make tiny careful stitches.

Aaaand Todd Starnes has just announced to the world that the McKloskeys in Saint Louis have had "the gun" (but more likely all guns) removed from their house with a warrant.

So now watch the mob come back. They know he's been disarmed.

Day 3. MAGA hat. Different town. One man came up to read the hat (slowly). Then he moved away from me.

No one said a thing beyond that.

I have friends who really want to see the entire American system torn down and replaced with a different system.

Okay. So where will all the people go who want to immigrate to America as it is? There's nothing like it anywhere else. They *come* from other systems. They want out.

Wore the MAGA hat again today.

Not a comment.

But my friend says her son was harrassed for wearing a pink hat, not even a red one.

When I told a friend about my experience with wearing the Maga hat and no response from people, she said that her son who is about 22 wore a pink hat… Not a Maga hat and not even red...And had multiple people confront him in the same town. We theorize it is his age and sex.

I’ve been walking around in assorted stores in very liberal Redmond WA today with MAGA hat on my head.

No one said a word. No one stared. No one huffed audibly.

Have you ever stopped to marvel at having been born at this time, in this place?

That's a blessing. To be able to marvel, rather than mourn. There are places where there is nothing to marvel at. And most of history has been not so promising.

People were saying at the time that he was trying to acquire the police frequencies. Therefore such an app must exist. I can’t find one.

I ask because someone tried to tell me “he was trying to return a police helmet and they pushed him down.”

Remember the old man who was pushed and fell down at a protest when he was trying to scan the police radio to obtain the frequency?

What kind of app is that?

This is going to sound like 'So what' but my 23 year old ASD daughter, whose hair reaches to her thighs, managed to brush out her own hair after a shower tonight.

Trust me. This is a Big Fricking Deal.

And there it is. Now all I have to do is remove the books from the other one, take it and its platform off its post, put the platform for this one on the post, and install this one on the platform.

I bought a MAGA hat today. If nothing else, it should make people keep a healthy distance from me in public. :P

Or, they will come shriek in my face. As I am 4'10", middle aged and fat, this will not make them look bold or strong. But they will look like big abusive bullies.

Have I mentioned that my FtM trans child has....apparently desisted? She stopped taking testosterone over 2 months ago and her voice has gone back to almost normal.

We're playing it down, as we played down her 'transition'. Because she has to live inside her body...we don't. But the thought that she is back to accepting her healthy normal body is a source of great joy to me.

Washington State Patrol are closing I-5 between SR-520 and I-90 for yet more protests today. Again.

Because nothing says “people who aren’t throwing hissy fits have no value” like closing the only major freeway through a after day.

...Presidents don’t send bills to Congress, right? Budgets yes. Bills no.

I think I finally saw “peak woke” on my neighborhood FB Group. A naturalized American citizen from Russia, who arrived on our shores with nothing and speaking no English - and who also happens to support Trump - was mobbed by a bunch of people telling her to sit down and shut up because she clearly benefited from being white and doesn’t understand 500 years of black and brown people being oppressed in the United States.

There doesn't seem to be an update anywhere about the protest shooter in Seattle last night.

Somebody suggested he "didn't shoot more" because his large-capacity magazine jammed.

Here is this video of his surrender:

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