@darulharb. Ireland is sick. They jumped into progressive politics recently if you go by centuries of history. Abortion, climate change idiocy....Ireland, where have ye gon'?

AOC parody account returns...

@AOCpressTwo: "I'm back - you mad, bro?

I'm starting from scratch because my previous 400,000 followers were all racists, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, transphobes, white supremacists, and domestic terrorists."


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Behold, our newest CDC Director.

This is how these people make decisions.

This is our "leadership" class.

A toad to the umpteenth power.

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The luxury resort developers, to this day continue their lobbying efforts, despite the court ruling.

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Ovidio sued, alone, against real estate megagroups represented by throngs of lawyers. They mocked him as a moth-eaten old fool out of time who had gone against powers that were too strong, against those who wanted to lay a 910,000-square-meter concrete jungle, roughly the size of a ten-story building, on one of Sardinia's most beautiful and pristine corners.

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But Ovidio, a Sardinian shepherd, almost 90 years of life and pride, replied that he never went to Porto Cervo, and to tell the truth he doesn't even know where it is. He added: Look I'm not selling, this is my father's and my father's father's land and I'm keeping it and you around here have no right to build.

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This is Ovidio Marras. They used to tell him look Ovidio we'll pay you by the pound for your land. We'll build 5-star hotels in Tuerredda with luxurious suites for rich people, we'll make it a new Porto Cervo, you name the amount and we'll give it to you.

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In Roman times, "tiger's eyes" were small white stones that were placed between cracks in the pavement: the moonlight made them glow, contributing to nighttime traffic just like modern street lights. In this photograph by Anna Sirge you can see the "tiger eyes" of Via Marina in Pompeii.

The Streisand Effect and the Global Energy Crisis: How Europe's Hypocrisy Led to a Coal Renaissance


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I’m with you. There’s something wrong with doing it the A way. For starters, some of the fries could be missed.


Are these morons seriously arguing to build US warships in fucking Korea?

I bet China is cheaper.

Also, Korean and Japanese bathtubs are cheaper! But, "All these Japanese and South Korean vessels are designed to incorporate US technology, weapons, spy radars and the Aegis command and control system." And therein lies the rub.

But, but, a professor in Kings College...

Morons and losers.


Oh my gosh - I laughed - I admit it - couldn’t help it - that was hilarious.

Well, off to Hell now… 😂

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