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Saul Montes-Bradley has a live open interaction with Quods.

Today, we start with...YES!...We get to count again!

Tuesday, 9:30pm Eastern

@Ballerina @DTPrez

🇺🇸 Also 100% behind Trump.
I think in terms of a "whole". A broad scan of events.
Opinions vary from disgusted with Trump and 2020.steal to total support.
Repetition of 2020 does not bother me. I am not disgusted, not bored with it. Others learn because T spreads the message relentlessly. I am not offended.

Trump was (and is still being) BETRAYED.......

My opinions .. ❤️
Local elections here had a "slight" R improvement Co Commissioners. Hard uphill battle.

That's funny.
Inside 7450 useless employees eating free lunches Dorsey hid James Baker as counsel. More confusing is Musk did not catch it until he exited the guy.
Ultimate fox eating the hens & hiding the bones.

We cast our votes for Herschel this morning. Same local synagogue as November.

Ga requires that we present a photo ID to vote - there are seven different acceptable forms - among them, GA driver's license (even if expired), student ID from GA public college/uni, various govt ID's from Fed on down to county/city employee, tribal photo ID, passport photo ID, etc...

GA even offers a free ID card at county registrar's office or GA Dept of Driver Services.

This info is readily available...

"Inflation is eroding everything I just said, and that $1.5 trillion will run out sometime mid-year next year," Dimon said during an interview on CNBC. "When you are looking that forward, those things very well may derail the economy and cause this mild to severe recession that people are worried about."

@antonionpellegrini @watch4thedrop @CheetahFeet

Unfortunately the only long lasting capital is putting in the labor and hard work. Don't spend your cash foolishly. Stay away from gambling and prostitutes. Keep your drugs and alcohol to a minimum. Most important develop long and lasting friendships in those who share your same ethos.

Never try and use or take advantage of anyone less your karma can take it.


This Comune charges an entrance fee and is only acessible by a long and steep sidewalk-fashioned ramp.

Nonetheless, it may prove an interesting visit to this outdoor museum of a has been town.

They hold good food festivals multiple times a year.

In Italian these festivals are often called "Sagre".

If you go to these festivals you will find free or very low-priced food, drinks (including alcohol) , and entertainment.

These Sagre, all across Italy, are usually well-attended with the only downside (if it is even a problem) is that parking may be somewhat difficult to find.

Nonetheless, you may find it a very nice experience for your palette and perhaps even your eyes and ears.


@Stacie @Dawnz @BlkLdyPatriot

Thank you all! Very kind and loving of you 💜🙏

He's after it, and it went fine. I saw him today for a few hours, and we played an Israeli card game 🙂

Now he's asleep at the hospital, with his mom by his side, and I'm at her place, to send his brother to school tomorrow.

More details here:

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@Debradelai @BlkLdyPatriot @PathIntegral

Sophism, absolutely.
The statement made by Trump really makes little sense to me.
He is proposing a question and never really saying anything, just like a true politician.

Isn't politics a form of sophism?
Is he actually proposing to suspend the constitution?

As far as HNC, not my trumpybear, never. However, this is what the liberals have been pedaling. Now we have the Q tards to contend with

As TW points out time will tell.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @antonionpellegrini @Debradelai @BlkLdyPatriot @PathIntegral I believe Q tards are product of the left . I swear the movement was created by them to hurt the right wing. Trump is really making me scratch my head.

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