1. As expected, the Stalinist showtrial of Citizen Trump is starting as the farce we all expected it to be.

The main problem for the crooks behind it is not lack of evidence, but lack of popular support.

That's why they needed violence and bloodshed between Jan 6 and now, to try and make the farce appear legit.

They tried everything to provoke violence - but Trump supporters didn't fall into the trap.

2. Half-man Raskin's tears, Cicilline's lies, AOC's hysterics etc would all have far more weight, if there had been violence.

Their cloqnshow would have momentum if they could play videos of dead bodies.

The focus would have been on evil Drumpf and his gun totin' domestic terrorist supporters.

Instead, the focus is on the craven cowards who appear to enjoy using their power, to destroy innocent human beings.

It is a truly sickening display, all the same.

3. Just as Americans need Congress to step up and make life better again for citizens, these usurpers are wasting valuable time on yet another illegal, inflammatory and unconstitutional stunt.

But then again, we shouldn't be surprised.

The last group of people these grifters care about are Americans.

Of course, this circus will likely stretch into next week and perhaps the week after.

Lots of time for evil & desperate people to creat mayhem, justifying conviction.

4. But also lots of time for Trump to land vicious blows, from unexpected places.

Which I have no doubt he will.

Trump knows that he has been given a golden opportunity by these idiots, to increase his already massive support.

He won't waste it.

Watch, learn etc.

The end.

5. CLARIFICATION (toot 1) : when I said 'lack.of evidence' I did not mean they have evidence.

Because they don't.

What I meant was their lack of evidence requires them to jack up violence, to create legitimacy and support for their show trial.

Right now, they have no evidence, legitimacy or support.

Hope that clears things up. REX

@REX Just like the postman, you always deliver - thanks Rex from a longtime fan

Dems are so desperate, they’ll probably call in Vindman. 🙄
The arrogance of this charade is so apparent!


Sorry I don't understand what you are getting at. Can you clarify?


We're not there. We are to the point that they are taking action against " tone ", and so it's best not to give them the ammunition to focus on us right now. To do so plays into their plan to disenfranchise our right to assemble.


What I mean is that we don't want to put ourselves in the crosshairs by any type of insurrection talk. Because the other side has already established that as a path they will take to de-platform and censor.

@Kelly62317572 @REX Kelly, I think you're right to worry about a military purge. Their litmus test of the National Gaurd troops in DC was alarming. I think they were testing the country's response. Hopefully there was enough attention and blowback to deter them.


Good point Kelly.

And you're right. The trajectory is alarming.

However I think Biden & Co are on defense. Their challenge is huge - against 80 million+ they need to maintain the illusion of legitimacy.


Extremely tough thing to do. And while they're evil, I don't sense that they are very tough, patient or resilient.

They're entitled. Plus they know they're frauds.

And they're TERRIFIED of Trump & citizens who know what's going on.

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