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No, we are saying that you stole a national election.

"I've always felt that whatever does not kill you... Makes you very weak. And almost killed!"

Norm Macdonald

Remember when the stupid schools expelled students for having BB guns in their bedrooms? Big mistake…big F’ing mistake.

The parents sued the school district in federal court and earlier this week the Jefferson Parish School Board decided to settle the lawsuit instead of trying to defend the actions of the teacher and superintendent in court.

The board agreed to pay Harrison’s family $92,500 and Brown’s family $72,500, as well as correct the record.


For @guym

You posted a link to an article with this ghastly photo of Susan Rice.

All the "winners" look like crap.

They're all deteriorating at warp speed.

We all experience 40 days in the desert or sometime 40 years. But if you want to get to the land of milk and honey you’ll do what it takes.



So all of my clients are in LA because I am seeing them virtually, which means most of them have bought into the fear with mask mandates and closing businesses/schools. For some, it is well beyond reason or reasonable fear.

To my clients, I pose a “what if” question? I ask them what will they do if the powers that be, even their president, tells them they no longer need to wear a mask or worry about Covid; if he says it’s over?


My son has earned his commercial pilot’s certification. He’s now testing to be an instructor. He’s stressed. Tomorrow is a big day.

I would love to have positive energy for him. His name is Eddie.

He’s on the right. His twin is on the left.

French C130 tanker heading back east. I wonder what thirsty little aircraft could be planning on using this tanker on the way over?


Blood Bowl tonight! 9pm Eastern!

QV's Blood Bowl league has begun, and Fudge and I will have a look at the replay of game 1 and comment accordingly!

Then at about 9:30, game 2 will be played live! Join us for some geeky fun!

Link to follow in a bit.

Tomorrow is Brian's & my Birthday!
We'll be 57.
Help make it a wonderful day & ruin Dr WEEVIL'S insipid attempt at trolling me by donating any amount here= & I thank you so much.
@ThomasWic @Debradelai

YES! The Establishment's ABUSE OF CITIZENRY is back!
Americans got to experience 4 short years of an American government that worked FOR the people, with all it's flaws, & put America First.
That respite, that detour on America's ROAD TO SERFDOM was never supposed to happen.
Drink in all the HATE unleashed on Trump over the past five years.
Our would be Rulers were PISSED!
Trump truly did BEAT THEIR CHEAT in 2016.
He suborned their CHEATING MACHINE.

@syntropy @rwmhubbard

They stole an election. A massive, unprecedented crime. A giant power grab.

They are now throwing away the power they stole. And they are now tumbling into an abyss they made.

They are not Machiavellian geniuses. They are a spiritually, morally, intellectually and ethically exhausted former upper caste, disintegrating and splintering before our eyes.

We must see them as weak. Even as we are energized, unified and strengthened

10 end

@ThomasWic @redwhitebluedude @oystergirl

And Shit TW, you’ve seen the belly of the beast. Thanks for putting up with all the idiots...I get so angry when these limpdicks pester you like you’re Nostrafuckindamas.

I want to thank you for your incredible gift of rich narratives and deep history that are so enjoyable to read and make an indelible impact every time.

I know you are a hermit with a heart of lead, but you are one the most awesome “virtual” friends many of us have. Thank you.

Killer Cuomo is being accused of causing deaths due to his order to send known infected individuals into situations where other vulnerable individuals were located. If he is sued or brought up on charges for his actions, can China Joe face the same for sending known virus carriers into communities across the country?

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