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O muh Frens, there are resources in us of which we have not drawn. There are men who rise refreshed on hearing a threat; men to whom a crisis which intimidates and paralyzes the majority,- demanding not the faculties of prudence and thrift, but comprehension, immovableness, the readiness of sacrifice,- comes graceful and beloved as a bride.
RW Emerson

DEA discovers 2,000ft smuggling tunnel between Tijuana and San Diego and 4,000 pounds of drugs worth $29million

The underground passageway was 2,000 feet long and 31 feet deep
The federal narcotics agency said a cartel left behind almost 3,000 pounds of marijuana and 1,300 pounds of cocaine
Agents also confiscated 86 pounds of methamphetamine, 17 pounds of heroin and two pounds of fentanyl
The drugs have an estimated street value of $29.6 million

Hello Everyone, Just Checking in. Debbie and I are doing good along with our “Little Ones”. I Hope that everyone here is doing well along with ur Family & Friends. We will win this “War” and this will LEARN a lot from this. I want to Thank ALL of the 1st Responders who are on the “Front line” everyday I Sincerely want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. Everyone Please be well & Stay Healthy. God Bless everyone & God Bless America.

There you go again putting straight up logic and reasonableness into the conversation. After reading your comment, I am in total agreement. I really need to quit reading the tabloids (Sundance, et. al. ) on twitter. It's morbid curiosity like slowing down to look at a wreck. I'm gonna give a better effort not to slow down.


. . and he went on to very publicly skewer Gateway Pundit as Saul and I hav been imploring those here to be very wary of shit peddlers for the sake of internet hits.

GP lost me with the fake headlines of their so-called Hoover Dam Lock-down; that never happened.

I despise fake news regardless of who writes it.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

@selah18 @SalvajeUnitario

I am.

Sunlight, pure air and exercise are the perfect complement to the meds.

I can hold my breath now for over 40 seconds without coughing. This thing is beaten into a tiny corner of the lungs and soon will be out.

Now I need to try and get started again with the podcasts.

A response to a FB friend's post supporting POTUS 45. Amazing how triggered people get.

1. Meet Earl Devaney.

There's a good chance you may be hearing his name a lot more, going forward.

4. In fact, Earl was so effective at his position that he held it for 12 YEARS - all the way through 1999-2011.

Clinton, Bush and Obama years. One of most corrupt eras ever when it comes to misuse of taxpayer money. Here's an alternate take:

'Over 12 years as Department of the Interior’s (DOI) Inspector General, Devaney has been a critical part of the..government’s efforts to investigate and prevent fraud of government unwavering guardian of taxpayer dollars is unrivaled..'


(5) ...These resources will inevitably dry-up, but the thousands upon thousands of trainees will then spread like a cancer through the world and force renewed retrenchment and loss of Liberty for the rest of us while our own Social Democrats, perennial architects of failure, will continue to speak of their crimes as if they were no more than petty larceny, and react accordingly.

(1) In the 30+ years that I have been studying Islamic National Socialism and their campaign against the West as a means of gaining power in the ME, I have had few periods of good news.

The apathy and outright incompetence in the response of West was perhaps the most frustrating aspect.

Only every Blue Moon did I see any any measure that lived up to the threat.

Lo and behold!

Didn't I tell you this tiny peckered Latin American dictator wannabe would claim credit for the non-violence of a never at risk non-violent protest?

Right on cue.

He declared a state of emergency predicated on a lie. Now, THAT is real abuse of power.

The first impulse of Democrats always has been and always will be to curtail our freedoms.

There is no other way they can ram their Socialist crap down our throats.

Schiff lying again and doing his utmost to undermine the American Republic & POTUS.

His reckoning looms.

Just a hunch, but I doubt this little worm will survive the Senate trial. It's been obvious for some time that Adam Schiff is a desperate creature who has much to hide.

The best time to expose this real life Gollum is when he is in the glare of the public on TV on the Senate, participating in a coup.

Let's see what happens.

ASTONISHING speech by POTUS Trump at Davos.

Achievement after achievement, record after record.

Trump has restored American primacy. He is the greatest POTUS.

Elitist progressives have nothing to say. They can whine, have tantrums, smear, it means nothing. Because there is nothing they can say.

Watch, learn etc.

A special New Year's gift, for the QV army to download.

And a special gift that I'm confident you may need to use A LOT this year.


McConnell knows full well that Schiff & Co have NO CASE.

They can barely fill 1 day, let alone 2.

By giving them more time, it makes things far worse for the Dems. Remember, Schiff has said they have 'overwhelming' evidence.

McConnell : OK - tell us.

The Dems now have to fill the 3 days, but they can't, without looking stupid.

And of course, Trump ALSO gets 3 days to fill. And he can.

See how smart this move is now?

Not only will General Flynn be vindicated and cleared BEFORE the election.

I think POTUS Trump intends to appoint General Flynn as his NSA, AFTER the election.

With instructions to 'seek and destroy.'

The ULTIMATE kick in the gonads to Obama, Clinton and their FakeNews apparatchiks.

It makes sense. And it's EXACTLY the type of thing Trump would do.

Revenge will be very sweet indeed.

The end.


This is an example of the garbage photos that are being produced. An OBVIOUS fake.

If Lev is serious about trying to take down the Drumpf, he's failing in epic fashion.


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