1. Corruption.

A quote from Livy's epic History of Rome, which was one of the most popular books in pre-revolution America:

'The ides of May came. The offices of the state not having been filled up by election, men, invested with no public character, made their appearance as decemvirs, retaining still the same spirit to enforce their authority, and the same emblems to support the splendor of their station./...



2. /'

This was held the height of arbitrary government, and the loss of liberty was deplored as irrecoverable.

No one champion stood forth in its cause, nor was there a prospect of any such appearing: so that the people not only sunk into despondence, but began to be despised by the neighbouring nations, /...

3. / '...who thought it would reflect shame on themselves, if a state which had forfeited its own liberty, should also retain its dominion over others.'

Once the Pax Romana collapsed in about 115AD, decline accelerated rapidly from within.

A series of insane and/or corrupt Emperors - most having very short reigns - presided over an orgy of partisan murder, grift and crime.

It didn't take long for the Empire to crumble altogether.

This is what America is up against.


The end.

America is up against this b/c so many of US allow such things to be. Stand up & be counted, do not fear the exclusions by the naysayers & worse in kind. Fight or be swallowed. It is up to each individual Patriot as it was in the beginning of this great Republic. Great men risked all then, the smaller of US do nothing today & our greatest fear is bankruptcy. Either we move as soldiers or die like cowards.
The reckoning is upon US. Choose.

@joeestopinal @REX I just prayed for men to rise up as leaders by the will of God. We need MEN.

@REX I am a teacher in Dallas. Today I worked the Academic Decathlon. Students & coaches always get shirts (provided by the district) at these events. THIS is the shirt from today. WTH??? IDK who designed it. I only know this was distributed to students in DALLAS ISD. This looks very odd to me.

@sassytxchic @REX
Talk to your china representative. Chairman Xi9den. All for academics

@sassytxchic That’s absolutely horrid! Did you burn every one yet? Might be a “teachable moment.”

My wife is a grade school teacher at a charter school in Arlington, never seen anything like that before.

@sassytxchic @REX

Whatever the intention, I had a different take.

Inferior vs. Superior technology
Sputnik vs. Apollo
China vs. US

Tribal. It came across to me as an academic race against an opponent.

@sassytxchic @REX
It looks like a reference to the Space Race of the 1950's.
America was scared into action after the Soviets launched Sputnik


Did you write 'dominion'? Where have I heard that before?


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