@Kathleen I enjoyed algebra as well, *a long time ago. Geometry infuriated me. I recall the teacher saying that I had gotten credit for a problem on a test even though I had the wrong answer. I told her that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Teacher replied, you used the correct formula. I said if I used the 'correct' formula/ equation then I should have the correct answer, this is bullshit. Then I walked out of the classroom. @baldilocks @janis @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic


Sometimes with math, it's not the destination, but the journey that matters more. That philosophy applies to a lot of things.

@Kathleen @janis @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

@baldilocks I can see that now, but back then I was having it!
And yes, I've always had a mouth that got me in trouble.πŸ˜€ @Kathleen @janis @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

@Baline @baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

But think how many interesting and entertaining stories your mouth has been responsible for!

We're enjoying it.....πŸ‘

@Baline @baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

You're welcome, Kim. Now...I've got popcorn and you've got stories.
Anytime you're ready, dear.

@janis Hmm, not sure what stories to tell, wouldn't want you to think less of me. πŸ˜‰ Here's one; I was wrongly arrested when I was 18. The LEO took my leather jacket and I said 'be careful, that costs more than you make in a month'. Then they asked for my father's name. I replied 'Dick'. They thought I was being a wiseass. I said 'his name is Dick, that's what it says on his belt.' Okay, I will stop there. πŸ˜€ @baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

@janis I often argued with the HS principle, usually because he was suspending me for something or other. One time we were having words in the hallway outside of the main office. (I should point out that it has been said since I was a baby that I must have 2 sets of lungs) I told him to go f@ck himself using my outside voice. *giggles* Long story short, he gave me a beautiful silver bracelet at the end of the year for my grades. @baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

@Baline @baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

Nom, nom **CHOKE** Damn, girl, you're some kind of bold, ain'tcha?! πŸ˜†

Do you ever wonder how you survived your younger years?
I admire your swagger. Me, I tended to feel guilty when the teacher was asking who wrote on the board while she was out of the room when it wasn't even me.

I got over that and now I don't admit responsibility for anything. πŸ‘ 🀣

@janis Why yes, yes I do. 😁 I'm only sharing itty bits so as not to be judged for my youth, aka, stupidity. But I will say this; I figured out in my teens not to put anything in writing. πŸ˜†
@baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

@Baline @baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

As long as you're not nominated to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, nobody's going to hold it against you. And if you weren't stupid in your youth, you wasted a golden opportunity.
We're ALL lucky to have survived ourselves this long.
As for that last statement, that puts you way ahead of every lame brain on FB and Twitter who never realized their every thought was NOT worth sharing.

@janis I never got the appeal of Facebook. As far as I understood it, people you did not like in high school were suddenly people you had to be 'friends' with and the majority of people you never knew filled up the timeline detailing their lives. I have no desire to know what this person bought, ate or (ugh) what happened in the bathroom after they ate. Insanity, pure and simple.
@baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

@Baline @baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic
Me neither, Kim. The idea that everyone would know where I
was, what I was doing, who I was with and what my pet looked like?
As well as family members' details...... it was horrifying to contemplate.
I've always been a person who likes privacy and anonymity.
Facebook was, for my purposes, a nightmare.

@janis Same here. I knew it was evil when people would 'check in' to say where they were. *Why would you tell the world, I'm not home, feel free to rob me?
@baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic



I like it because I keep of with my family who all live far, some very far. And there are all my old USAF friends.

Only time I used the location thing was when I was in Kenya. Left the few valuables I had with a friend.

@janis @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

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@baldilocks @Baline @janis @Kathleen @inverness01 @ThomasWic HOw I deal with Facebook. YMMV.

Log in, check up, say hi, log out. on a computer. On a computer without a camera or microphone.

Never ever think about putting a Facebook app on your phone.

@inverness01 @baldilocks @Baline @janis @Kathleen @ThomasWic That's up to you, but SO has Messenger on her phone, and it does spy on conversations. I wish she would delete and wipe the phone.

@bbhack @baldilocks @Baline @janis @Kathleen @ThomasWic yep got that too and use it . Pretty sure I have said zuckerburg is Spawn of Satan so if they ever get power we all know who is going to the gulag first .

@baldilocks Ah, but that is logical and serves a real purpose. The people I know who are on FB don't understand that they are giving away their life to Zuckerberg.
@janis @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

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